Angel Sergio P.

Full Stack Developer

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Self-employedMay 2018 - Présent

My current activities revolve around providing advice to several companies or individuals about how to use information technologies to achieve their business or professional objectives. Additionally, it is often necessary to estimate, manage, implement, install or operate the computer systems under subcontracting.
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IA InternationalJanuary 2017 - January 2019

Chief Information Officer / IA International Contracting /
WAMP      Leader      Innovation      Negotiation      IT Architecture      DBA      GPON      WIFI      Supply Chain      NFPA

Guanajuato State GovernmentJanuary 2012 - January 2016

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Donosti Comercial, S.A. de C.VOctober 2008 - January 2013

 Donosti Comercial was the largest trading company of building materials in the center of Mexico, consisted of 12 branches in four States and a headquarters.

- The CIO manages the computational resources of the Consortium, coordinate the staff of the IT department, approve the policies for the use of the technological infrastructure and guarantee its application.


- The restructure of the statistics and reports generating system reduced nearly 160 hours of work per week for coordinators, middle managers and senior managers.

- Adjustments and negotiations on telecommunications, service contracts and equipment procurement generated savings of US$10,000.00 per month.

- The development of mobile applications for the sales force team improved the quality of service to our sub-distribution customers and reduced the customer service time by 50%. Besides the smart phones GPS monitoring system increased the efficiency of sales supervisors to monitor their teams.

- The 50% of the servers was consolidated through virtualization and a project of renewal of computers with targeted profile was implemented. The savings reached the 60% in energy consumption for servers and air conditioned equipment. That is about US$10,000 by year in savings just for energy consumption, besides about 30 hrs less per week in management.

- The 70% of transportation costs and living expenses was saved thanks to the teleconferencing system for the managers and directors meetings.

- One saving of nearly US$50,000 was achieved in negotiations with our telecoms providers to get 60 High-End-Technology smart phones without cost.
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Usabiaga GroupJanuary 2006 - January 2008

LAMP      BI      KPIs      Supply Chain      IT Architecture      IT Budget      SDLC     DBA      Ajax      GIS
Project Leader / Usabiaga Group / Cortazar, Gto. /
BI      IT Architecture      IT Budget      SDLC      DBA      PHP     JavaScript      Ajax      SQL      Negotiation      Virtualization
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Guanajuato State GovernmentJanuary 1997 - January 2005

BI      KPIs      IT Architecture      IT Budget      SDLC      DBA      PHP      JavaScript      Ajax      MySQL      GIS
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Unión de Crédito del Transporte PúblicoJanuary 2001 - January 2002

Leader      HR      Innovation      Negotiation      DBA      IT Architecture      IT Budget      GPS      WEB      BPM
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Roque Technological InstituteJanuary 1994 - January 1997

Leader      HR      Innovation      Negotiation      IT Architecture      IT Budget      DBA

Mes compétences


Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostGreSQL, Database Administration

Computer Tools


Open Source solutions





Bootstrap, AJAX

Software testing



Adobe Photoshop


industry~senior, Instructor, Network Management, Corel Draw Suite, Senior Programmer, Microsoft Windows, Project coordinator, Information Technology, Kaizen, Linux Fedora, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 9x, Microsoft Windows Vista, PC Hardware, Masters Degree > Master of Business Administration, Workstations, Geographic Information Systems, IT Coordinator, PDA, Global Positioning System, Microsoft Windows XP, Wi-Fi, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, 5S, IT Administrator, CIO > Chief Information Officer, Visual Basic for Applications, DBA Management, Microsoft Office, Router, Computer Systems Engineer, GPON, Technological skills, Microsoft Windows NT, Senior Manager - IT and Strategic Planning, GIS Chief Information Officer, Head of information center, Linux Debian, GIS Project Leader, IT Management Consultant, Co-founder of Project, Cascading Style Sheets, Microsoft Visual Studio, IV Congress Interuniversity Student, Member of the State Committee, Personal Home Page, Software Development Life Cycle, Front End, Member of the Technical Board of groundwater

IT Infrastructure

Samba, VPN, Sun Solaris, Linux, CentOS, WAMP, Unix, Virtualization, Linux Red Hat, Firewalls, Microsoft Windows Server, Active Directory, Ubuntu, VMware




SDLC, Spanish


VBA, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, HTML5, PHP, Excel Macro (VB macro)

Mes études et formations

- Licenses & Certifications

Master degree in Senior Management, Business management, Master degree acquired by grade point average. - Universidad Tecnológica de Estudios Superiores del Bajío2014 - 2016

System engineer, Information technology - Instituto Tecnológico de Celaya1989 - 1993