Jorge Marcial G.

Full Stack Developer

470 dollar
7 ans
Monterrey, MEXIQUE

Mon expérience

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SintecFebruary 2019 - Présent

◻️ Features development to front-end, back-end, and mobile app.
◻️ Product definition on milestones, issues, architecture, quality assurance, design.
◻️ Testing, research, and development of new technologies (IoT)
◻️ Code maintenance and improvement.
◻️ Software requirements collection and support to other consulting practices.

? I developed a platform called Dynamo, an IoT project which consists in around 150 beacon tags sending real-time data about users position (latitude, longitude) in a CEDIS, this information is visualized in a webpage and stored on a non-relational database (MongoDB) to do future Analitycs about times and movements.
? I incorporated new technologies that ensure quality and scalability; besides, they bring innovation and dynamism which represents a competitive vantage.

? React, React Native, Typescript, MongoDB, Node Js, Python, Php, MySQL, Git, SCRUM, Google Cloud, AWS, Docker.
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Garage, tu taller a domicilioJuly 2019 - December 2019

◻️ Features development to front-end and back-end.
◻️ Product definition on milestones, issues, architecture, quality assurance, design.
◻️ Code maintenance and improvement.

? I rewrote the back-end API and enabled the front-end, in order to manage dynamic services in the Quoting process.
? I learned about containers (Docker), code replication (Migrations and Seeds), automated testing (Jest, RSpec), DevOps (Gitlab CI/CD, Eslint) and SOLID principles.

? Ruby on Rails, React, Jest, Mobx, Typescript, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Git, SCRUM, Docker, Gitlab.
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SENSAI - Empower SuccessAugust 2018 - February 2019

◻️ Features development to front-end, back-end, and mobile app considering: scalability, multi-zones, multi-language.
◻️ Product definition on design, architecture, quality assurance, issues definition and punctuation.
◻️ Write database queries.
◻️ Code maintenance and improvement.

? I lived what resilience is, as a startup, SENSAI was in constantly and aggressive change; in October we had a one year and a half old product working, then we had to migrate front-end, back-end, and database in just 3 months.
? I learned modern software development, stages (development, staging, production) and to work with other departments like design and quality assurance.

? React, React Native, Node Js, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, SQL Server, AWS, Git, SCRUM, Jira, MQTT.
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HMS Sistemas de Información SA de CVOctober 2016 - July 2018

◻️ Lead a team of 5 software developers.
◻️ Testing, research, and development of new technologies (Git, Mobile, RIS & PACS)
◻️ Software requirements collection and priorities planning.
◻️ Supervise solution definitions and designs (Process Diagram, UML, Database, Activities).
◻️ Supervise and support in software development.
◻️ Bash scripts development to code refactoring and periodic processes.
◻️ Participation in recruitment processes

? I managed and developed a competitive advantage strategy which consists of change from selling the full medicine to selling it per gr/ml.
? I managed and support the development of new business units like Analysis Laboratory, Ambulatory surgery, RIS & PACS.
? I started the development of an IOS app for ambulatory surgery.

? Php, Html, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, Bash, AWS, React, Android w/ Kotlin, IOS w/ Swift, Git.
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HMS Sistemas de Información SA de CVJanuary 2015 - October 2016

◻️ Features and new modules development to the Oncology ERP (Custom software development).
◻️ Software requirements collection.
◻️ Solution definition, design and validation (Process Diagram, UML, Database, Activities).
◻️ Priorities management and activities schedule.
◻️ Bash scripts development to code refactoring and periodic processes.

? I developed an automated quote through a software process that connected doctors, nurses, and administrative considering: assignments, professional language of every position, convert from the active substance with dose to medicine marks, clinic processes, etc.
? I applied relational database concepts and learned their importance in a real-world application with processes that go from quote to invoice.
? I achieved the implementation of a metric called "continuous improvement" which consists of implementing an innovative feature every quarter to the project.

? Php, Html, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, Bash, AWS.
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IngeniatJune 2014 - January 2015

◻️ Bash scripts development to automate processes
◻️ Features development to the web platform
◻️ Testing and research of new technologies (Mobile)
◻️ Support, maintenance and bug fixes to the web platform.

? I developed an automation script for books uploading to the digital library, which consisted in convert a PDF into separate SVG files, each SVG file was cleaned with regular expressions, then the files were uploaded to AWS S3, creating a relation between book, pages and S3 links on MySQL.
? I lost the fear of learning programming languages that I didn't know, increased my learning curve allowing me to take part in the research and development of new technologies.

? Php, Html, CSS, Javascript, Android w/ Java, MySQL, Bash, AWS.

Mes compétences


Express.js, Laravel, Node.js, jQuery

Analysis methods and tools

JIRA, Scrum

Software testing



MySQL, PostGreSQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server


Swift, Kotlin, CSS3, HTML5, Bash, Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP, JavaScript


Leadership, GitHub


React Native, Android

IT Infrastructure

Unix, Docker, Linux


React.js, AWS, Web development

Mes études et formations

Software Engineering - Autonomous University of Nuevo León2011 - 2017