Roy R.

Full Stack Developer

365 dollar
3 ans
Aguascalientes, MEXIQUE

Mon expérience

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ITEXICODecember 2019 - Présent

Full stack development of a platform in which ships can communicate mostly emergencies and advises and with less frequency ordinary stuff. This platform is going to be used by people located in mainland.

Tools: Node.js, express, OracleDB and MySQL were used in the back end. React.js, Redux, Redux Saga, JSS, React Router Dom, Ant Design were used in the front end.

January 2020 - February - 2020

Full stack development of a desktop app that's used for synchronizing data. Data comes from sql or access files and it’s stored into Google Firebase.

Tools: The app was developed using Electron for the backend and Angular 8-9, RxJS, Redux and NGXS for the frontend. Unit testing was performed as well using Jest for the Frontend.

March 2019 - December 2019

Full Stack development (mainly Front end) for the client Trinity Biotech using React, Redux, ReduxThunk, Reactstrap, Axios, TypeScript, SCSS, Node.JS, express and gRPC.

January 2019 - March 2019

Development of a SPA using React, Redux and Redux-Saga. Back-End development using Node.js, Express, JWT middleware and a node module for SQL Server. An intensive training of React, Redux, Saga and JSS was attended.

Tools: Mongodb, Express, Node.js, React, VS Code, Git, Gitlens, Jira, SQL Server, Redux, Saga.

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SOFTTEKJanuary 2018 - January 2019

Development, maintenance and implementation of web applications that consume data from different resources (SQL Server Databases, REST APIs, GraphQL APIs). Development of windows automations using PowerShell. 

Tools: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, SQL Sever, CentOS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS, Rally, Confluence.

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INEGI (The National Institute of Statistics and Geography)January 2017 - April 2017

Development of a web platform for the institute. In that platform all the employees of the Information's
and Communication's Technologies Direction can create, read, update and delete all the tasks they have to do. Also that platform is able to generate reports of all the tasks stored using a Microsoft
Excel extension. Finally, for each task created the platform sends an e-mail to the person who has to complete that task.

Tools: C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, IIS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery, HighCharts ,JavaScript.

Mes compétences

IT Infrastructure

Microsoft Azure, CentOS, Git


MVC, ASP.NET, TypeScript, Sass, CSS3, SQL, C#, YAML, PowerShell, XML, JavaScript, HTML, Jscript, Less, ES6






Razor, API, Rally, Project Management, GitHub, Bitbucket, Spanish


.NET Core, Redux Saga, IIS, Express, React-Redux, React.js, Electron.js, Flask, RxJS, ASP.NET Core, Axios, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS, SCSS

Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel

Analysis methods and tools

JIRA, Agile Methodology, DevOps, Scrum, Ant, Confluence


Redis, CouchDB, DynamoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server

Software testing

Unit testing, Jest


Node.js, Laravel, Koa.js, Serverless Computing, Express.js, Redux, Angular, Highcharts, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap

Environment of Development

Visual Studio Code, GitLab

Mes études et formations

Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Information Systems - Polytechnic University of Aguascalientes2015 - 2018