Alex L.

Full Stack Developer

Chisinau, MOLDAVIE

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Artsintez MediaMars 2014 - Présent

``Artsintez Media'' company aims to actively participate in the development of IT services by getting involved in creating a complete package of customer-oriented web services and online promotion activities in various fields, such as Web Development, E-learning, Consulting, IT Expertise, etc.
* I worked on internal projects from internal CRM to SMS Campaigns Systems.
* Also, I was responsible for the backend part of most of the projects, a part of them was built on Symfony 2.
* One of the interesting responsibility was to upgrade a project's framework from Symfony 2.4 to Symfony 2.8 version which I finished with success.
* I had the responsibility to optimize a project build on Symfony 2.4 by implementing an error log system using monolog.
* The experience with Yii was proved when I work on a project that has the idea to provide Marketing a tool dedicated to the creation and automatic publication of mobile sites without any specific technical expertise is required.
* Involved in a team responsible to build a Rest API server used by the SMS Campaign project.
* Following the participation in the development of several projects, I have gained experience with frameworks such as Yii, Laravel, and Symfony also with Backbone.js.
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SDSOFTFévrier 2013 - Octobre 2013

“SDSOFT” is a company customer-oriented web services and online promotion activities in various fields, such as Web Development, E-Commerce, Consulting, IT Expertise.
I worked on creating a custom PHP framework to be compatible with a list of projects one of them was on which I worked all the time.
I had the oportunity to make familiar with Zend framework by using few Zend components for internal framework.
I was responsible of optimization of emails sent to all clients, was an interesting task which gave me more ideas about how emails work and how to make them responsive for all devices. An interesting task for me was to work on shopping cart  for the project
I integrated the Google search in the project and customized to fit the project requirements. I was responsible to optimize the time load of the pages, to load faster..
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ECOWEBFévrier 2011 - Janvier 2013

“ECOWEB” is a local company that is working to develop its own projects in various fields, such as Economics, News and E-learning I was responsible of a small team of developers and designers that worked to develop few projects one of them was about an economic browser game ( for which I had to define all requirements and to manage the progress, the project was build by me from scratch.
Also, I had the responsibility of implementing payments methods(Paypal, Mobile payments, Card payments).
Working on this project was a good experience to apply my Mysql database knowledge to optimize the structure of the database to avoid any loss of data.
Helped me to develop the observation spirit to be more careful about details.
I was involved in a variety of development activities working with different technologies such as PHP, Mysql, REST API, Apache, Nginx, Codeigniter and payment gateways.I participated in the development of internal projects with technical suggestions to management and carried out the implementation of those suggestions in order to be implemented and to meet core business objectives.
Voir plusécembre 2008 - Septembre 2010

``Interakt'', is a local company with journalistic activity. This company has developed news portals that have a great impact on local users.
* Practical application of HTML/CSS and Javascript for cross-browser compatible frontend design.
* I had the chance to apply and at the same time to learn more about CodeIgniter and Smarty.
* I had the responsibility to develop an online news magazine for ladies
* Also, I participated in the development of the news portal

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Social Media, Problem Solving, API


Very good teamwork skills, operating systems, Good Experience, good analysis, Information Technology, Interpersonal skills, Software Analysis and Design, Yii Framework, develop the observation spirit, Self-motivated, Romanian, compatible frontend design, develop its own projects, PHP Developer, Senior PHP developer, Organisational Skills, English, Microsoft Windows, Cascading Style Sheets, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Bachelors Degree > Bachelors Degree Informatics, eCommerce, Frameworks, eLearning, Russian, PHP/Web Developer, socio, Full stack Web engineer, XUBUNTU, PostgreSQ


Web development, REST API


JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML

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Bachelors Degree, Informatics - Academy of Economic Studies

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