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Prometeu-primSeptember 2018 - Présent

Boomerang.mdOctober 2018 - Présent

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FreelanceJanuary 2018 - Présent

Teamwork, team leader.
Web programming (html, php, sqldatabase, css, JavaScript).
Web designer (coraldraw, Photoshop).
Framework: Laravel, symphony
Designing web sites from scratch.
Functionality dependent on customer requirements.
Suggested site types:
1.Landing page + admin (modifying all sections of the front end)
2.Web sites up to 9 links + 3 languages ​​on site (possibility to edit all items in the front end text editing language)
3.Web sites more than 9 links + unlimited languages ​​(possibility to change the text for the language.)
There are several types of language controllers (statics, dynamics) - the dynamics that allow the change of all elements.
Any type of works:
1. Elaboration of a landing page.
2. Multi link site development.
3. Multi link site + mobile application development
4. Website development for the internet shop
5. Site development for retailer.
6. Multi site link development + 4 + 5 + SEO OPTIMIZATION.
7.Marketing Social
8.Promotion on social networks (Facebook, instagram, VKontacte).
ALL WORKS ARE PERFORMED ON THE FRAMEWORK LARAVEL! + designer who works more like the Minimalist who makes the site attractive.

VeroZone Solutions SRLFebruary 2018 - September 2018

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Windows, Web Design, Teamwork, Symfony, SQL, Social Networks, SEO, PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, HTML, Digital Marketing, CSS, CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop