Cornelius E.


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JKSOFT INCMarch 2019 - Présent

* Used GitHub Project Management Board to manage job progress while working with client which hesitated job delivery .

* Worked with HTML and CSS to create website which recorded best UI in the company history.

* Developed an effective way to approach styling in projects with React components.

* Created API endpoints for an international trading company which help to manage their document submission that enhanced workflow.

* Build lots of database query languages to store data in Node.js application.

* Made appropriate use of Token-Based authentication to validate incoming HTTP requests.
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Bluemoon cyber cafeNovember 2016 - February 2019

* Communicated with clients to meet fiduciary obligations, strengthen relationships and define client objectives.

* Developed and led successful business culture focused on performance.

* Assisted online users via live chat, web conference and phone to resolve issues related to customer software use and access.

* Advised customers and users regarding required maintenance practices of diverse software systems for OEM warranty requirements and industry best practices.

* Adeptly handled 30 of inbound calls per day, generating $20000 in sales revenue annually.
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Bluemoon blocksNovember 2016 - February 2019

* Negotiated several sale deals with potential customer for supply of blocks to construction sites which reads to purchase of over $100,000 worth of blocks annually.

* Developed an effective work schedule that enhanced production of good quality blocks.

* Slashed payroll/benefits for wage workers by 20% by negotiating pricing and fees, while ensuring the continuation and enhancements of products and services.

* Designed work partition schedule with drivers with read to speedy and effective delivery of products to construction sites.

* Adeptly handled inbound calls per day, generating $100, 000 in sales revenue annually.
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Nigeria Youth Service CorpNovember 2015 - October 2016

* Created technology coursework for high school students to teach latest software and hardware.

* Instructed students according to skill level, classes and principles.

* Analysed classroom results for accurate documentation and filing.

Mes compétences

Teamwork, Software Development, React.js, React, Postman, PostgreSQL, Node.js, JavaScript, HTTP, HTML5, HTML, Git, Express.js, CSS