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UserInterviewsOctober 2019 - Présent

UserInterviews mission is to make it easier for companies to build products that users love. As our first step, we've built a platform that automates the process of recruiting, vetting, and scheduling participants for product tests and usability studies. Product managers and designers at over 250 companies including tech giants like Pinterest, Microsoft, and Dropbox, are already using our platform
⇢o coordinate their user research studies.
Led a team of 3 engineers

* Built a complete and well-tested project search filter by creating a well secure API endpoint using Ruby on Rails
and its frontend implementation using ReactJS and CSS

* Created several background jobs using Ruby on Rails ActionJob that handle background task

* Implemented a notification system by creating Email Job that notifies researchers when there are changes in their
ongoing recruitment using Ruby on Rails
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Firepoint SolutionsMarch 2018 - September 2019

Firepoint is a real estate software solution created by more than 15 top real estate teams and 120 agents across the US.

* Structured and analyzed raw Real Estate Transaction (RETs) data from the RETs server for various MLS's into
PostgreSQL DB.

* Re-Architecture and automation of the ETL (Extract Transform and Load) process and data pipelining using Kiba,
Ruby, and Ruby on Rails.

* Web App development and maintenance for several MLS's (Multiple Listing Services) agents/leads for the backend
and frontend site

* Added support for Openhouse properties and also implemented core property search filter using Elastic Search,

Mes compétences

Social Media, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, React.js, React Native, Product Management, PostgreSQL, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Materialize, jQuery, Jira, JavaScript, HTML5, Git, Express, ETL, ElasticSearch, CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, API, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Agile Methodology