George C.


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2 ans
Bucharest, ROMANIA

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UbisoftMarch 2019 - March 2020

- Worked on a AAA title 
- Ensure clear and structured implementation, keeping performance, scalability, availability and security in mind; 
- Develop tools & monitoring solutions; 

- Using React with Redux for state management, I made a web page where the user could sort a gallery of photos using drag and drop functionality; the user could also click on the photo thumbnail to see the photo in full size, see other details about it ( number of likes, reports, etc.) and delete it; 

- Using React with Redux for state management, I made a  leaderboard generator; leaderboard rules could be edited and/or created. The web page contained multiple fields with details about the selected leaderboard(player stats used, mathematical formula, name, etc.); these detailes where stored in a MongoDB database; 

- Fixed bugs on different web pages;
- Technologies used: React, Redux, C++, Python, , MongoDB, Redis, MySql, Perforce
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UbisoftJuly 2018 - February 2019

- Developed a 2D shooting game with gameplay, networking and online features; 
- Gameplay: using an in-house framework written in C++ I implemented player movement, enemy movement, axis aligned bounding box camera for multiple players, shooting functionality, save/load game state using JSON files;  
- Networking: using a custom UDP protocol that could send reliable messages I made the game playable for multiple peers in a network connection; I implemented replication using a queue data structure and the factory method design pattern; 
- Online:  using Pyramid, a Python web framework, I implemented online services for the game; login and leaderboard using MySql to store the credentials and scores, matchmaking using Redis, save/load game state online using MongoDB; on the C++ client side, HTTP requests were made using libcurl; loadtests were implemented using pytest; 
- Technologies used: C++, Python, MongoDB, Redis, MySql, Github, Docker, Amazon Web Services

Mes compétences

Redux, Redis, React.js, React-Redux, Python, Perforce, MySQL, MongoDB, JSON, Java, HTTP, GitHub, Docker, Design Patterns, C/C++, C++, AWS, Agile Methodology