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-August 2019 - Présent

Planning, defining and developing web applications with React, Umijs, ArangoDb, Ant.Design. API development on own bootstrap over Fastify. Heavy integration with Netlify Identity services, Lambda functions, Minio object store and ArangoDb clustered over multiple VPS.

React applications code refactoring with SonarLint and ESlint. Consulting on REST API creation and maintenance.

Code refactoring and debugging for large scale application written with React framework and Material-UI. Besides that running dozens of mockup projects with Evergreen, IBM Carbon, Office Fabric and Blueprint, IntelliJ Ring UI Frameworks.
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Skitsanos Design, Self-employedNovember 2008 - Présent

This Software and Hardware design and development boutique had been created as overseas research and development lab Skitsanos Inc., a company specialising in innovating and inventing on demand for medium and large size enterprises.

Most recents projects are about creating self-aware network of devices that can communicate to each other with sensor data they collect or with commands triggered by various external and internal events. Framework developed on top of ESP32 hardware running with FreeRTOS operating system using ESP-NOW, HTTP and other protocols.

Besides hardware development, there is a great pile of web apps developed with various React frameworks, like IBM Carbon Design System, Office Fabric, Evergreen, Ring UI, Blueprint and Ant.Design.
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Skitsanos AutomotiveJune 2014 - Présent

Wide range of technology skills and previous experience in automotive and vehicle diagnostics fields lead me to a creation of a new company, - Skitsanos Automotive. We intend to provide our customers with the best In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) platform and inter-vehicle communication available for low and mid range budget vehicles. As a result of few years research and development work Vehicom platform will run on a piece of hardware that we are going to produce as well as being functional on wide range of other aftermarket Android based IVI systems.

I’m responsible for architecting, developing and implementing custom software and hardware components of Vehicom, business development aspects of the company and operations.
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Squid40March 2020 - July 2020

Leading the technology or engineering department. Developing policies and procedures and uses technology to enhance products and services that focus on external customers. Responsible for the management of an organization's research and development (R&D) as well as its technological needs.
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LoggerDaisyJune 2013 - December 2018

LoggerDaisy™ is a IoT Platform that collects data from various sensors and presenting it in an understandable manner.

Sensors, from basic temperature, humidity and air pressure, to very complex industrial ones, like Carbon Dioxide and Ethylene, can be used in warehouses, cold chain storage rooms, green houses, transport, and office buildings, homes and even outdoor.

LoggerDaisy™ hardware and software components come as the Industrial Internet of Things (IOT): a network of physical objects, system platforms, and applications that contain embedded technology to communicate and share intelligence with each other, the external environment, and with people.

LoggerDaisy™ VOCA sensor provides detection of carbon dioxide and number of various volatile organic compounds in addition to its standard temperature, humidity and air pressure measurements. The sensor can withstand a wide enough range of temperatures to allow all types of food to be monitored.

Also participated as Solution Architect at two medical projects, one of them was using Jumper Medical (http://www.jumper-medical.com) oximeters, where we were collecting, in real time, data from oximeters to define priorities in emergency waiting room.
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Gedank Raize BVJune 2016 - June 2018

Gedank Raize BV is Amsterdam based software and hardware design company specialising in improving Supply Chain Management and Planning processes, implementing Internet of Sensors at Enterprise level, renovating client’s logistics and transportation operations or develop a custom tailored software solution for client’s specific needs.
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vzaar limitedOctober 2009 - January 2017

Helping people in everything related to vzaar API.

Since 2009 I was busy developing new and maintaining existing API libraries for vzaar video hosting platform, personally having my hands on PHP, Java, ActionScript 3 and C# API libraries and hundreds of third-party web and mobile applications made with these libraries.
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SkitsanosJuly 1996 - August 2016

Running software development and hardware design services for small and mid size enterprises in Europe and United States.

Software Architect at SmartContainers - Software platform used across Elextrolux’s about 300 locations across European Union for their transportation and warehouse management operations for better decision making on freight route planning, transactions, compliance, quality control and various aspects of company logistics.

Software Architect and Hardware Designer for LoggerDaisy, a startup that we co-founded for creating hardware platform for improving cold-chain via custom made sensor and tracking modules that can be installed in warehouses and fleet.

Software Architect and Co-Developer for Zeento.Cloud and Plufinder.com - cloud based platform for sensor driven Cold Chain Management with thousands of hours research done on effects of Ethylene and Volatile Organic Compounds on fruits and vegetables freshness, improving facility and fleet management and minizing food waste.

We build Kanapes IDE, the only Integrated Development Environment for the Apache CouchDB available today, iManage.it web based project management tool, various software development kits and libraries for developers that are using Microsoft .NET, JavaScript, Node.js, ActionScript 3/Apache Flex.

Our LoggerDaisy, is a nice gadget dedicated to various logistics and transport companies, allows you to setup a network of humidity, temperature, air pressure, gas, smoke and other various sensors for real time environment logging, it also allows you to log g-force and rapid 3D position change, so you can track if product was dropped or smashed.
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CataranaFebruary 2015 - July 2016

Creating mens casual clothing and accessories, writing the rules which define social expectations, conceptualize designs based on feelings of fashion history and trends; then sketch them out and create Catarana products. Devise efficient fashion design plans and foster new fashion concepts, properly coordinate advertising as well marketing activities, evaluate the potential success of a certain clothing line, create effective marketing plans and advertising strategies, coordinate with salespeople, designers and manufacturers, select garments and accessories that will be used for promotional marketing, organize photo shoots, magazine events, and fashion shows, share fashion insights and analysis with buyers to help them choose the appropriate inventory purchases.
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Vigilo SolutionsFebruary 2010 - October 2011

Defining architecture and technologies to use in order to build transactional Transport Order Processing framework with multi-lingual support, skinnable user interface, per-user personalization and many other features. Managing development team allocated in multiple countries.

Product developed, SmartContainers, later on was sold to the European pooling company with the widest range of existing, tailor-made solutions and products and used in over 300 locations in European Union for another 8 years.
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Tilson Technology ManagementAugust 2008 - October 2009

Software development and application architecture, project management, SiteAdmin CMS integration and modules development. Incredibly knowledgeable in sophisticated XML driven data manipulation. Since 2002, i implemented my own highly flexible content management system, SiteAdmin CMS, which has become a content-rendering platform for all of Tilson's .NET-based web sites and applications.
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Techways SASeptember 2008 - February 2009

Developing web application for online hotel, car, and flight reservation. Project Management, Team Leading
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SeesmicNovember 2007 - February 2008

ActionScript programming for Seesmic stand alone client and web based application.
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S.C. Web Atarim S.R.L.March 2004 - February 2008

Designing GIS and assets tracking platform for tracing location and movement of all kinds of objects like vehicles, containers, persons, pets. Backbase AJAX and Microsoft VirtualEarth driven GUI for redering maps and reporting.

Developing and maintaining search engine solution (Crawler, Indexer, Search Engine client web application) Implemented with .Net 2.0, SQL Server 2005, AJAX, RSS.
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Black DesignJanuary 2006 - January 2007

Defining architecture for 'Perfect Forms' application, initially as Backbase powered, then as Flex application.
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VocalNet CommunicationJanuary 2006 - January 2007

Call shop application development for Communications Oxygen, telecom company in Italy
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arachnoWare Inc.January 2003 - July 2006

Developing web based multi-platform desktop workspace "Grafeio” based on Backbase AJAX framework and Microsoft .NET platform.

PMWare development, graphic user interface design, project management.

WDK6 Development, - Webware Development Kit for .NET and J2EE that runs on IIS/ASP.NET and Apace/Tomcat and other JSP environments.

Developed document crawling and indexing client/server solution with file system monitor as system-tray application.

XML/XSLT applications development under VB/VB.NET, RealBasic, BLOC.

XML DB Servers management (Berkeley DB XML, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Oracle XDB).
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ITS EfficiencyOctober 2005 - May 2006

* Project Management.
* IT accounting application development and implementation
* Document indexing and crawling client/server application development (.Net 2.0/SQL 2005)
* Web site design and development.
* Other Software and Webware applications development and implementation.
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Business Assurance ProfessionalsMay 2005 - September 2005

* Sarbanes-Oxley Act Reporting Framework development,
* Product Suite Architecture development
* IFRS and US GAAP electronic form filling engine rogramming;
* XBRL Manager, include web based GUI for XBRL generation.
* XBRL repositories with multiple taxonomies
* XBRL API development for .NET and J2EE platforms
* J2EE Object model development with MainSoft .NET/J2EE
* DB Modeling support on Oracle RDBMS/XDB, Berkeley DB XML (Oracle XDB 9i and 10g)
* Code/Unit Testing.
* Error correction, maintenance
* Software Packaging and Deployment
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BINGO ENTERTAINMENT LTDFebruary 2003 - April 2005

* Software and Webware applications development,
* Windows Server administration,
* Web site design, SEO and maintenance high-traffic web sites.
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Nivo IMTMay 2004 - January 2005

* Investor Relationship Management (IRM) Webware development and implementation.
* Support and maintenance for IRM.
* Routine programming tasks for Nivo Help Desk.
* Consulting in different technical, online sales and product marketing aspects.
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Blackbox SolutionsFebruary 2002 - February 2003

* Developing high-level Webware and software products for handling serial communications and TCP/IP data transactions.
* Made server solution, which can be used as a web hosting platform with ASP, Perl, PHP and BSP (100% VBA compatible scripting engine).
* Custom web server development with scripting language support.
* Vehicle Server development (http://www.rovacomlite.com/navigate.php?to=about4).
* Vehicle Explorer Software (http://www.rovacomlite.com/navigate.php?to=about2).
* Made XML/Database driven content management system.
* Project management.
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Up.co.ilMarch 2001 - February 2002

* Development & implementation of content management engine and hosting controller for Windows based servers.
* Payment processing gateway development.

Mes compétences


Node.js, .NET, AJAX

Big Data

Data Visualization





Analysis methods and tools

Ant, SonarLint

IT Infrastructure

Windows Server, FreeRTOS

Environment of Development

AquaDataStudio, IntelliJ


REST API, .NET 2.0, Web development, Webix, Create-react-app, Software Architect, J2EE, .NET Core, Web Applications, Software Development, React.js, MaterialUI


CouchDB, Oracle XDB, Microsoft SQL Server, ArangoDB, SQL Server 2005, Oracle 9i, Berkeley DB, Oracle 10g, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Oracle



Software testing

Unit testing, Debugging


Content Management, API, IoT, Consulting, Leadership, Hardware Design, Team management, Business Development, Business Analysis, Database Design, UX Design, Project Management, RSS, Quality control, Business Strategy, Social Media

Application servers

Apache Web Server


VB.NET, ActionScript 3, XSLT, Java, VBA, XML, SQL, Visual Basic, JavaScript, ActionScript, Flex

Mes études et formations

- Licenses & Certifications

- Io2HUB Vienna2015 - 2017

Fashion/Apparel Design - Ioan I. Dalles Popular University2015 - 2015

Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies - University of Maryland College Park2014 - 2014

Business Strategy - University of Virginia2014 - 2014

Tailoring and Patternmaking - Ioan I. Dalles Popular University2012 - 2012

Master in Computer Science - Canterbury University1999 - 2003

MBA, e-Commerce - American Management and Business Administration Institute2002 - 2002

Computer-Aided Drafting - Far Eastern State Technical University1994 - 1995

Associate Degree, Architecture - Drafting School1992 - 1994