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FreelancerFebruary 2013 - Présent

This is a personal large-scale game development project. For those who don't know: MMORPG means Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. It doesn't have an end or a dead line.
- Graphic engine using pure GDI
- Rendering is optimized with a time-based FPS.
- Animation effects are done based on sprites. (32bit bitmaps - with transparency for GDI)
- Characters real time movement based on polygon paths (no way points) -
- Collision based on A Star modified for polygons
- Game mechanics (skills, attributes, cool downs, BUFs, verifications, etc.)
- Items drops and pickups (real time)
- Anti-hacks system (theory and practice): detect memory address editing, ways of using sensitive variables, bot/human detecting
- Socket programming (both TCP and UDP protocols)

Read more on my personal page:

Developed, for my own use in personal projects, several windows form controls in OCX and CTL formats.
- developed a property bag control for VB6 using the standard windows controls: label, textbox, checkbox and button
- developed a multi column list control based on list view - needed a custom list view design (GUI) and functionality
- created some buttons and progress bar CTL projects

Had to develop a simple and fast to use solution for a Quiz creator and management
- developed and designed a simple timed quiz system using PHP and JQUERY
- designed database structure using MYSQL DBMS
- implemented user authentication using FaceBook app
- developed questions and answers management
- created quiz management with editable score formula, so each quiz can be customized with a different score formula based on: time, user time, questions, pass and fails and user`s points (based on quiz` answers)

The client had the software in a basic development stage and I had to create a test plan with test cases, for the testing team that will work on the project. The product was an image viewer, editor and management tool. My job was to analyse a product and to author test cases based on the product specification.
- analyzed the specification
- interacted with one of the developers and collected information about the product that will be developed. Based on this information, the testing plan for all the features of the product was created.
- the test plan was structured in: Installation, Portability, Performance, Smoke, Functionality and Negative test cases
- the test cases were organized by their importance and by scenarios.

Soundhack is a USB device composed from two parts: a microphone and a headset that communicate between them. My involvement was in development and quality assurance of the installation solution.
- provided a solution based on libusbK for driver install.
- finding a workaround for UAC (user account control) when installing unsigned drivers.
- created above solutions using VB script
- created a test plan for QA team for testing the installer.
- tested the installer and device recognition after driver install.

- personal project. Creation of a riddle game type.
- the system has a basic user login and registration for progress purposes, developed in PHP
- the game type is: solving riddles to advance to next level. The riddles being from different categories (logic, cryptology, general knowledge about different facts, words play etc.)
- there is an incomplete demo version of a version 2 of the riddle game developed in flash
You can try the riddle game out here:

Test Complete Proof of Concept
- developed an automated functional test for a plane tickets reservation online system using Test Complete
- had to understand how the website`s elements were structured, to understand how the system works and to create the automation tests.
- wrote the code that will interact with the html DOM elements and some flash objects, using Test Complete and AS2 (action script)
- created technical documentation for the automation POC made
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-January 2006 - Présent

SMF MODIFICATIONS, PHP DEVELOPERThe project was a game portal built in
SMF (Simple Machine Forum). However, the forum was used / configured
more like a CMS (content management system).
- installed, configured and maintained SMF
- implemented small mods for SMF: menu customization, user permissions, geo-tagging for the admin using PHP
- modified some core functions related user posting
- modified a theme to make it responsive
- modified a shout box plugin to add custom commands and avatars
implemented and integrated into SMF a cross platform solution for bug /
ticket report for the game users using the SSI (server side includes)
feature of the forum.
- implemented in php, a bug description comparison algorithm, to group similar posted bugs
- also integrated the forum users, via SSI, with some external applications
- create some SPA (single page application) for mobile, for easy interaction with some forums areas
- had to provide good self-organized, analytical and self-management skills.
- self-management, flexible and independent

- this was a volunteer job

A web application to help showing off
the gear used in a game system. The application simulates the in-game
gear dialog with the list of items and options to ease the users to
display their items.
- developed the backend part in PHP with database being MYSQL
- create the frontend using HTML5 and JQUERY (image mapping, context menu)
- this was a volunteer job
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Gemini SolutionsJanuary 2008 - Présent

CISCO FlipShare is a video library/editing tool for CISCO Flip Video Camera and I was involved in testing modules like: camera firmware testing, tool vs camera integration, videos editing, videos online sharing (sharing via email, YouTube, MySpace and FaceBook), firmware and software updates. My job was to provide quality assurance to the FlipShare product, by working directly with the developer team and the client, to: test the product based on test plans; design test scenarios (test cases) and test plan updates; bugs regression verification; exploratory testing; working directly with the developers team to provide up to date verification; bugs authoring using JIRA tool; and to provide product improvements ideas.
- product quality control and improvement.
- SD & HD video formats editing.
- codec support and integration on Windows and MAC platforms.
- camera firmware and soft testing.
- test cases and test plan authoring.
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SelfemploymentDecember 2016 - Présent

Developed a shopping system for a game website. The system had the following features: items management, shopping bag, PayPal or Credit Card integration.
- designed database structure
- implemented backend using PHP
- implemented user side shopping cart using JQUERY. The cart saving and operations were happening locally and the validation server side.
- also implemented / designed the UI
- payment and google analytics integration and configuration
- browser compatibility testing
- had to provide efficient self-management skills
- this was a volunteer job
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FreelancerMay 2017 - Présent

The client has different web developing and testing projects. Mostly backend (php). My tasks involve
developing of different web projects, both backend (using PHP) and frontend (using plain javascript
or jquery where it is requested); sometimes I have to create the template as well (the gui part

starting from Photoshop to CSS).

An adult video chat website with webcam streaming, payment gateways and user management.
- analyzed business requirements and come up with business solutions
- created UI / UX mock-ups using HTML5, CSS3 and JQUERY as per client requests
- implemented the user interface based on client requirements using JQUERY UI Collapsible and Tabs plugins
- implemented front end features such as: AJAX CALLS, DOM interaction, user gestures using plain JAVASCRIPT (Vanilla) and/or JQUERY
- implemented with SEO standards
- implemented webcam / audio stream solution using WebRTC protocol (javascript)
- implemented stream features such as: auto snapshot, video saving, audio control, message communication (javascript)
- provided support for installing ssl certificates (stream being a https solution)
- designed and implemented database structure (mysql database)
- implemented backend features using plain PHP (no framework used) such as: CRUD (dbms: create read update delete), search and filter, files management (upload and selling)
- integrated payments gateways for Epoch, Ccbill, PayPal, BitCoin using their apis
- created a virtual currency system to be used internal between members
- implemented a chat system based on client specification using WEB SOCKETS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT and CSS3; chat commands based on user roles triggered with AJAX calls.
- developed admin interface with features: user management, payment management (manual, auto), webcam and chat management
- developed all the SQL queries needed
- run security, functional and browser compatibility tests to assure the quality of the work

Client wanted a desktop CRM (customer relationship management) solution for his business. The application had to be compatible with Windows XP and above systems, integrated with IIS server (for produces management, tracking feature and backup) and MSACCESS as local DBMS and to support touchscreen functions.
- analyse the requirements and plan the development and testing process
- adopted a waterfall process, as had to self-manage all project
- implemented the GUI using windows forms and windows touch API
- implemented user management system (CRUD), accounts, currency, customers management with Visual Basic and MSACCESS with ODDBC driver
- implemented products management and tracking using IIS, VB6. The application was communicating with the IIS server through an API (DLL file)
- developed the API as well in VB6
- implemented GPS tracking feature (from warehouses to clients) using Google Maps API (the drivers where uploading to server their GPS position, the tool was collecting the data and showing a path on the map using Google Map and Roads APIs); the map was generated to HTML using JAVASCRIPT and loaded into an application container.
- implemented reports solution with export to macro enabled excels and html
- developed excel macros for finance operations and data saving
- implemented data synchronization with the server
- created VBS files to help with IIS management
- provided solution for application deployment (installer) using Inno Setup
- performed several tests over the final product: functionality, smoke, performance, security
- had to be efficient in: time management, deadline driven, problem solving; had to be independent and self-organized

Small bunny smash game for an Easter event. Registered players need to hit bunnies to accumulate points. At specific points, specific rewards are offered.
- designed the game elements and the GUI
- developed the game using action script (AS3)
- developed the backend part (saving the progress and the score) using PHP and SQL
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Xogito Group, IncSeptember 2016 - January 2017

My role was to provide quality assurance for Bragi product.
- performed regression, functional, exploratory testing over a magento product, in an agile environment.
- provide good self-organized, analytical and self-management skills
- participated in daily scrum meetings worked in an agile system
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MiOSJune 2014 - August 2016

- designed and developed a windows application solution for the automation testing of a rest web service (no WSDL of SOAP existed). The solution had to be simple and fast to use without requiring any users (QA team) coding; the tool had a drag & drop interface, so that QA members could easily create and run testcases using the web service calls;
- the tool executed each call (http requests) and collected a report with: failures, success, time to execute (in case of alerts), returned JSON structures for test comparatives and other info)
- implemented JSON parser and validator in VB using script control, based on ECMA-262
- created an automation framework for a web based product using Nightwatch.JS (selenium) and later switched on Test Complete as a QA automation engineer
- implemented automated test solution for interaction of the webpage with the devices, alerts, functionality, regression tests and endurance
- used SVN for source file management
- created automation POC between Nightwatch.JS, Robot (both selenium based) and Test Complete
- created some reports to excel solution (like external plugins) for JIRA using PHP and PHPExcel library
- as a work from home job (remote), had to excel in self-time management, flexibility and good communication skills
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Tv GuideJune 2007 - October 2010

- my job was to verify the performance and quality of a web content crawler tool, into XML files
format. I was testing the product by using a test plan, authoring test cases and bugs authoring

- provided quality control of data content crawlers.

- test cases and test plans authoring.
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Company Name ApexSQLAugust 2006 - January 2007

ApexSQL products are MSSQL database administration and manipulation tools. My QA job was to verify the functionality and performance of the products using: negative, exploratory, acceptance and load/performance testing. I also was involved in customers support services by directly communicate with the clients providing help/information in using/fixing products issues.
- worked on ApexSQL Doc, ApexSQL Edit and ApexSQL Script products, involved in the following areas:
- quality improvement of products.
- MSSQL platform support and integration.
- test cases and test plans authoring.
- requirements gathering.
- technical Writing: I was involved in application help files writing.
- customer support
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FreelanceMarch 2006 - June 2006

My job was to develop a time sheet / time tracker web application with both user and admin sides (IsTid). The application is to provide management and tracking of employees' tasks. Each employee can be assigned to one or more projects and for each project, the employee can track the time spent on the tasks, create new projects, assign the projects to other employees, generate reports. The admin can browse and edit all employees` information, to generate reports with the working hours and to send the invoices with the billing information.
- database design and structure
- front end creation using html
- backend creation using ASP
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FreelanceJanuary 2005 - January 2006

- worked on data transfer (messenger) as a project base application.
- GUI design and implementation
- software developing.
- quality control of the product.
- responsible for the design, development, implementation and testing of an internet messenger based application, from scratch. The application included the following features: html/xml based messaging, emoticons and text manipulation, file transfer, database integration (login, contacts list, settings for each user/contact).

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