Denis - Florin R.


554 dollar
13 ans
Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA

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Freelance Web DeveloperJuly 2011 - Présent

Context: Various independent part-time projects on freelance & open-source platforms
Work activities:
- Development of an open-source module for the Magento Community platform containing minor improvements to the coupon system;
- Update of existing WordPress themes by adding new functionality and changing the structure of the application;
- Development of new features for an email marketing system;
- Development of personal site.
Tools and technologies: PHP, Magento Community Edition, WordPress, Git, Symfony 2, PostgreSQL
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EvozonDecember 2013 - Présent

Symfony PHP Developer
Context: Development of micro-services and functionality porting from a Magento installation into micro-services for an online shop
Role: Tech lead
Work activities:
- Team management
- Implementation of existing shop features into Symfony based micro-services
- Release manager
Tools and technologies: PHP, Symfony, REST API, SOAP, Git, Docker, ELK Stack

Context: Development of a travel agency website
Work activities:
- Development of entire website and backend application for a travelling agency selling airline tickets
- Implementation of external webservices containing necessary business data
- Code reviews
- Active participation in Scrum ceremonies
- Active involvement in the application architecture design phase
Tools and technologies: PHP, Symfony, SOAP communication, Git

Context: Development of intermediary data-warehouse and synchronisation between two external services
Work activities:
- Implementation of SOAP communication
- Implementation of XML RPC communication
- Development of storage mechanisms and synchronization between the two services
Tools and technologies: PHP, Silex, Symfony components, SOAP, XML RPC, Git

PHP Developer

Context: Development of Magento modules for an exclusive jewellery shop
Work activities:
- Development of new functionalities and update of the existing code to address new business requirements using the Magento Enterprise platform;
- Implementation of a new payment provider module and the optimisation of the process of background e-mail sending;
- Code reviews;
- Active participation in Scrum ceremonies.
Tools and technologies: PHP, Magento Enterprise Edition, SOAP communication, Git

Context: Planning and mentoring for the PHP summer internship program - 2014
Work activities:
- Planning, along with my colleagues, the PHP internship program;
- Introduction into the PHP language to the internship participants;
- Guidance for the interns in building a Silex micro-framework based application that was keeping track of personal contacts.
Tools and technologies: PHP, Silex micro-framework, PHPMD, PHPCS, Git
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PentalogOctober 2012 - December 2013

Context: Developing new functionalities for an international traveling agency’s management system
Work activities:
- Development of new Symfony modules to address new business requirements;
- Rewrite code of the legacy Perl application into the new system;
- Refactoring Mysql queries and stored procedures.
Tools and technologies: MySQL, Symfony, Javascript, Git, PHP, CodeIgniter, Memcache

Context: Debug of a social networking application
- Bug fixing the internally built framework based on the PHP language.
Tools and technologies: PHP, Oracle RDBMS, jQuery Mobile, Git
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ComodoNovember 2009 - October 2012

Context: Development of internal tools and the company’s shopping cart
Work activities:
- Development of web applications and inner business components;
- Analysis of project technical requirements;
- Inter-department communication;
- Upper management reporting;
- Management of the team's daily tasks.
Tools and technologies: PHP, Javascript, Silex, SVN, HTML5, XML

Mes compétences

Zend Framework, XML, XHTML, WordPress, Windows Server, Web development, Web Applications, Symfony, SVN, SOAP, Silex, REST API, Python, PostgreSQL, PHP, Oracle, OOP, MySQL, MVC, MongoDB, MemCache, Magento Web Services, Magento, LAMP, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, HTML, Git, ELK Stack, Docker Compose, Docker, DevOps, Design Patterns, CSS, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, C#, API, AJAX