Claudiu B.


440 dollar
8 ans
Timisoara, ROMANIA

Mon expérience

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UnnamedJanuary 2016 - Présent

Full-stack developer with background in the following stacks:
Front-end: ReactJS, Redux, CSS, different npm open source packages
Back-end: NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, different npm open source packages
Play around with different web frameworks: spring ,hybernate, angular/angularjs, HTML, CSS Bootstrap, CSS Material

Play around with web CMS: Wordpress, Drupal
Java EE projects: create server-side projects/APIs based on java Spring, Hybernate frameworks.
Java SE projects:
Tools for processing different types of files(xml-based, .csv, .txt, .csv) and generating custom rapports.
TCP-IP based apps(including java RMI) for transferring different types of data.
Desktop ERP application using QT/C++.This project was designed with open source technologies for generating reports(bills, invoices etc.), exporting stored data as well as importing new data and had many dependencies on SQL databases and web queries using javascript.
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HoneywellMay 2019 - November 2019

Design and implement custom features for web-based platform in smart metering field.
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HELLASeptember 2015 - June 2019

-Offer technical support on Autosar-based project
-developer lead
-mentoring students during internship programs

-Autosar-stacks configuration, codding and debugging

- Creation and maintenance of AUTOSAR -based SW Architecture
- Integration and configuration of 3'rd party-delivered SW modules
- AUTOSAR stacks configuration.
- SW Requirements specification
- SW Interfaces specification
- Safety related analysis and implementation

- Embedded C development
- Integration and configuration of 3'rd party-delivered SW modules
- CAN/LIN communication protocols.
- Microsar OS
- Module And Unit Design.
- Working with Vector tool-chain.
- Software Test/Static code analysis(QAC).
- Design Reviews
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Continental Automotive RomaniaMay 2013 - September 2014

- Embedded C/C++ development
- Assembly.
- Rhapsody design and code generation
- Sys Bios RTOS
-Integration of camera calibration algorithms

Mes compétences

Windows, Redux, React.js, Qt, Python, OSGi, NoSQL, Node.js, Matlab, Linux, JavaScript, JAVA SE, Java EE, Java Core, Java, HTML, Embedded Systems, Eclipse RCP, Drupal, DOORS, CSS, C/C++, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Android