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EURDEP MapsJanuary 2019 - December 2019

The European Commission, Radioactivity Environmental Monitoring group 

The European Radiological Data Exchange Platform network handles the exchange of radiological monitoring data between participating countries in near real-time. The project aims to build the next generation of interactive maps to present the collected data to the public and the National authorities. 

- Envision and build from the ground up the next generation of map viewer web apps for EU radioactivity monitoring. - Plan and track project development on a Kanban board. - Implement back-end API expanding on the legacy ASP.NET infrastructure. - Design and implement cross-browser and touch-friendly front-end interactive map viewer applications. - Iterate through various application prototypes to determine the most optimal user experience. - Plan, design, develop and put in production the next generation public map — https://remap.jrc.ec.europa.eu/ Advanced.aspx. - Plan, design, and develop the next generation private Gamma Dose Rates map, Concentrations map, and Time Series graph viewer. - Create the user manual for the public and private maps. 

Vue.js, CoffeScript, JS, Pug, Stylus, Element, Leaflet, Webpack, Babel, CSS, HTML, ASP.NET, C#, T-SQL, Jira, SVN, Markdown 

https://www.seidor.com  https://remon.jrc.ec.europa.eu https://remap.jrc.ec.europa.eu 

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EHR Cache FHIR APIOctober 2016 - December 2018

Info World, in partnership with MedicaSoft USA Department of Veterans Affairs 

EHR Cache is an Electronic Health Record RESTful API based on the widely-accepted HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) specification. It pulls data from a proprietary data-warehouse and processes, translates, and makes it available to US veteran patients and clinicians as interoperable and standards-compliant medical information. 

PGD is a Personal Health Record RESTful API based on the same HL7 FHIR specification. Provides means for US veteran patients to load and retrieve personal medical information. 

- Determine implementation details based on requirements. - Establish the project’s architecture and the vision leading to the tangible product. - Plan and track project goals. - Maintain continuous communication with the client. - Perform high-quality demos for primary stakeholders. - Provide technical expertise to the development team. - Identify critical situations and lay out mitigation plans. - Perform static code analysis scans and oversee resolution, according to customer requirements. - Perform regular code reviews and technical assessment. - Provide HL7 FHIR expertise and compliance validation. 

JavaScript, Node.js, Java, Git, HL7 FHIR, RESTful API, Swagger, HAPI, Docker, Jenkins, SonarQube, IBM/MicroFocus Fortify Audit Workbench, CI/CD, PM, Jira, SCRUM, Agile 

http://www.infoworld.ro/en https://www.medicasoft.us 

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eHMPAugust 2014 - September 2016

Info World, in partnership with MedicaSoft Accenture Federal Services 

eHMP (Enterprise Health Management Platform) is a large-scale next generation Web solution meant to evolve, replace and enhance the legacy VistA EHR systems used by the Department of Veterans Affairs clinics and hospitals throughout the USA

- Lead the development efforts to implement front-end and back-end of various application modules. - Determine low-level technical approach based on the given requirements. - Perform UI implementation and provide technical expertise for UI design. - Provide technical guidance for back-end development. - Maintain continuous communication with the primary stakeholders to ensure optimal project development. - Conduct technical and non-technical discussions with the client. - Perform high-quality demos for primary stakeholders. - Provide technical expertise to the development team. - Identify critical situations and lay out mitigation plans. - Perform regular code reviews and technical assessment. - Provide guidance for technical best-practices. 

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, proprietary ADK (UI) and RDK (back-end) libs, AJAX, Jenkins, Git, CI/CD, PM, SCRUM, Agile, Rally/CA Technologies 

http://www.infoworld.ro/en https://www.medicasoft.us https://www.osehra.org/content/ehmp-architecture

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ehr.NXTMarch 2012 - August 2014

Info World, in partnership with MedicaSoft COTS solution 

ehr.NXT is a next generation electronic health record (EHR) solution built for the US market — a complete suite of clinical and administrative functions, implemented having interoperability, customization and standardization at its core. 

- Build the architectural skeleton of the solution. - Lay out the the main UX of the project. - Design and implement the look & feel. - Create reusable AngularJS components to serve as building blocks for the project, such as tabbed views and navigation, drop-down lists, input validators, fully-featured calendar components, AJAX forms, error handling, etc. - Implement components to easily communicate with the back-end services. - Create filtered views for the main application screens. - Put in place the infrastructure and workflow for UI localization and internationalization. - Build a scalable and versatile system for on-the-fly injection of application sub-modules. - Hold a 1 week long JavaScript and AngularJS class for the team. 

JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Node.js, Git, AJAX, RESTful API, l10n, i18n 

http://www.infoworld.ro/en/projects/#us https://www.medicasoft.us/ehrnxt

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Modern Technologies for Web Applications ClassJanuary 2012 - February 2012

Info World Internal 

Class on modern technologies for developing Web applications, covering HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, and Node.js, held for some of the company’s employees. 

- Create a comprehensive course on HTML 5 and CSS 3. - Create a comprehensive course on JavaScript, jQuery and AngularJS. - Hold a class for colleagues experienced in .NET technologies. - Provide the class the means to learn both theoretical and practical concepts. - Emphasize the main benefits of HTML 5 and CSS 3. - Help the class understand the main differences between JavaScript and C#. - Present advanced AngularJS concepts. - Build comparative pure JavaScript, jQuery, and AngularJS apps from scratch with the class, running on Node.js, employing stylish HTML 5 & CSS 3 user interfaces. 

JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery, HTML 5, CSS 3, Node.js, AJAX 


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European Projects ProposalsNovember 2010 - January 2012

- Design abstract project prototypes and architecture. - Envision innovative answers to common problems and stateof-the-art solutions for better patient care services. - Create the project plan and schedule the work packages, taking into account the projected timelines and the involved Consortium. - Design and implement the general user interface. - Build functional and non-functional prototypes, and generic documentation. - Implement the technical deliverables for the claimed projects. - Oversee the non-technical deliverables. 

ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, TFS, IIS, Design, UI, UX, Project Management 


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Bugzette — Bug and Issue TrackerOctober 2009 - June 2011

Personal Side-Project — 

Innovative Web-based bug and issue tracking system, envisioned and built from the ground up, as a two-men endeavor. 

- Design the project’s business requirements. - Determine the main application architecture. - Build a set of custom libraries for streamlined client-side web application development, inspired by AngularJS. - Build a RESTful backend driven by Ruby on Rails. - Design and create the database and data access layer. - Build complex filtering capabilities based on user-defined visual queries. - Design and implement advanced HTML 5 and CSS 3 user interface. - Implement interactive tutorial sections in the app. - Create the presentation materials and build the main Site for the finalized product. 

Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, JS templating, jQuery, CoffeeScript, SASS, Handlebars, HTML, CSS, SVN, MySQL, MVC, AJAX 

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Hospital Manager Suite 3.0November 2009 - November 2010

Info World National hospitals and clinics 

Desktop application for Patient Information Management, suitable for a wide variety of clinical and research institutions. 

- Handle overall coordination, execution and completion of specific tasks, whilst ensuring consistency with the user requirements, project goals, and code quality norms. - Schedule the project timelines and resource allocation within  the given timeframes. - Lead the implementation efforts, providing guidance and support to the project team, analyzing tasks completion, technical validity, and overall team status. - Perform regular code-reviews and provide technical guidance. - Perform project evaluation and assessment of results. 

.NET Framework, C#, WCF, LINQ, SQL Server, TFS, Janus, HL7 CDA, Project Management 


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Hospital Manager Suite 3.0October 2007 - November 2009

Info World National hospitals and clinics 

Desktop application for Patient Information Management, suitable for a wide variety of clinical and research institutions. 

- Design application modules architecture. - Implement provided requirements and change requests. - Create application modules UI based on Windows Forms, and build the required functionality. - Perform integration with third-party libraries such as Janus and DevExpress. - Create T-SQL queries and stored procedures for data access. - Implement LINQ DAO. - Create reports for adapted for screen and printing. - Execute and monitor application builds. 

.NET Framework, C#, Windows Forms, WCF, LINQ, TFS, Janus, DevExpress, Crystal Reports, HL7 CDA, Microsoft Reporting Services. 


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eTermsApril 2006 - October 2007

Info World Internal 

Enterprise Terminology browser for HL7 clinical code systems, to be used as an extension tool by other company applications. 

- Create single-handedly an application using Microsoft's newly released Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) — the project was awarded an honorable mention in a Microsoft WPF competition. - Build a rich and interactive user interface using the newest Microsoft technologies. - Implement advanced terminology filtering, relationship navigation and discovery. - Implement visual selection of concepts by on-screen manipulation of a multi-layered 3D model of the human body. 

.NET Framework, WPF, Expression Blend, C#, HL7 

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Internal invoicing toolMay 2004 - March 2006

Sky Solutions Internal 

Internal invoicing tool used by the teams abroad. 

- Perform system, regression, performance, black-box, and integration tests. - Create and maintain test documentation (test cases, test plans, test reports) based on the system requirements. - Provide product feedback and submit enhancement requests. - Introduce automated testing framework in the QA department. - Identify and write automated unit and integration tests. - As junior developer, implement new features for the company’s Web-based internal bug-tracking system, improve the user interface, fix defects, maintain and improve the overall functionality, according to the needs of the local teams. 

IBM Rational XDE Tester, IBM Rational Functional Tester, Java, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript 


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Real Estate ManagerJune 2003 - March 2004

New House Intermed Internal 

Internal tool to manage the company’s real estate offers, prices, and clients. 

- Implement application to keep track of the company's real estate offers and clients. - Streamline data entry, presentation, and retrieval, based on feedback from the actual users. - Fix defects and implement new features as requested. - Manage the company’s local network. 

.NET, C#, Windows Forms, SQL Server 

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Accounting SolutionJune 2002 - June 2003

Turbo Software — 

Accounting solution created using the rapid development tool MAGIC RAD. 

- Create the leasing module for an accounting application. - Implement new features according to the specifications. - Identify defects and apply corresponding fixes. 


Mes compétences


Webpack.js, Pug.js, Vue.js, Stylus, WinForms, ElasticSearch


jQuery, AJAX, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Node.js






Sass, LINQ, CoffeeScript, C#, HTML5, SQL, JavaScript, Ruby, Jscript, HTML, Java, MVC, Ruby on Rails


API, Project Management, Continuous Integration, HL7

Software testing

Test Planning, Test Cases, Static testing, Integration testing

Analysis methods and tools

JIRA, Kanban, SonarQube, Agile Methodology


Adobe Photoshop


Microsoft C-SHARP, Microsoft .NET Technology, Cascading Style Sheets, Microsoft Exchange Server, QA Software Engineer, good communication skills, Error handling, Full-Stack developer, junior developer, Determine implementation, most optimal user experience, track project development, IBM Rational Functional Tester, StreamLine, Black-Box Testing, Stored Procedures, Lead developer, Automatic Testing, Project Manager, IBM Hardware, JavaScript Specialist, Scrum Methodology, iterative development, Apache Subversion, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Windows Presentation Foundation, Seagate Crystal Reports, Full-Stack Web Developer, Senior Developer, overall coordination, Technical Lead, communication skills, Project Team Skills, USER EXPERIENCE, Microsoft Transact-SQL, Object Oriented Analysis/Design, Handlebars, PM, Technical Project Manager, RESTful, User Interface, Senior Programmer, Data Collection, Programmer, Technical Specialist, User Interface Design, 3D, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Front End, Application design, Back End, Windows Communiciation Foundation, Tutor, industry~it, Microsoft ASP.NET, UX, Project Management, IBM Rational XDE Tester, manage the company, side web application development, optimal project development, UI implementation, Team Lead, Self-motivated

IT Infrastructure

Docker, Git


Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB

Environment of Development

Expression Blend, JADE

Mes études et formations

Bachelor of Science, Informatics, PRINCIPAL STUDIES, Economic, Informatics - Academy of Economic Studies2000 - 2004