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Cognizant SoftvisionJanuary 2020 - Présent


• Working in the medical industry on a patient engagement application that integrates with several other apps within a big platform.

• Application is built using microservices & clean architecture & DDD principles

• Gained valuable knowledge in SIP(session initiation protocol) and VoIP(voice over ip) by working with Asterisk & 3cx and also built a PoC using Freeswitch.

• Experience writing technical documentation


Actively involved within the company's .NET community by

• Mentoring other people

• Giving tech ations on subjects like Domain Driven Design, clean architecture, CQRS, entity framework tips & tricks, IdentityServer4, etc

• Helped building 2 in-house apps

💻 Tech used: Microsoft Service Fabric, Entity framework Core, .NET Core 3.1, RabbitMQ, SQL Server, MongoDb, Freeswitch, Asterisk, Identity Server, MediatR, CQRS, DDD, RESTful api, Kentico CMS, Docker, MSTest
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ErgonodeNovember 2018 - January 2020


• Client had an existing prototype system that was incomplete, with no architecture, built with old technology and without any documentation/requirements.

• Had the responsibility to gather requirements, understand exactly what the business needs and design a solution that would be reliable, scalable and maintainable.

• Built a solution using service oriented architecture with clean code principles and modern coding techniques.

• Lead a small team of 3 and was in charge with the full process from designing architecture, development, testing to deployment.


• Client needed an in-house solution for timesheet management and with an appointment scheduling feature

• Client required integration with other 3rd party software like M-Files and Google calendar

• Managed to design and implement a modern, great looking and easy to use web interface backed by a robust and thoroughly tested backend solution.

• Application was a real success as it is used nowadays also with zero downtime and no big fixing required


• Client required a consent mobile application that would be backed by a web interface management solution.

• Had to work in a fast paced environment, because the application was requested as soon as possible with a hard deadline of 3 months.

• Managed to gather requirements, design and implement a reliable web and mobile solution in record time

💻Tech used: ASP .NET Core MVC, .NET Core API, Entity Framework Core, Dapper, MediatR, CQRS, DDD, Clean architecture, SQL Server, Identity Server 4, RabbitMQ, Kendo UI for MVC, M-Files, Google calendar integration, SignalR, HTML5, SCSS, CSS, Materialize CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery, SQLite, Xamarin Forms, MVVM, OpenIddict
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BeeNearApril 2017 - November 2018


• Client already had a working digital invoicing system for several domain areas, but without any user interface for the end user. The goal was to provide a platform that was reliable and scalable. It was approximated that the app would handle millions of records and several thousand concomitant requests.

• Worked in the initial development phase, helped with architecture and development. Architecture of choice was microservices


• Part of the client's invoice ecosystem he had a file monitor and heavy xml processing solution. Soon when I started I realized the user interface project had no architecture and spaghetti code was pilling up. It was very common to see fat controllers with more than 2000 lines of code. My main responsibility on the project was to deliver new features and maintain the solution, but I managed to convince the client to allow me to re-architect the solution in small phases.


• Client had a warehouse storage solution used by many supermarket retailers. I had the responsibility to work on several new features, but mostly maintenance for the mobile application.


• Client had a big ecosystem of applications and I had the responsibility to deliver bug fixes.

💻Tech used: ASP .NET MVC, ASP .NET WEB API 1 & 2, ASP .NET Web Forms, SQL SERVER, XML processing, IdentityServer3, Kendo UI MVC, Kendo UI MVVM, Single page applications, Xamarin, Entity Framework, Oracle, ADO .NET, WCF, JQuery UI, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Materialize CSS
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InfobestDecember 2015 - April 2017


• Client was a big automotive company and needed to migrate to another technology one of their big internal management application

• I was talking directly with the client and had the responsibility to migrate some of the modules that were not yet migrated, deliver new features and deploy regularly


• Client had a mature desktop application for management and collecting data from different utility meters like gas/water/electricity across the country

• My role was mainly maintenance, but I also worked on new feature implementation


• For my university diploma project I have designed a task and time management tracker solution with gamification techniques like levels, badges, achievements, ladder.

• Solution was a hybrid server-side + single page application implemented using ASP .NET MVC and AngularJS

💻 Tech used: .NET Framework, ASP .NET MVC, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Kendo UI for MVC, AngularJS, EPPlus(excel generation), Entity framework, WPF, SQLite

Mes compétences

Xamarin, Time Management, SQLite, Software Architecture, SIP, Single-page applications, SignalR, SCSS, RESTful, RabbitMQ, Oracle, MVVM, MVC, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Kendo UI, jQuery UI, jQuery, HTML5, HTML, Entity Framework, Docker, Design, Debugging, Bootstrap, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, API, AngularJS, Angular, ADO