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www.sageintacct.comApril 2019 - Présent

Here I'm working on Intacct (www.sageintacct.com) project as a backend developer. Intacct is an online accounting and financial management software.
The project runs under PHP 7.3 OOP with Oracle database.

Indeco SoftMarch 2018 - April 2019

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Genesis Digital LLCFebruary 2016 - February 2018

Here I worked on Kartra (https://www.kartra.com/) project.
Kartra is an eMarketing platform. What Kartra does:

Publish Web Pages.
So you can capture your trafic onto email lists, register them for Webinars or Live Events, create connected Funnels, do Product Launches, and track it all from the moment someone arrives on that page to when they enter your membership site. Drag and Drop your layout, customize your elements, pick your colors, add your content, publish to the world.

Create Email Sequencing and Automated Follow-Up Messages according to their behavior and your intentions.

Can build a "IF/THEN/AND/ELSE-STATUS-TAG" architecture to customize how every single visitor, subscriber, and customer is treated.

For example, you can create this reaction logic from a visual, drag and drop flow-chart:
"IF they are A Customer of THIS Product, AND haven't watched This Video AND opened Yesterday's
Email, THEN send them This Email that Sends them to THIS Kartra-Published Page AND Show them
This Video."

How can Kartra do that? Because - all of the systems of Kartra are Connected.

Host and Display your Videos
You can use great marketing videos to engage your audience, and string them together to create unique experiences for your visitors. Our Video Player tracks viewer behavior, tags and scores that activity, and lets you respond intelligently with your next message. So when your visitor finishes watching a video, your tag them to get the next email in the series. If a visitor leaves the video early, you can trigger an email reminding them to watch that content fully. You can Create Overlays, Watermarks, Session Redirects, Playlists, Display Interactive Buttons, Social Shares to Unlock, and Email Capture forms - all from a Kartra Powered Video Player.

Kartra GETS the MONEY
It is a eCommerce tool for executing transactions, creating subscriptions, free trials with or without credit cards, unique payment plans (i.e. 3 payments of X, billed every year), asymmetrical recurring billing (i.e. The first payment is X, and the second, third, and say, fourth payment are smaller (Or
bigger)), Automatic Retry of failed Credit Cards. Back Up Credit Cards (To guarantee uninterrupted service), Multiple Credit Cards for big payments... Upsells, Downsells, Cross-Sells, Upgrades, "Precious Metals Pricing", Multi-unit ordering... Stripe, Authorize.net, PayPal, Braintree, NMI ...and more.

Kartra Manages and Tracks Affiliates
Full-Blown, 2-Tier Afiliate Management and Tracking. From Sign-Up Pages, to Email
Communications, Customized Commissions for VIP affiliates, Public and/or Private Affiliate Programs, Afiliate LeaderBoard Pages, Affiliate Tax Filings, Swipe File and Media Kit Hosting, Payment
Management and Bookkeeping, Affiliate Dashboard Hosting (For Multiple Products), Instant PayPal
Adaptive Payments, Afiliate signup questionnaires, milestone-based payment release.

Kartra Manages Your Customers
An Eficient, Data-Rich Customer Relationship Management Center and Help Desk. Receive and Manage Customer Support Tickets, Create Knowledge Base(s), all with total access to every single activity that your customer (Or Subscriber) has ever done in the Kartra System - what emails they open, videos they watch, carts they abandon, products they buy, logins they create, as well as contact history and notes from their previous contacts.

Kartra Delivers your Digital Content, Securely.
Create Membership Portals for your Products. Host Your Video and Audio Training, Your Cheat-
Sheets, Check-Lists, eBooks, PDF Docs, Zip Files...Drip Your Content over time, Interact with your
Members, Track their Progress, Give them Upgrade and Cross-Sell Special Ofers.

The project is developed in CodeIgniter 3, PHP 7, uses MariaDB 10 databases, jQuery 1.8 library, Bootstrap 2 and Sass for styling. For versioning the project use GIT.

Indeco SoftJuly 2013 - February 2016

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BITNET CCSSApril 2012 - July 2013

At BITNET I worked on two projects RM Cloud Contract Management and Showing Note:

RM Cloud Contract Management ofers a premier healthcare contract management solution. RM
Cloud Contract Management is powerful, full-featured Revenue Cycle Management software to
ensure 100% collectability for healthcare providers. It is a cloud-based technology that ofers excellent contract management and modeling. Denials and Underpayments are a huge cost for all healthcare providers but the the application can help cut that cost.

RM Cloud Contract Management software offers a simplified way to identify and overturn wrongful underpayments and denials. You generate a detailed Payment Variance report that compares the expected plan allowable to the amount that was paid by the payer whether it was electronically billed or paper billed. Keep your current claims management workflow while adding auto-calculated underpayments and denials to boost your net patient revenues.

Use the contract comparison tool for contract negotiations to determine if the proposed contract variables will be an additional increase or decrease in net patient revenues.

RM Cloud Contract Management is a cloud application, uses Amazon cloud, is developed in Zend
Framework 1, PHP 5.6, uses jQuery 1.6 library and MySQL 5.6 Server database and for the versioning system we used Tortoise SVN.

The development team had 3 programmers, my role was to develop new modules and to maintain the old modules of the project and also to design the database structure.

Showing Note is a real estate mobile app that allows you to create text, picture, and video notes during real estate showings, and share your notes on social media networks and with collaborators.

The application is developed in Javascript and HTML (client side) and uses Jquery Mobile 1.3 library, Google API services for localization. The server side component is developed in Zend Framework 1,
PHP 5.6 and uses a MySQL 5.6 database. The communication between those two components is done through JSON technology.

The development team had 3 programmers, my role was to develop new modules and to maintain the old modules of the project and also to design the database structure.
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IndecosoftOctober 2006 - April 2012

At Indecosoft I worked on two eGovernment applications described above: AsiSoc and Acon.

Mes compétences


Contract Management, Social Media, Team management


OOP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, HTML5, Sass, MVC, PHP, XML


Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, Visual FoxPro, PHPMyAdmin




SaaS, Web Applications, Web development, TortoiseSVN


jQuery, Bootstrap, CodeIgniter, Zend Framework

IT Infrastructure


Analysis methods and tools

Scrum, Design Patterns, Agile


Designer, help desk, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Cascading Style Sheets, Unified management, Afiliate Management, RM Cloud Contract Management, excellent contract management, Assistant, Contract Negotiation, negotiation skills, eCommerce, Sr. Software Engineer, develop new modules, featured Revenue Cycle Management, industry~it, Computer programmer, related skills Experience, Framework 1, Mobile 1.3, a backend developer, Object Oriented Analysis/Design

Application servers


Mes études et formations

Bachelors Degree, Informatics - North University