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PlanOur WeddingDecember 2018 - Présent

I have worked on this project from start to finish and implemented the core features. The project's main purpose of it is to help anyone tackle the most important parts of managing a wedding: send direct and anonymous RSVPs (with i18n), create your sitting arrangements, keep track of tasks and expenses. We are currently accepting early adopters. I have worked with Java 10, Spring
Boot for REST APIs, Flyway for database migrations, JavaScript, React.js, React Router for the frontend client. Testing features with Jest.
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IndsoftJuly 2018 - November 2018

Worked for a local company and created the local council Android Car Parking
application. Created and implemented the architecture of the mobile app, as well as new features that reed the core of the product, until the end of my contract. I collaborated with the backend team and integrated the REST APIs needed for all the actions. Working with Java 8, Android SDK.
Google Play:
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VismaJanuary 2018 - August 2018

Worked as part of Visma procurement development team. The product helps Nordic companies handle their accounting and internal purchases. I worked in an agile team with Spring Framework on backend and Angular 4 with Typescript on frontend.
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BearingPoint SRLMay 2017 - December 2017

Implemented the first version for import of credit and creditors data in an economic product called ABACUS, for Anacredit(EU) specifically for Lithuania. Followed the ECB Regulation on AnaCredit specifications and integrated with the existing inhouse project Abacus. The feature was integrated with success and I worked mostly with Java 8, Maven, Weblogic, Git, Jira, Tomcat, Unit Testing.
Voir plus (known as now)March 2015 - March 2017

Created and implemented the architecture of the entire application as well as the main features for the Pubble Messenger Chat which is a messaging app that helps agents reply to their online clients directly from their phone as well as conducting team internal team chats. I have collaborated with the backend team to implement the REST APIs needed for the mobile features.
     This application was branded as well for Dublin Airport internal communication. I worked with Java 7, Android SDK, Material Design, Mockito, Retrofit and integrated with several 3rd party libraries, Google Play:
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Soft32June 2013 - February 2015

Implemented and published an Android recommendation app that takes into consideration your already used apps. Used Android SDK, Java 7, calabash-android for acceptance tests and unit testing.
     I have worked at the core of mobile monetization SDK, called MobabaSDK using Java and a bit of JavaScript. This was intended for other mobile developers to help them monetize their own Android apps. Google Play:
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BearingPointJanuary 2012 - May 2013

Developed a similar iPad application that manages data taken from an SAP
server and makes use of Google Maps.
     Developed an internal locating application, to locate consultants of the company. It's an application where you log in to, and can check-in at the hotel you are. Other features: a history of the check-ins, finding other consultants, changing settings, seeing who is online at that moment.
     Implemented server-client projects, using SpringRest Web Service, Hibernate, MQTT and playing around with a whole bunch of other open-source but powerful software.

Spring Framework, Java, Mockito, JUnit, Hibernate, Maven, REST API, Tomcat
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IMCJanuary 2011 - December 2011

Part of the product maintenance team, working with Java 6 and Oracle database.
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RopardoFebruary 2008 - September 2010

Learned to work in a team and developed my knowledge curriculum. I have
worked on educational and hiring projects, using Java 6, Spring Framework 2.5, Python and Django. I contributed often to the company blog by sharing my knowledge:

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WebLogic, Web Services, Unit testing, TypeScript, Tomcat, Teamwork, SQL, Spring RESTful, Spring Boot, Spring, Software Development, Scrum, SAP, Retrofit, REST API, REST, React.js, React Router, Python, Oracle, OOP, MySQL, MQTT, Mockito, Maven, Material Design for Android, JUnit, Jira, Jest, JavaScript, JAVA 8, JAVA 7, JAVA 6, JAVA 10, Java, HTML5, HTML, Hibernate, GitHub, Git, FlyWay, Django, Communication, Apache Maven, AngularJS, Angular 4, Android Studio, Android SDK, Android Architecture Components, Android, Agile Methodology