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Yazee MeOctober 2018 - Présent

• Developed 1 web application using Django (Python) PostgreSQL and Graphene.

• Deployed the back-end Django application to a Heroku virtual private server (VPS).

• Developed 2 front-end applications using Nuxt.js (JavaScript).

• One of these Nuxt.js applications is connected to up mentioned back-end through a GraphQL API.

• Deployed Nuxt.js applications to Netlify's content delivery network (CDN).

• Customized 2 WordPress websites on shared hosts.

• Configured shared hosts' cPanel by clients' requirements.

• Installed domains and SSL certificates both in shared hosts and VPS.

• Built 1 Python package and deployed it to PyPi.

• Built 1 Python script which reads DBF files and exports data to Excel.

• Built 1 web scraper using Scrapy which extracts information and saves it to MongoDB.

• In progress, building a "watcher" which detects HTML modifications and updates xpaths in real time.

• In progress, resolving problems from Project Euler.

• In progress, building a script which inserts many time entries in Clockify.

• All mentioned projects are stored and versioned using Git.
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Preh RomaniaNovember 2018 - May 2019

• Discovered C# and Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern.

• Translated 2 applications from Portuguese to Romanian.
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Preh RomaniaJuly 2015 - October 2018

• Responsible for the entire process of closing employees' contracts. Between 15 and 60 employees monthly.
• Managed meal tickets and medical subscription for more than 1800 employees
• Improved documents release time by 90% and reduced recurring administrative tasks time by 50%.

• Automated workflow and processes of the HR department using Microsoft products: Access, Excel and Word.
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ProCredit BankSeptember 2014 - February 2015

• Learned intensively mathematics and accountancy.

• Improved ation and public speaking skills.
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ArhOrizont G-AMay 2010 - September 2011

• Drew architectural plans, sections and facades for more than 50 projects.

Mes compétences

WordPress, Web development, SSL, Scrapy, Python, PostgreSQL, Nuxt.js, MVC, MongoDB, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Linux, JavaScript, HTML, Heroku, GraphQL, Git, Django, cPanel, CDN, C#, ASP.NET MVC