Dan F.


635 euro
8 ans
Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA

Mon expérience

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Remote WorkSeptember 2017 - Présent

Developing driving games in Unity. Preparing to launch a Driving School game this year.
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ThreatConnect IncJuly 2019 - Présent


🤝 The client, a worldwide leader in the Cyber Risk Quantification industry, managing large amounts of financial data, had to automate and orchestrate risk quantification from days to hours by automating manual processes.
✅ Ensured 100% app usage transparency by integrating means of user interaction analytics, by contributing to both front-end and back-end from a full-stack role.
✅ Kept users happy by decreasing the page load times, while delivering new features on time.
✅ Reduced the time to view statistics and logs up to 50% by implementing an intuitive web app with a high-quality user experience and great overall performance custom-tailored to the client’s needs.
⚡ Skills : Layered Architecture, Clean Architecture, Pair programming, Modular Components, Microservices, Typescript, Angular, .NET Core, Entity Framework, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, Domain-Driven Driven Design (DDD), SOLID, DRY, YAGNI.
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Remote WorkJuly 2020 - December 2020


🤝 The clients, dropshipping stores, involved in the e-commerce business, had to update their website user interfaces to match mobile devices, improve search engine optimization, and grow revenue.
✅ Increased the conversion rate by avg. 4%, the user retention increased by avg. 7%, the average order value by avg. 14%, the total revenue of the company by avg. 31% and drastically increase the number of orders on mobile devices by avg. 80%, by designing and implementing a mobile-friendly user interface and ensuring a great overall user experience.
✅ Drastically reduced page loading time from +5 seconds to 2.1 seconds, by providing a stable behavior of the web app while testing, and fixing 100% of the issues.
✅ Reached over avg. 100K unique visitors and almost avg. 200K page views in the first 8 months by designing a rock-solid user interface.
✅ Ensured 100% transparency by applying SCRUM and constantly receiving feedback from the product owner.
⚡ Skills : Shopify API, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, CDN
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ComplyAdvantageAugust 2018 - July 2019


🤝 The client, a worldwide leader in the AML Compliance industry, managing large amounts of financial data, had to speed up customer onboarding cycle time and grow revenue by automating manual processes and minimize false-positives.
✅ Skyrocketed annual revenue by increasing user satisfaction and productivity, by designing a user interface that highlights AML data matching and monitoring.
✅ Achieved 100% data accuracy, with a 40% improvement in screening and monitoring data operations, drastically reduced page loads from 5-7 seconds to 2-3 seconds, by making the web application more consistent and user-friendly, while keeping a very stable & reliable solution for the end-user.
✅ Achieved colossal time savings, from hours to minutes, with a 99.9999% efficiency increase in reports exporting, by designing a custom fined tuned system exposed through the web application.
✅ Skyrocketed the communication in task management planning and grooming sessions with 100% commitment, by improving the technical culture through numerous tech meetings and hackathons
⚡ Skills : Domain-Driven Driven Design (DDD), SOLID, DRY, YAGNI, Layered Architecture, Clean Architecture, Pair Programming, Modular Components, Microservices, Typescript, Angular.js, Lazy Load, Web Worker, Caching, Gzip.
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Cognizant SoftvisionJuly 2017 - August 2018


🤝 The client, a worldwide software leader in the epidemics business industry, managing large amounts of epidemic data, had to optimize the web application because the legacy code was hard to maintain. Performance needed to be improved fast, for delivering actionable, data-driven insights about global epidemics.
✅ Drastically reduced the time spent in application from 3h to 5min, skyrocketed application performance by 70%, by designing an intuitive eye-popping mobile-friendly UI with increased usability using a clean architecture after an in-depth analysis of the existing code and infrastructure.
✅ Reduced the employment cost by 30% by automating more than half of the manual statistical work for selecting and rendering only relevant information.
✅ Reduced errors in the development phase by 98% by introducing unit and integration tests.
⚡ Skills : Clean Code, Modular Components, In-House Styles Library, Angular.js, NVD3, Bootstrap, Jasmine, Protractor.
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InfoWorldAugust 2015 - August 2017


🤝 The client, an important software company that provides medical software for public Romanian hospitals, had an outdated desktop application, unscalable with poor optimization, long response times, and unintuitive user interface, resulting in unhappy clients.
✅ Successfully meet the client’s requirements, by creating a new web application with clean architecture, decoupled components that meet the client requirements lowering time spent in the application by an astounding 70% by showing the users only the most relevant data while maintaining a highly efficient communication line with the clients.
✅ Ensured a rock-solid infrastructure to handle over 4M users by designing resilience microservices and performing stress testing. Delivered a scalable solution ready for a 4M daily active users deploy.
⚡ Skills : Clean Code, Microservices, Modular Components, In-House Libraries, Angular, Angular Material, C3.js, Node.js, Koa.js, MongoDB, OAuth 2, FHIR Standard, Git, Jenkins, Redmine.
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Remote WorkDecember 2014 - July 2015

Developed some apps in Android, they are not anymore on Google Play but you can find them easily here: https://androidappsapk.co/developer/evolved.
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Mes compétences

Unity, Unit testing, TypeScript, Shopify, Selenium, REST API, Redmine, Problem Solving, PostgreSQL, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, jQuery, Jenkins, JavaScript, Java, Jasmine, Integration testing, HTML5, Git, Entity Framework, Entity, Docker, CSS3, C#, Bootstrap, API, AngularJS, Angular 2, Angular, Android, Analytics, .NET Core