Adrian O.


820 dollar
14 ans
Pitesti, ROMANIA

Mon expérience

NEURON01 DEVELOPMENTJuly 2015 - Présent

WeRemote Europe - Full-timeApril 2019 - Présent

MONOLITHSPL/T ( 2017 - December 2017

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Waydev - ContractFebruary 2017 - September 2017

Created the whole technical vision of the product, the underlying architecture and the first working version of the application.

React-based Frontend served from Amazon S3, sporting a CloudFront distribution for faster delivery, and a microservices based architecture running in Docker containers, on Amazon ECS(Elastic Container Service), sitting behind an Amazon ALB(Application Load Balancer) with path-based routing.

Other integrations included Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) and DynamoDB as the database.
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NetopJuly 2015 - December 2016

* Technical lead - Node.js, React.js, Architecture, Code Design ◀
Improved the company's technology stack. Brought in React.js and Redux and helped set the pace for replacing old jQuery applications with new ones, based on modern technologies. Contributed to defining the high level architecture of the whole product ecosystem, from the servers and services necessary for the applications to run, all the way to frameworks and libraries, coding standards, style guides and testing practices.
Helped drastically improve the code quality, helped standardise the software development practices and the team culture around testing - TDD, E2E.

* DevOps - Communication, AWS, CI◀
From this position, I mostly acted as a bridge between the development team
I was working with, and the Operations department. I improved the operations team understand the project needs and suggest suitable services to make development easier and improve the stability of the application in production.
Contributed to the migration from Node 0.10 to the LTS version and to the rewrite of a big part of the application.

* Mentor - JavaScript (ES6), Software Development Basics ◀
Helped a QA team member migrate to Full Stack JavaScript within 6 months.
Created an ES6 training, used to get a better understanding of the latest standards in JavaScript development. Available for questions from team members, I tried to provide clarification on any issue that might have appeared due to lack of experience or novelty of the technology.
Improved QA department understanding of Docker, Git and JavaScript.
Enabled the QA team to write end-to-end tests with Protractor. Improved the whole team's understanding of Continuous Integration.

* Technical Recruiter ◀
Contributed to the company's JavaScript recruitment and interviewing process.
Changed the JavaScript technical interview which translated into higher quality candidates and employees. Helped build the team currently working on the project.
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1&1 Internet AGJuly 2014 - June 2015

My responsibilities include the development of new features for the domains administration application, as well as correcting and enhancing areas of the codebase that need updates.
The nature of the application is that of a complex NodeJS app, with a lot of 3rd party services integration.
Part of my responsibility is to also design those pieces of functionality, from an architectural standpoint, when talking about implementing new modules that integrate with various services, application plugins, libraries, and the like. The architectural part receives feedback from the team's nominated architect.
I also act as the lead developer/merge manager, on the project that I'm working on. These roles require that I offer support, and guidance to team members if there are certain technical decisions that they need to make that need an extra opinion, and I also perform the preliminary steps to ensure that a release is delivered properly, namely, I perform the merges to the main repository and inform that a release is ready to be shipped.
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OSF Global ServicesDecember 2012 - July 2014

Lead Front-End Developer (SR)
Oct 2013 – Jul 2014

Task analysis, estimates, organisation, team management, implementation of complex functionalities at the ation layer.
As a lead front-end developer I am responsible of keeping the front-end team together, scheduling and attending meetings to clarify requirements and offer feedback in regards to the implementation at the ation layer, offer guidance to team members.
Aside from the usual activities I hold internal trainings focused on JavaScript development, design patterns and object-oriented programming techniques. I also take part in the recruiting process by holding interviews for both front-end and backend candidates.
The main technologies that I use in this position are JavaScript, XML, JSON, DS Script(Demandware specific backend language — based on ECMA-262), HTML5, CSS3, BackboneJS, jQuery, LoDash.

Demandware Developer
Jan 2013 – Jul 2014

Demandware is an eCommerce platform built to fit the needs of every company, no matter how big or small it is. In this position I'm responsible for doing front-end related work, mostly done in JavaScript, but I do backend coding as well. The platform uses a language based on the ECMA 262 specification, very similar to JavaScript. On the front-end side I'm responsible for implementing custom functionality, and applications that require hardcore coding. I'm also involved in a training program as well, in which I train/supervise people that are new to the Demandware platform, on the front-end side. This position involves dealing with different personalities, different types of learners, and it requires effort to adapt your explanations and feedback, and self-control.

Javascript Developer
Dec 2012 – Jul 2014

I was responsible for developing JavaScript based web applications and custom functionality that needed to be implemented on the client side. This position also involved working with HTML and CSS, employing the best practices in the field. I had a TDD-based workflow, and tried to stick to it most of the times. To keep myself organized I kept TODOs in Evernote, and centralized everything there. I tried as much as I could to stay away from libraries and in my opinion there's no need to resort to libraries if the language has native functionality built in to fit your needs. As a second responsibility besides working on JavaScript web-apps, I also did internal trainings with developers who needed to expand their knowledge of OOP.
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oDeskJune 2008 - November 2012

This position involved searching for projects, making proposals, dealing with customers, gathering requirements, project planning, wireframing, design and development, meeting deadlines and leaving a good impression overall. During this period I gained a lot of knowledge in the web development field, I also learned how to approach people, how to formulate a good proposal, how to set up and meet deadlines, and what project management really means. I've worked with technologies like HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, PYTHON, RUBY/RAILS, Wordpress, Concrete 5, Expression Engine, I became proficient in wireframing, and small project planning.

Mes compétences

XML, WordPress, Web Services, Web development, Vagrant, Unit testing, Test Driven Development (TDD), Team management, Spanish, Scrum, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, React.js, Project Management, OOP, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, LAMP, JSON, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, HTML, Git, Ember.js, Docker, DevOps, Design Patterns, CSS3, CSS, Continuous Integration, Communication, Bash, Backbone.js, AWS, Aurelia, AngularJS, Angular, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AJAX