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FreelanceJanuary 2021 - Présent

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FitbitJanuary 2018 - January 2020

Worked on the Typescript part of a rapid prototyping platform. The project included several BE services written in Node and an SDK, both written in Typescript. A whole tab of Fitbit's app relies on this.

Some activity highlights:
- participated in all the design meetings for our SDK components. This included writing design docs for the SDK's
components together with our mobile teams, our product manager and our SDK clients.
- from the onset, I fought hard for the improvement of our test quality and coverage, as this wasn't a focus at all before.
Joined the project when it was at 30%, left it at ~80%
- fought for a serious code review process in the team (it was loosely enforced before and had no guidelines)
 - proposed and created a common UI elements library, to be reused between FE projects on our platform. (part of the whole thing ran in an in-app browser, so we had lots of FE)
- designed, built, documented, wrote tutorials and held trainings on the whole internationalization / translation flow built for the apps consuming our SDK. The whole i18n process was largely automated, using Jenkins pipelines.
- pushed hard for improving our documentation
- proactively wrote our first emergency guides (step-by-step guides on what to do and where to look for information when things crash)
- proactively wrote our newbie's guide and step-by-step tutorial to building your first app with our SDK (yes, this was inexistent at the time)
- advocated ending official internal support for JS (as our SDK was written in TS), but this was met with a lot of resistance, especially from the contracting teams that built the apps on top of our SDK. The newbie tutorial I wrote also included steps to migrate from TS. Had some success in this, as the main internal team that used our SDK built a prototype of a project using TS before I left
- pushed for improving our debugging and troubleshooting tools. Proactively built several debugging and helper scripts for our projects
Technologies: Typescript, NodeJS, React, Cassandra, Kafka, Thrift, Jenkins (learned a bit of Groovy on the go)

Other duties:
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OwnzonesJanuary 2016 - January 2018

Since its early stages, I worked on one of the first cloud media logistics and transcoding platforms in the world and the company's flagship product.
This was featured in Amazon's 2017 re:Invent conference ( v=O0c0m_0vlU8)

Other work:
- white label websites that we sold to our customers; essentially Netflix clones
- had complete ownership over our Chromecast apps and some APIs. We built a microservices-based architecture hosted on AWS. We used continuous delivery and had a comprehensive, end-to-end, cloud tests suite (80%+ code coverage with minimal mocking).
Technologies used :
Backend: NodeJS (started with vanilla, migrated to Typescript) + Koa and Express, Jest, Sequelize.JS and raw
PostgreSQL, GraphQL, CircleCI, PM2, AWS SQS, S3, EC2, RabbitMQ (switched to SQS later on).
Frontend: React + Redux (ES6. Isomorphic apps, i.e. used the same code to render both on server and client and assure the smooth transition between them), AngularJS 1.x Misc: Chromecast API, IBM Aspera
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Unicredit Business Integrated SolutionsJanuary 2015 - January 2016

Worked on an Internal CRM project used in all of Unicredit's CEE branches.

Technologies used : AngularJS, Bootstrap, CSS (and Sass), Git.
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Ultragrup SolutionsJanuary 2014 - January 2015

Some of the projects I worked on:
GPS tracking system
Designed and built the prototype for this.
The client was the owner of a truck fleet used for Europe-wide logistics services. They wanted to be able to monitor the position of the company's trucks within a 5 minutes tolerance. Built the PoC on my own, which included, FE, BE and a mobile app.
Damage reporting system for an insurance company
Designed and built the PoC for this. It included a mobile app for company clients and a website for admin work.
The app was comprised of a client authentication module, a series of forms and a photo taking option which were to be sent to a REST service.
The website consisted of a series of web pages containing different grids that showed information regarding the customers and reported/solved incidents.
The app user selected the type of damage to be reported (car or house incident), then they would fill out the application's form, take some pictures of the incident and send the data to the server, after which an operator would contact them.
Controller for a real estate website
Ported a static website to Wordpress, making it dynamic, adding pagination, API integrations to it, etc. The API we were consuming stored everything in XML's, not actual databases, which translated to 10-15s query times. Pushed for the dev team that managed that to migrate to MySQL. 
Bug fixing on their old app (built using jQuery Mobile). Since jQM had very poor performance in displaying long lists of items at the time, I proposed and worked on a complete rewrite of it, using the Ionic Framework. 
Technologies : PHP, Wordpress, Bootstrap 1, Angular 1.x, NodeJS, jQuery, jQuery mobile, Phonegap, Ionic Framework, various external API's

Mes compétences

XML, WordPress, TypeScript, Troubleshooting, Sass, React.js, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, PhoneGap, Node.js, MySQL, jQuery, Jest, Jenkins, Groovy, GraphQL, Git, Debugging, Continuous Delivery, Bootstrap, API, Apache Kafka, AngularJS