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Fresh CloudJune 2016 - October 2019

- Accomplishments in:
• Developed 5+ automated software which manage infrastructure without human intervention on top of Kubernetes.
• Improved the performance of 15+ web sites so increased the speed by 120% with best quality in time.
• Planned, designed, developed, tested, reviewed and maintained 10+ web applications with MERN, MEVN stacks.
• Resolved 100+ critical bugs which deployed in time, so saved over 10k$ by updating functional software testing.
• Provide thought leadership to the 5+ team around new approaches, workflows and technologies.
• Upgraded and configuration of the 100% fully automated CI/CD lifecycle for the business critical single page application resulting in 5x reduction average deployment time.
• Achieved 8+ projects according to the latest in Cloud and web technologies such as Node, React, RoR, Typescript, GraphQL, Webpack, and AWS.
• Developed 100+ drafted CSS templates for all pages in web app.
• Launched the 10+ React.js, Angular2+ and Vue.js web applications developed for the directed clients with best quality.
• Implemented 1k+ communicated apis using axios and fetch for the business,provided critical connectivity channel and increase system cohesion keeping manageable code complexity by 120%.
• Improved pioneered management for 2k+ directed and recommended customers.
• Innovated handling 4+ full-stack programming tasks for the development, business-critical single page application utilizing ETL, FCM and Haml.
• Resolved 100+ bugs which deployed in time, so saved 8k$ by updating functional software testing.

- Major Projects
• http://vlg-metall.ru/ (Node.js, React.js, Socket.io, Role as a full-stack developer)
• https://rafreedom.ru/ (Node.js, Express.js, Ember.js, Role as full-stack developer )
• http://shivyog-v2-staging.herokuapp.com/ (RoR, Socket.io, React.js, Role as full-stack developer)
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ITraceSeptember 2014 - January 2016

- Accomplishments include:
• Strengthened focus 100% web applications on performance, usability, and up-to-date practices.
• Implemented 300+ complicated RESTful APIs and integrated to front-end elements.
• Managed the 10+ databases, controlled 1k+ tables, consulted SQL queries with Sequelize and Knex.
• Launched the 10+ MERN, MEVN, MEAN stacks web applications on Azure Services.
• Integrated with 20+ third-party services and external APIs as a part of implementation of the high-profile single page application.
• Implemented of the 99.99 % up-time REST API for the critical progressive web application.
• Generated and deployed 30+ applications, about designing, deploying, scalable and fault tolerant systems using AWS and Azure.
• Completed with business requirements to develop 10+ app to the company.
• Planned, developed, tested 5+ web app with workflow tools and deployed, reviewed and maintained applications.
• Designed and resolved 100+ advanced features of client's requirements.
• Cooperated in the architect, with 5 node.js development of the application.
• Revitalized established the development, maintenance of 210+ reusable and advanced components.
• Implemented the react-redux for over 90% web applications in front-end field, created reducers.
• Strengthened focus 100% web applications on performance, usability, and up-to-date practices.

-Major Projects
• https://www.thefork.com.co/restaurantes/medellin-c668681 (Node.js, React.js, Role as a fullstack developer)
• https://rucice.rs/ (Role as a full-stack Node-React developer, 2015~2016)

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