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Nemanja V.


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8 ans

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  • Superior technical skills
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Faculty of Technical Sciences CacakOctober 2017 - Présent

Help with organizing IT at Faculty of Technical Sciences Cacak. Help with organizing teaching for subjects:
- Software Engineering (Git, SCRUM, .NET, Desktop, Web, Mobile, Regex, Design Patterns, Unit testing...)
- Web Technologies (jQuery, Bootstrap, Typescript...)
- Contemporary Software Architectures (.NET WebApi 2, Angular 2+)

Participation in United Nation and Government of Republic of Serbia project to implement retraining of students from another areas of labor (teaching Bootstrap 4, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular 6...)
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Faculty of Technical SciencesApril 2018 - Présent

Čačak, Instructor on course "Development of web applications`` organized by United Nations in cooperation with Government of Republic of Serbia in order to implement prequalification of students from other areas of labor. Teaching Bootstrap 4, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular
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Comtrade ČačakJanuary 2015 - Présent

Started at January 2015, working at Comtrade and my work is based on development
and maintenance of web applications mostly based on Microsoft .NET and Angular
technology. My current project is business application that is called Purchasing order (for
purchasing purposes, we named it Plutus). I am also leading a two students (internship)
in development of SharePoint Framework + Angular 5 applications (web parts). I worked
a little on development, maintenance and support of internal SharePoint portal,
development of B2B portal and development of Dashboard business application. I also
work on a few smaller projects. Main projects:
1. Purchasing order application for purchasing computer hardware (development): .NET,
WebApi, C#, MS SQL, Angular 4 + TypeScript
2. B2B portal of Comtrade – wholesale of computers and equipment (development and
maintenance): ASP.NET (Web Forms), MSSQL, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, AngularJS...
3. SharePoint internal employee portal of Comtrade (development and maintenance):
migration from SP2010 to SP2013 and to SP2016, development of full responsive
master pages, development of few .NET, and AngularJS (jQuery) solutions(wsp) and
applications for SharePoint. Using new SharePoint Framework with Angular to build web
4. Dashboard application for managing projects and resources (development): ASP.NET
(Web Forms), WebApi, AngularJS, MSSQL, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery...
5. Daily report application for inserting employee’s effort and other elements like
business trip or absence (.NET, WebApi, C#, MS SQL, AngularJS + TypeScript)
6. Absence Manager application for handling absences of employees (.NET Core 2
WebApi + Entity Framework + oData, Angular 7, MS SQL)
7. B2B Microsoft CSP integration – integration of data from Microsoft Cloud Service
Provider for Comtrade’s B2B web shop (.NET Core WebAPI + oData, MS SQL, Angular
8. B2B web shop (.NET Core 3 + Angular 8, planned: ML.NET) – started a month ago
Since April 2017 I became PM (Project Manager) and Technical Lead for Purchase
Order - Plutus project (1) where I’m leading team of 3-7 people in order to finish this
project as soon as possible.
Comtrade Company opened office in Čačak town in May 2017. Since January 2019
I became Location Manager responsible for managing people on a different
projects, managing location activities (meetups, staff meetings, maintenance of
location...) and managing company’s external connection with other companies,
universities and other institutions.
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PurchaseApril 2017 - April 2017

Order - Plutus project (1) where I'm leading team of 3-7 people in order to finish this project as soon as possible.
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Comtrade IT Solutions and Services d.o.o.October 2014 - January 2015

Working on B2B Comtrade portal for selling computer equipment

I worked with Nancy framework on an internal project in big company.

Mes compétences

XML, XAML, WinForms, Windows Server, Windows Forms, Unit testing, TypeScript, SQL, SourceTree, Software Engineering, SignalR, Project Management, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle, Odata, MySQL, MVVM, MVC, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Location Manager, Linux, JSON, Jscript, jQuery, JavaScript, Java, HTML5, HTML, Git, Entity Framework, Eclipse IDE, Database Design, C++, C#, Bootstrap, Azure, ASP.NET Web API 2, AngularJS, Angular, Android, Adobe Photoshop, .NET