Lee Tze Y.

Full Stack Developer

460 dollar

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Deloitte FranceJune 2018 - November 2018

Cross-functional job scope of Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Full-Stack engineer, DevOps.

- Analyzed elastic stack (search engines) usability for the eDiscovery team.
- Analyzed cryptocurrency compliance analytics for KYC/AML services.
- Built risk scoring model for scoring GL entries for fraud, based on the CART Adaboosted Extra Trees classifier algorithm. It was successfully applied in an integrity due diligence project in Morocco, and was subsequently deployed as a self-serve analytics tool, and standalone flask server.
- Developed PoC webapp for monitoring group-wide litigation claims as a SaaS tool.
- Performed text analysis on annual reports on the CAC40 French companies using NLP techniques to analyze accounting provisions for litigation.
- Managed the team's documentation generation infrastructure (doc gen with sphinx), CI/CD on Gitlab, automated testing for all code written, python task automation scripts to automate builds and deployments.
- Provided job requirements for positions that would replace what me, and reviewed prospective hires provided by HR. Participated in an interview for a prospective hire for a data engineer/scientist role.

Scikit-learn, nltk, SpaCy, textract, pdfminer, kibana, elasticsearch, docker, docker-compose, fabric/invoke, ReactJS, bootstrap, jest, puppeteer, Flask, py.test, selenium, sphinx

PwC SingaporeAugust 2016 - September 2016

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PwC SingaporeMarch 2016 - September 2016

Developed automation solutions for internal use, saving hundreds of man hours for the firm through the 8
projects undertaken in total. Created an Access-based PIC (tax credits) app for data cleaning and report
generation. Built a Sharepoint-based 3-tier invoice approval app used firm-wide, with dashboards for end-users
and administrators. Directed other interns as Project Lead for developing Sharepoint Apps Provided SharePoint
and Access training to perm staff. VBA Developer for Excel-based form-filling application for data validation and

Mes compétences


React Native


Team management, Web Design, Data analysis, Kibana, Analytics

Software testing


Analysis methods and tools

DevOps, Selenium


MongoDB, SQLite


REST, Django

Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel


ES6, JavaScript, Elixir, VBA, TypeScript, Python, SQL, Ruby, Go


SharePoint, Scrapy, ElasticSearch


REACTJS, React, Automatic Testing, Back End, Front End, Full Stack, Microsoft Transact-SQL, Python Programming, VBA Developer, Temporary Assistant - Individual Tax Business Unit, chimp

Mes études et formations

- Licenses & Certifications

Bachelors Degree, Accountancy - Singapore Management University2016 - 2020