Jimenez P.


410 dollar
15 ans
Barcelona, SPAIN

Mon expérience

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FreelanceSeptember 2013 - Présent

Involved in small projects in the technologies:

JavaScript, node.js, MongoDB, NoSQL, REST Apis, Responsive, BootStrap, Design Patterns, Php 5.4, Symfony 2, MySql, SEO, Doctrine 2, CSS 3, Information Architecture, Software Architecture, Ajax, Cache, Web Services, Parsing, Crawling, XPath, XML, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular.js, Underscore, LoDash, UML2, Data Base Design, Google Chrome Extensions, etc
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Fuckémon AppAugust 2016 - Présent

Ideation, design and development of every part of Fuckémon App (http://fuckemonapp.com).

Technologies used: Node.js, Socket.io, REST API, Mocha, Selenium, Cordova, MongoDB, jQuery Mobile, Gulp, Stylus, Responsive Layouts, Lean Development, etc

Now porting it to React Native.
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FreelanceDecember 2018 - Présent

Realtime App, functional programming, monads, lodash.fp, deepstream, RxJS, React, Mobx, Reactive, Video and Audio Streaming, Audio Web API, Video and Audio capturing.
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MVP HunterDecember 2017 - Présent

Young sport talents showcase, image rights marketplace.
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Redbooth, Inc.February 2017 - February 2018

Web development of realtime Javascript's ES6 and React/Redux application. Porting from Marionette to React. Very interesting heavy DOM use challenges.

Toro Development Ltd.June 2015 - January 2016

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1 Person Startup - wizco.esSeptember 2014 - February 2015

I’m always having ideas and for the last one I decided to use it as an excuse to learn best technologies for any web startup, so i took my time to learn well:

JavaScript – HTTP - Node.js – MongoDB – Cordova/PhoneGap – Angular - Responsive

Due to the nature of today’s projects, which have two UX targets (mobile and web as minimum) the best approach was to make a simple but very scallable API architecture.

So i’ve been specializing myself in async and functional programming, which i find really dynamic efficient and exciting, specially for high concurrency and real time apps, the kind of projects that i’d love to work in!.

Besides the technical aspect, i’ve been reading and learning a lot about the lean startup methodologie which lets you discover the product in a tiny iterations of this steps:

Idea – >MVP of the idea/feature -> Test AB Production -> Analytics -> Learn and Redisign.

This method is useful not only for startups but any new feature you wanna add to your project.

Now, i’m a Lean Evangelist!

This project let me learn and practice all aspects involved in the creation of any web based startup, technologies, product and business aspects.

SEO, Lean Analytics, Tests AB, Funnels, Node.js, Cordova, API Architecture, Angular, BootStrap, Responsiveness and many more.
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EverybodyCarSeptember 2012 - September 2013

As the CTO of everybodycar.com (social car buying portal) I was responsible of which technologies to use, who to contract to extend the team, to manage it, and to plan and choose the best approaches to every little challenge and feature using an adapted scrum and kanban methodologie.

The thing i feel more proud of is the matcher i developed, which, in javascript and phantom.js scrapped the most important car web portals (coches.net, autoscaut, etc) and with a system of sinonims for every brand, model and feature the app could detect which were the same model car and compared the prices of them, so everybodycar.com could make an automatic offer to their users, so it was a kind of primitive machine learning.

CTO, Product Manager and Analyst. PHP 5.3, Design Patterns, Symfony2, MySql, SEO, Doctrine, CSS 3, Information Architecture, Ajax, Web Services, Parsing, Crawling, XPath, XML, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular.js, Underscore, UML2, Data Base Design, Ajax, Software Architecture, MVC
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FreelanceAugust 2011 - September 2012

Now i'm designing and developing a Social Network by my own (and friend's help) based on PHP5-Symfony 2, Doctrine 2, MooTools, HTML5, CSS3.
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Network Centric SolutionsJune 2007 - March 2011

Design and development of very dynamic intranets in ASP.NET C# and VB

During this period I embraced the Desgin Patterns and QA and learned a lot from my boss.
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Mobile One2OneJanuary 2011 - January 2011

Intranet in Symfony 2 and Doctrine 2
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Mobile Dreams FactoryJanuary 2011 - January 2011

PHP5 and IPhone comunication via REST Web Services.

Planet MediaJanuary 2011 - January 2011

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VO ConsultingSeptember 2007 - July 2008

Several applications in php and .NET C#, other technologies used: SharePoint 2007, Web Parts, JAVA, Web Services, XML, Transact SQL, AJAX, SQL Server 2008, PhotoShop CS3, Fireworks CS3.

Mes compétences

XPath, XML, WebRTC, WebGL, Web Services, Web development, Web Design, Visual Basic, Vim, Unity 3D, Underscore.js, UML 2.0, Transact-SQL, Symfony2, Symfony, Stylus, SQL Server 2008, Socket.IO, Social Networking, SharePoint 2007, SharePoint, SEO, Selenium, Scrum, RxJS, Rest Web Services, REST API, REST, Redux, Reactive programming, React.js, React Native, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.3, PHP 5, PHP, PhoneGap, PhantomJS, NoSQL, Node.js, MySQL, MVC, MooTools, MongoDB, Mocha, MobX, Microservices, LoDash, Leadership, Kanban, jQuery, JavaScript, HTTP, HTML5, Gulp, Google Analytics, Game development, Functional Programming, Fireworks, Firebase, Express.js, Express, DOM, Doctrine 2, Doctrine, Design Patterns, Database Design, CSS3, CSS, CouchDB, C#, Bootstrap, AWS, ASP.NET, API, AngularJS, Analytics, AJAX, Agile Methodology, A/B Testing