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Ashkan Z.


99 dollar
14 ans
Istanbul, TURKEY

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IT ConsultisJanuary 2019 - Présent

(before Inhouse but currently Remote Based )

About The company: IT Consultis is a digital agency in Shanghai, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City strongly committed to researching, creating and executing the best digital solutions.

* Responsible for providing and implementing backend services on various frameworks, mostly
based on larval, Symfony, Yii 2 (PHP frameworks ) and Django (Python framework)

* Responsible to develop, improve and optimize in-house enterprise integration tools
(microservices as RESTful APIs) to support data integrations & migration.

* Understanding the business requirements and converting them into application.

* Responsible for leading multiple projects integrated with Mobile Application like Wechat mini
program and Android app through Web-Services and providing Client features based on new technologies .

* Using multiple UI technologies such as React Js,Vuejs,Jquery,Javascript,Sass,less.

* Using Docker for multiple services.

* Using Rest API as Main Web Services for mobile application (We Chat mini-programing ) in
various applications.

* Designing and implementing DB structures, mostly based on Mysql, Postgresql.

* Troubleshooting any issues, foreseeing and addressing potential problems proactively.

Used Technology & Languages

* PHP 7+ , Python 3+ ,Javascript ES6

* Laravel, YII2, Symfony,Django

* Vuejs, React,Nova Admin Dashboard,WebGl, ThreeJs

* MySQL 5.7 , PostgreSQL

* Docker, Redis, RabbitMQ , Memcached

* ElasticSearch

* Firebase Realtime Database

* Google Cloud MySQL

* Bootstrap,Twitter,XML, JSON, AJAX,HTML5,CSS3,SCSS,SASS

* GitLab
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FulfillmentJune 2018 - December 2018

Company: 4 elements gruppe Germany Hamburg ( Remote Based )

service provider logistics
Integrating AWS Amazon web service marketplace to applications that belong to a company warehouse in order to check if the product is available or not.
Deal with daily requests from line managers in order to implement new features based on client requests.
Creating Server-API to check the amount of product and also shipment payment and finding the distance to the customer are using google api.
Creating API to send the product to customers with data entry in third party software (Invoice,Orders ,logs ext....).


PHP 7+ GuzzleHttp,, Redis, RabbitMQ

CakePHP CronJob , Bash scripting
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HiWEBMarch 2015 - June 2018

About The company: Hiweb has been active as one of Private Access Provider (PAP) and Internet Provider companies since 2003 in IRAN.

Worked on monitoring 3G,4G Networks (includes
Routers,Switches,BTS,Radio Microwaves ) Software, in Backend
Using Java and python with technologies such as SNMP4G,SSH
PASS,TELNET,SOAP API,REST API and in Frontend using PHP, javascript (ReactJs and Easyui) and database PostgreSQL,MongoDB
and Web Server is Nginx.
Provided network performance statistical reports for both real-time and historical measurements using Apache Spark with Java API.
Automate tasks using Python and Java and send data to a clustering database (MySQL).
Designed and developed applications (CRM) using Python with
Django framework on Apache (mod_wsgi) , and frontend using
JavaScript, AJAX,bootstrap,Google map API,Push notification
API,HTML and template languages.
Developed CMS for Ticketing System based on Spring Boot(Java)
with MySQL and Tomcat Web Server with more than 120,000 Users.
Developing Modules for Zabbix System monitoring (Python,PHP).
Developed Small Application and Experienced in Image processing using (OpenCv,Object detections ,Dlib library) for Data center
Experienced in web scraping using webdriver Firefox ,PhantomJS
(selenium,XPath,Css Path,Css selector) with Python .
Managed a small team of programmers using a modified version of the agile methodology Kanban Also using Jira as task management.
Trained junior members of the IT team regarding developing


Java 8,11 Cisco (switch and Router) Mikrotik Router

Spring Boot 2.2.4, JPA , Hibernate CronJob , Bash scripting

MySQL 5.7 , MongoDB 4.0 GitLab

Tomcat Web-Server Redis, Docker

Nginx as Load Balancer
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DiamondFebruary 2011 - March 2015

About The company: Private software provider company responsible for developing accounting software.

Worked on varied aspects of application development including requirement analysis, design, implementation, and testing and provide enterprise and embedded solutions using Java and Spring
Boot framework using MVC,IOC, DAO, JDBC,Tomcat 7, Transaction, Validation, Annotation, JSON,XML, Maven and Junit Test
Worked with project managers for designing,developing .and implementing features like search,filter,web services on company
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Department of Information and technologyFebruary 2012 - March 2015

Sharif University Of Technology Iran, Tehran ( Inhouse
Based )

About The company: Department of Information and technology of university responsible for R&D,innovation and developing software and systems.

* Worked on varied aspects of application development including requirement analysis, design,
implementation, and testing and provide enterprise and embedded solutions using Java and Spring
Boot framework using MVC, IOC,AOP, DAO, JDBC,Tomcat 7, Transaction, Validation, Annotation, JSON, XML, Maven and Junit Test.

* Worked with JS,JSF, JSP, HTML,CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery to design and develop interactive user
interfaces and HMI (Human Machine Interface) for real-time data monitoring and interactions.

* Using Spring With Hibernate ORM and JPA.

* Implemented database designs and data models (MySQL , PostgreSQL).

* Created Bash scripts , stored procedure and triggers to process data for integration and

* Developed RESTful web services with Java (Jersey / JAX-RS)

* Tested programs and databases With Java and Python and made necessary modifications .

* Creating and designing Model in mysql,PostgreSQL and optimizing for high performance queries
per second with Partitioning and multiple indexing.

* Developing our implementation with TDD and Writing tests and Refactoring.

Used Technology & Languages

* Java 8,11

* Spring Boot 2.2.4, JPA , Hibernate

* MySQL 5.7 , MongoDB 4.0,PostgreSQL

* Redis, Docker

* Tomcat Web-Server

* Nginx as Load Balancer
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Pars DiamondFebruary 2009 - January 2012

About The company: Private software provider company responsible for developing accounting software.

* Worked with project managers for designing,developing and implementing features like
search,filter,web services on company CRM that was based on Python.

* Reviewed Other members codes and debugged errors to improve performance.

* Collaborated with clients from concept through final delivery of product or service.

* Converted Other Api dataSet into HTML, JavaScript, AJAX and JSON for dashboard.

* Provided documentation for our sources code and troubleshooting of processes to other staff.

* Working with JQuery Charts and plugins for Dashboard.

Used Technology & Languages

* Python 2.7

* OpenCv, Dlib

* WebDriver - Selenium ,Web scrapy Using Css path,xpath ,geckodriver

* Nginx and Apache Http server

Mes compétences

Zabbix, Yii Framework, XPath, XML, VPN, Twitter, Troubleshooting, Telnet, Teamwork, Symfony, Spring Boot, Spark, SOAP API, Selenium, SCSS, Sass, RESTful, REST API, Requirements Analysis, Redis, React.js, RabbitMQ, R&D, Problem Solving, PostgreSQL, PHP 7.2, PhantomJS, OpenCV, Nginx, MySQL 5.7, MySQL, MVC, MongoDB, Linux, Laravel 5, Laravel, Kanban, JUnit, JSON, Jscript, jQuery, JPA, JDBC, JAX-RS, JavaServer Faces, JavaScript, JAVA 1.8, Java, IoC, Image Processing, HTML5, HTML, Hibernate, GitHub, Git, FTP, ElasticSearch, Docker, Django, Design, Cisco Switches/Routers, CakePHP, Bootstrap, API, Apache Web Server, Apache Maven, Android, AJAX, Agile Methodology