Gary R.

Full Stack Developer

1245 dollar
18 ans

Mon expérience

RBC Capital MarketsApril 2017 - Présent

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SkyJanuary 2016 - March 2017

Connect the client’s customers to the richest media offering by providing the most engaging and tailored digital experience.
Use the latest technologies to give customers the best experience across multiple devices
Be analytical, big data driven and an able communicator in a team that shares code and ideas to build a broad collaborative culture
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SmartFocusJune 2015 - December 2015


Worked on a Drag and Drop email editor written in React.js
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YourGolfTravelDecember 2014 - May 2015

Introduced a front end static asset build chain for building responsive pages that work on both mobile and desktop browsers using webpack, sass, and react and deploying to Google Cloud Storage
Built new responsive search frontend (
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Freelancer.comFebruary 2010 - November 2014

Director of Growth Engineering
Achievements:Worked with a distributed team of engineers with a focus on fast iteration and working collaboratively with data scientists, designers and product managers to improve core funnels by running A/B tests, Resulting in 70 per sent YOY revenue growth.

Team lead on the warrior forum. ( a Top 200 ranking website globally. Designed and built (using Angular.js, MySQL, ElasticSearch and Python / Flask hosted in AWS) Warrior Payments in 3 months allowing forum members to buy and sell digital good.

Engineering Program Manager and Senior Software Engineer

Team lead on the dashboard news feed. ( where we built a Facebook like newsfeed utilizing backbone.js, python / flask, node.js and Sock.js, RabbitMQ, PHP and ElasticSearch hosted in AWS.
Team Lead on the Freelancer Contests feature ( where we built a platform for running design contests utilizing PHP, MySQL and Redis hosted in AWS.
Implemented the reputation system which ranks freelancers based on the earnings and ratings in Redis.
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Migrated dedicated servers to EC2
Migrated codebase from OsCommerce to the Zend Framework
Scaled database to 20,000,000 products
Implemented a collaborative filtering algorithm to recommend similar products
Implemented tools to manage the warehouse and inventory
Improved search functionality with Solr / Lucene
Wrote scripts to import stock and product feeds.
Setup a redundant Master / Master MySQL setup across dedicated servers in datacenters in Australia and New Zealand.
Tuned MySQL Queries and implemented performance enhancements to OsCommerce to cope with 1,000,000 products.
Added functionality to the website including a Sell Yours option, Coupon Codes
Optimized page load speeds to average lower than 1s with memcache.
Wrote an AI bot which ordered products from the best supplier (taking into account cost and delivery time) after customers purchased them from the website.

GentrackMay 2007 - February 2008

Mes compétences

IT Infrastructure

Amazon EC2, Git, Nginx, Linux


MySQL, CouchDB, PostGreSQL, Redis


AWS, React.js, Webpack.js

Environment of Development

Google Application Engine


jQuery, Zend Framework, Django, Node.js, Backbone.js, AJAX, AngularJS

Web Analysis and Statistic

Google Analytics

Analysis methods and tools

Responsive Design


Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Sass, SQL, HTML5, Python, PHP, CSS

Mes études et formations

- The University of Auckland - BE - Software2003 - 2006