Seraphina A.

Full Stack Developer

690 dollar
25 ans

Mon expérience

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Self-EmployedJuly 2015 - Présent

Working on a number of projects, including automation solutions for downloading and parsing pdf government documents, designing classification algortihms for renaming and allocating files to specific directories, and complex regular expressions for parsing unstructured data.

Solidifying my knowledge of the Python full stack - building REST APIs with Flask, MongoDB, PostGreSQL, and machine learning techniques including - regression, classification, clustering, association rule learning, reinforcement learning, natural language processing, deep learning, dimensionality reduction, linear discriminant analysis and model selection and boosting.
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SeraphinaOctober 1996 - Présent

Filming, Editing (visuals and audio), Composing, Writing, Animating, Drawing, Painting, Sculpting.
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Farming Online LtdMay 2019 - May 2019

Thailand Weekly Weather Update (Thai App) project front and back end.
Liaising one-on-one with the company directors and lead developer, to collate all relevant information critical for building the app – including expected behaviour for key endpoints, dropdown logic and Thai to English translation. Interpreting and wrangling in-house weather API for correlating with spray advice for farmers, to be output in user dashboard. Authentication for user registration and also the setting up of a static IP via NordVPN, which was necessary for connecting to the in-house API and server for deploying the application. Key technologies included Flask and PostgreSQL and AngularJS.
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Resolute Asset ManagementSeptember 2018 - March 2019

I am solely in charge of building complex and powerful software for the purpose of mining property from around the world to generate massive datasets. Tackling engineering problems such as concurrency and parallelism for dramatically speeding up processing is a key aspect to my work. In addition to software engineering, I apply informal natural language processing - using xpaths and regular expressions for capturing the data. The company is international, and my code is required to handle a rich variety of languages and alphabets, including Arabic, Greek and obviously the Roman Alphabet. My specialism has been Python development, but I am also in the process of transitioning to using Golang - with the aim of further optimising performance and speed.

Other responsibilities include dockerizing code, running the data mining software, publishing documentation for team usage on GitHub, running tests on software performance, and checking for any security leaks.
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John Snow LabsJanuary 2016 - April 2016

Contract. Building Scrapy and Python scripts for harvesting blacklists. Researching cyber security related data, and curating datasets.
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Friday Media GroupApril 2013 - July 2015

Building robots to harvest data on client’s websites. Debugging. Updating snippets and new robot models. Checking the backend of FMG sites for live data. An excellent grasp of regular expressions, an intuition for patterns and an aptitude for interpreting the structure of HTML, to find optimal methods for scraping data. Knowledge of databases on Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Data-mapping- using the Kapow Mapping tool, or searching for related terms by hand online

Mes compétences


Regular Expressions, Data Researcher, Arabic, Go programming language, Full Stack, Python Developer, Analyst/Programmer, Model selection, Masters Degree, Consultant, Python Programming, English, junior developer, Natural Language Processing, Lead developer, Greek, Back End, Cyber Security Analyst, linear discriminant analysis, Microsoft SQL Server Management, Romanian, Indian > Sanskrit, Hebrew, Artist filmmaker, Full Stack Python Developer


MongoDB, PostGreSQL




GitHub, Data Science

Software testing



Software Engineering, REST API, Flask, Machine Learning

Big Data

Data Mining


JavaScript, CSS, Python, HTML5, C/C++, HTML

Mes études et formations

Bachelors Degree, Mathematics - The Open University2009 - 2017

Masters Degree - Royal College of Art2003 - 2005

Bachelors Degree, Fine Art Film - University of the Arts1997 - 2000