Loran M.

Full Stack Developer


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GoustoOctobre 2018 - Présent

* In squad Parsnips (Supply Tribe)
* Squad agile champion
* Tech team events (Event Avocados) champion
* Planned and led refinements and retrospectives
* Planned team capacity, tracked metrics
* Ran and evaluated experiments to increase velocity and reduce cycle time
* Planned and iteratively delivered migrations from legacy monolith to microservices
* Changed source of truth to new microservice
* Implemented messaging to decouple microservice
* Aligned squad on preventing circular messaging loops
* Aligned with Data Science on ways to pull data
Gousto is a recipe box company, delivering all ingredients in the exact amounts.
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Royal TechnologyJanvier 2015 - Présent

* Forged successful relationships with clients
* Discussed their needs and planned implementations
* Built projects with an agile-driven approach
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Amara Living LtdJuillet 2016 - Octobre 2018

* Delivered core-repository features, optimisations, fixes and implementations
* Planning systems architecture changes for future scaling
* Brought VarCon to PHP
* Delivered key Symfony1 to Symfony2 migrations
* Proposed new marketing channel - chat bots
* Proposed an interdepartment work&bond scheme
* Proposed work-on-something-of-your-choice Friday afternoons
* Bonus: Successfully led christmas decorations - ask me about the BUG! button

Amara Living is a premium home-fashion retailer and as of recently - also a brand of its own. A by Amara is among the newest names in the home fashion industry, and is also one of the best performing brands on the website.
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ComposityJanvier 2014 - Juillet 2016

* Delivered features for the company's core products
* Planned and executed incremental architectural changes
* Introduced the company to peer code reviewing
* Introduced the company to best agile practices
* Introduced and implemented a simpler design and UX for the back office
* Proposed migration from Angular to React to create a true mobile experience

Composity has a variety of interconnected business tools for SMEs, including CRM, Invoicing, eCommerce, Inventory tracking, and more. The products are integrated, but can work separately as well.

Mes compétences


PHP, JavaScript, MVC, OOP, CSS, SQL, Go, HTML5, C++, HTML, XHTML, XML, Golang, C#, CSS3




UI Design, Social Networking, Social Media, Project Management, SEO, Marketing, Market research, UX Design, Software Design, Digital Marketing, Web Design, UX


WordPress, Laravel, Symfony, jQuery, AJAX, REST, Redux

Mes études et formations

Bachelor of Science, Business Information Systems - Cardiff Metropolitan University2011 - 2014

Bachelor of Science, Business Information Systems - Varna University of Management2011 - 2014

Erasmus Programme - University College Birmingham2013 - 2013