Mohammed H.


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4 ans

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BrandmoversMay 2019 - July 2019

* Digital agency specializing in digital promotions and loyalty programmes.

* Tech stack – Laravel + MYSQL, Gulp, Sass and Angular

* Agile environment and daily stand-up meetings with the development team and project managers.

* Collaborating with the development team via BitBucket and other platforms to deliver projects in a timely manner.

* Building promotion campaigns for quality brands like Mastercard, Nestle and Lego.
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International Centre for Parliamentary StudiesJuly 2018 - April 2019

* Organization delivers training programmes domestically and internationally focused on promoting good governance and public reform.

* Tech stack – MYSQL + Symfony, Zend, Codeigniter, Wordpress, Laravel, React, Sass, Linux and DevOps.

* Responsible for all aspects of publicly available services and domains as well as in-house systems, this includes, Multi Multi-Functional Booking Systems, Multi Case based Mailshot Systems, Multi- Functional Content Management System, Analytics as well as 138+ live websites.

* Collaborating with department heads to develop an understanding of the business and its values in order to upgrade existing platforms into complete tailored products designed to accommodate solutions.

* Managing IT department internally and externally across all international offices.

* Constantly looking to improve systems to automate complex and time consuming tasks for users with best UX practices in place.

* Monitoring systems 24/7 and providing tech support organization wide, while ensuring quality and quantity control.

* Developing extensive knowledge of multiple types of systems and networks including phone systems.

* Exceeded performance expectations in regards to maintaining and developing, current and new systems while reactively and proactively providing tech support, aiming to ensure the best outcome in terms of team productivity.
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FreelanceApril 2018 - July 2018

* Scoped client projects with best practices at the forefront of the initiative.

* Liaising with clients in achieving pre-defined goals.

* Refining live systems and injecting functional and feature-rich micro systems adhering to client’s needs while maintaining product scalability.
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Esolved MSC Sdn BhdAugust 2017 - March 2018

* E-Commerce Solutions firm catering for all sellers needs across multiple platforms, offering complete customization.

* Tech stack – Coldfusion (Lucee framework) + MYSQL & Javascript

* Exposure to well-established frameworks/languages and tools used in-house and rapidly acquiring proficiency in them.

* Partaking in deadline driven customer support solutions.

* Efficiently solving problems and tasks by developing adequate snippets of re-usable code.

* Designing new features and customizations for existing clients, turning text into scalable widgets/templates.

* Integrating the company’s solution with multiple marketplaces, the likes of Amazon, eBay and Asia’s giants Lazada.

* Creating in-house systems through all departments with the intention of easing completion of routinely tasks.
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FreelanceNovember 2016 - March 2017

* Developed an Inventory System to accommodate client’s existing business with the intention of automating all repetitive processes as well as providing a complete Inventory and reporting solution.

* Created landing pages for businesses with complete customization.

* Designed a tasking system allowing the user to nest multiple task levels in various dimensions, eliminating complexity and outputting user friendly visual interpretations.
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Anglo World English Language CentreFebruary 2016 - October 2016

* Providing oral and written assessments, reports and references relating to individual students or groups of students.

* Communicating, consulting and co-operating with other staff members, including those with special responsibilities, and parents/guardians to ensure the best interest of students.
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Al Mansoori Production ServicesNovember 2014 - February 2016

* Ensured adequate safety precautions were taken prior to any job as safety comes first.

* Conducted short safety/tool box meetings with direct reports for relevant operation prior to its start.

* Assisted Senior Operators/Supervisors in performing daily maintenance as per maintenance manuals reflecting the same on records and maintained fruitful relations among all superiors, colleagues, and subordinates.

* Verified all equipment to be certified and operation ready. Reconfirmed the absence of visible damage/defects. In the event of damages occurring, a report was filed accordingly and the equipment was labelled appropriately.

* Inspected Quality File for the job prior to any operations and verified all related certificates, calibrations, load inspections, maintenance check list, and all other paper work were valid for the estimated duration of the operation.

* Certificates received include Basic First Aid, Chemical Hadling, Safe Lifting, H2S/BA Awareness, ADCO Safety Induction (On and Offshore) training and Opito T-Bosiet (Offshore Training).

Mes compétences

WordPress, Windows, Webpack, Vue.js, SQLite, SDLC, Sass, Redux, React.js, React Native, Python, PHP, Photoshop, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, MacOS, Linux, Laravel, JavaScript, Java, HTML5, HTML, Gulp, Git, FreeBSD, DevOps, CSS3, CSS, ColdFusion, CodeIgniter, Angular, Adobe ColdFusion 10