Jad E.

Full Stack Developer

690 dollar
8 ans

Mon expérience

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Somerton Sporting ClubAugust 2018 - Présent

* Set up infrastructure (source control, environments, CI).
* Created a team and mentored a junior Developer.
* Introduced Agile processes. Achieved client satisfaction and increased quality & speed to market.
* Worked closely with CEO to align strategies & lead effective buildout.
* Built a full-featured marketplace (including payments, chat, jobs scheduling & notifications).
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Beyond Scopes LimitedJuly 2018 - Présent

* Implemented redesign of a beauty e-shop. Client: MyShowcase.
* Maintained & implemented new features. Clients: Emolument, ReachX.
* Built a fantasy league MVP in record time. Client: Percival Media.
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GFIMay 2018 - July 2018

* Implemented Spring Boot web services for web app that visualizes a graph database.
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Emolument.comJune 2015 - May 2018

* Worked within a cross-functional team to continuously improve & adapt to changing business needs.
* Increased conversion rates & user satisfaction by redesigning UX & creating A/B tests.
* Improved site performance (db schema, query optimization, cache, design patterns, efficient API usage).
* Designed & implemented cost-saving solution using AWS Machine Learning.
* Implemented SEO strategy (content generation, URLs, sitemaps).
* Increased site's load capacity by 20 after running performance tests.
* Coded emails that are supported by major email clients & degrade gracefully.
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Robert HeathNovember 2013 - May 2015

* Managed integration of available web applications with Azure Active Directory.
* Worked individually and as part of a distributed team on developing ERP & CRM web apps.
* Improved the new call center app. Successfully released, on requested urgent basis, prior to agreed timeline.
* Created & delivered Jasper reports.

Mes compétences

Big Data

Big Data


Struts, AJAX, Bootstrap, Grails, jQuery



Analysis methods and tools

JIRA, Confluence, FindBugs, Selenium, Design Patterns, ORM, Junit


Machine Learning, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Freemarker

Open Source solutions

Apache OFBiz

Software testing

JMeter, SoapUI, Redmine, QUnit

IT Infrastructure

Git, WinSCP, Heroku

Business Intelligence





Groovy, JavaScript, XML, HTML, HTML5, CSS3, MVC, JAVA 8, Java

Environment of Development

Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ Idea


Data Access Object, Service Oriented Architecture, Java Software Developer, industry~engineering, Version Control, Tech Lead, Java Server Pages, English, French, Cascading Style Sheets, Arabic, Microsoft Access, Project Management & Support, Bachelors Degree > Bachelor of Engineering > Bachelor of Engineering Computer and Communication Engineering, a junior developer, ABET accredited, Struts Web Application Framework, Jakarta TOMCAT Servlet Engine, Consultant, Apache Subversion, FULL STACK DEVELOPER


MySQL, PostGreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server



Mes études et formations

ABET accredited - Lebanese American University2013 - 2013