Adil A.


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PRSJanuary 2019 - September 2019

Adil is part of an agile development team, developing and enhancing applications using C# WPF and Prism. This involves making significant use of JSON, SQL, WPF, MVVM, Telerik and multithreading. Azure SQL Server is used as a database where Adil was involved building tables and relationships, also involved with every aspect of the SDLC.
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SchrodersSeptember 2018 - December 2018

Adil was part of an agile development team, developing and enhancing applications using C#. This involved making significant use of Entity Framework, WPF, Telerik, also using BDD Specflow to define test cases. SQL Server was used as a database where Adil was involved building tables and relationships.
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CommerzbankSeptember 2017 - June 2018

Adil has developed an in-house data integration platform feeding Back Office, Regulatory Reporting services and downstream data sources and also a Trading Platform to Price Trades being created and executed. The role focused particularly on trader & business requirements in order to capture enhancements and new requirements for continued development of the trading platform. The environment was in FX & Commodities-Derivatives (Commodity swaps, Commodity Options, Commodity Forwards, Precious Metals, FX swaps, Commodity Swaption). Adil contributed extensive to enhancements using C#, SQL, EF, Unity, WPF, WinForms, WCF, Microservices, MSTest, MQ, MxML (for Murex), XML, JSON and DevExpress. Adil also ensured production issues were prioritised during day to day activities.
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NumerixJune 2016 - July 2017

Adil was required to work directly with clients to integrate and implement Numerix’s software, work with prospective clients, and contribute to software design of reusable customizations providing pricing and risk analytics. Adil worked to develop software in Java for clients building both RESTful and API and creating example applications and for demo. Adil also developed software in C#, Python, HTML and SQL to meet the clients’ needs, using JSON, XML, ActiveMQ, and web services (also in REST). This role required knowledge of FX and how to setup trades for pricing. Adil also setup and hosted the Numerix software suite in Azure, this required controlling Azure servers through PowerShell scripts and making use of Azure SQL.
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MarkitJune 2013 - May 2016

Adil’s main duties were to develop and enhance software written in VC++/C++, MFC, STL, Winforms, C#, and SQL Server on multiple concurrent development and integration projects for leading FX banks. Also to use APIs from various third parties such as writing a chromium interface using CEF3 provided by Google in C++ and C# which provided much needed HTML5 functionality. Also to create build scripts for various projects. Adil designed and built databases using SQL Server, worked to produce specs with business. Adil also built apps using the FIX protocol and also used Traiana’s TRML to connect to the Harmony Message Centre.
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Credit AgricoleSeptember 2007 - September 2012

Adil’s duties included design, develop and support of trading systems used by Murex traders, trading options and foreign exchange. All development was is in Windows C#, Winforms, WPF, Infragistics, XML, LINQ, VC++/C++, MFC, Linqpad JAVA, in a multithreaded environment, and SQL and using various Design Patterns such as Singleton, Abstract Factory, Facade, & Observer. This role involved working in a BAU development team.
• Technical Lead/Lead Developer for 3 offshore and 2 onshore developers
   • Every morning Adil would go through the workload of each offshore developer and would ensure they are working with minimal issues.
• Working closely with BAs agreeing functional specs and creating technical specs.
• Resolving production issues fast and accurately
• Providing technical and functional guidance to junior/mid-level developers and offshore teams.
• Working with and providing assistance for up & downstream systems such as Risk teams and other trading systems.
• Adil was tasked with the rewrite of FX-Trading application from C++ to C# using Infragistics as a GUI frontend using the MVC & MVP approach.
• Developing and maintaining services in WCF.
Disaster recovery systems were reviewed and implemented on periodic basis and releases were implemented at the end of each development cycle. This role required strong problem-solving skills.
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CommerzbankSeptember 2006 - September 2007

Adil’s responsibilities involved the development and enhancement of systems used by the Market Risk department. All applications are written in .NET (C#) developing multithreaded applications in C# Winforms, window services and web forms. Also, a significant amount development was done with MS SQL 2000 and Sybase which included writing and maintaining stored procedures, views, triggers, DTS packages and linked servers. Support work was undertaken in Javascript, VBScript, HTML to existing intranet sites at Commerzbank. Adil also worked with data feeds such as Summit, Midos, Bloomberg, and Lara that feed the Risk Applications.
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HeadStrongFebruary 2005 - September 2006

Working for Headstrong at the following client site - Merrill Lynch - Equity Finance Group – Adil’s responsibilities involved developing software for their Stock Loan trading application. This involved liaising with traders, BA’s and testers understanding business concepts and discussing possible solutions. Also, Adil developed feeds written in Pearl Script. Main duties undertaken were are to develop and enhance software written in VC++/C++, COM, MFC, STL, Winforms, C#, Sybase SQL (stored procedures and views), Javascript, VBScript, HTML,NET, Pearl Script (on UNIX), VB and Multithreading.
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EasyLinkApril 2004 - February 2005

Adil’s primary responsibilities included the ongoing development of a Fax to Email system in Visual C++, MFC, C++, C# (Winforms), Multithreading and Sybase SQL. Key aspects of the system include-
• Developing multithreaded network applications in C# using WinForms.
• Interfacing with Microsoft SMTP Server.
• Parsing SMTP messages to extract significant headers and attachments. This is achieved by the use of Microsoft CDO COM objects.
• Conversion of attachments into TIFF images, using standard applications driven by their Automation interfaces using COM.

Mes compétences

ZeroMQ, XSLT, XML, WPF, WinForms, Web API, WCF, Waterfall, VBScript, VBA, UNIX, Unity, UML, Test Driven Development (TDD), Telerik, Sybase, STL, SQL Server, SQL, SpecFlow, Scrum, REST, RabbitMQ, Python, NUnit, MVP, MVC, Multithreading, MSTest, MFC, Linux, LINQ, JSON, JavaScript, Java, Infragistics, HTML, Entity Framework 6, Entity Framework, DOM, DevExpress, Design Patterns, CSS, COM, C++, C#, BDD, Azure, ASP, Agile, ActiveX, ActiveMQ, .NET