Amir J.

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Campus Party UtrechtMay 2016 - Présent

• Attended a 3 day tech conference about upcoming technologies and their applications.
• Won £2500 investment at a business hackathon where I pitched a business idea using Virtual Reality to increase access to
meaningful experiences.

CourseraMarch 2018 - Présent

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BookeyFebruary 2019 - Présent

* Bookey is a mobile app that lets users meet new people in their area through book swaps. It is currently available on iOS and Android.
* I created the business model which I believe is very unique in how it is going to attract users with little initial investment.
* I taught myself how to make mobile apps using React Native, NodeJS, Firebase and MySQL and then developed the app
(back-end, front-end and designs).
* Made marketing materials and developed partnerships with local businesses to help spread the word. Currently have 300+ users.
* Designed and created the website ( using ReactJS, Firebase and NodeJS.

CourseraFebruary 2018 - Présent

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PSG & L’Ecole PolytechniqueMarch 2019 - April 2019

• Took part in a competition where I used Python and my data science skills to make predictions about the results of football
• Cleaned, analysed and visualised a large dataset (1.6 million records with over 50 variables) and then applied various
algorithms to make predictions e.g. Random Forrest, Gradient boosting algorithms, Logistic and Linear Regression.
• I learned a lot about working independently on a project and why planning out and making clean and efficient code is more
important than just coding the first solution that comes to your mind.
• Learned about the importance of implementing custom tests to ensure your program will notify you if there are any
unexpected results.
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Worldpanel - Expert Solutions teamApril 2018 - March 2019

* Clean, visualise and analyse large datasets to solve client problems regarding customer segmentations, market structures, competitors and new products.
* Innovation: identify and learn new techniques to solve analytics challenges and then present new solutions to the rest of the team.
* Predominantly used SAS, SQL, Python, R & MS Excel for projects.

Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport London, UK
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Personal Data Science ProjectNovember 2018 - January 2019

• Collected data from various sources to create an algorithm that determines how much individual football players should earn.
• Used SQL and Python to clean the data; create the algorithm and used the awesome Plotly library create stunning interactive
• Project can viewed at:

Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)September 2017 - April 2018

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Cancer Research UKJune 2017 - August 2017

* Created and presented a competitor analysis report with a focus on technology, social media and behavioural insights.

* Responsible for writing the weekly strategy E-bulletin which was sent out to 1500 people.
* Delivered training session to the strategy team about income generation for charities that I learned from past experience.
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UCLU Football clubSeptember 2014 - February 2017

* Organised training sessions and socials to bring the team closer together and create a stronger team ethic.
* Developed tactics to suit the personnel of our team, including playing three at the back.

Languages & Frameworks

Advanced: Python (Numpy, Pandas, Sklearn, Matplotlib), SQL, SAS

Intermediate: JavaScript (React Native, Redux , Node.JS)
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Enactus ConsultingSeptember 2015 - March 2016

* Founded the consulting arm of our social enterprise society.
* Set up 3 consulting projects by taking the initiative and networking with small business owners at entrepreneurs' events.
* Recruited 15 highly skilled students, delivered training sessions on sustainability, impact evaluation and adding value in consulting.
* Ensured sustainability of the team by recording the projects as case studies and hiring a new director to take the team forward.
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Enactus UCLOctober 2013 - September 2015

* Enactus is a student run social enterprise which tackles social problems as well as providing business support to businesses with a social impact.
* Oversaw 3 social projects to ensure they're making progress, gave regular training sessions to members and project leaders as well as mentoring project members on their project and career ambitions.
* Designed an assessment centre for our applicants by creating case studies to test their entrepreneurial and problem solving abilities.
* Developed partnerships with charities, social enterprises and consultancies.

Impact Hub WestminsterJune 2015 - September 2015

The Social Investment ConsultancyJune 2014 - September 2014

Frame AgainMay 2014 - June 2014

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Cambridge University Student Consultancy GroupJanuary 2014 - April 2014

• Selected to work in a team of 8 students to consult for a $2m venture backed silicon-valley firm.
• We had to research the best strategy for market penetration, where to enter the market and how to price the product.
• Explored different markets and assessed their viability and suitability for our client.
• I took the initiative by conducting interviews and surveys to collect my own data as their was very little available on the market in hand. I had to be creative to make recommendations on the small amount of data we had.
• Used the data I had collect to devise two different pricing strategies, based on the product itself and existing competitors
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UCL advancesOctober 2013 - January 2014

• Learnt about the importance of structuring and teamwork in consultancy and got a chance to implement these skills as we pitched to companies wanting to hire consultants. I became a consultant for an educational online platform.
• I primarily worked as the data analyst. I introduced them to Facebook Graph Search and analysed their online standing with Google Analytics. From this data, I made recommendations on markets they should enter, how they can alter their website to maximise engagement and strategic partners they should contact which could make a huge impact on their business. Alongside this I also used the data from GA to create a strategy for marketing on their social media pages.
• My role also included increasing the online presence of the business. This included planning and implementing an online competition. I also adapted what they posted on social media and increased their conversion rates from Facebook & LinkedIn.
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UCL AdvancesFebruary 2013 - March 2013

3 day bootcamp on enterprise, finance and creating adaptable businesses.

What I took from it:
How to create a resilient business that can withstand changes
How to identify opportunities with changes in the business landscape, demographics, legal issues, trends.
Finances & legal issues of running a business
Practice in pitching skills
Free sandwiches & coffee

Mes compétences

IT Infrastructure



React.js, Pandas, NumPy, Firebase, Matplotlib, AWS, Machine Learning


Android, React Native

Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel


Redux, Node.js

Business Intelligence



Business Strategy Intern, VP, SAS System > SAS Statistical Package, REACTJS, Competitor analysis, Python Programming, Data Collection, Marketing Collateral, CAPTAIN, Policy Advisor - Telecoms

Machine Learning

Neural networks




JavaScript, SQL, Python


MySQL 5.x, MySQL


Social Media, Problem Solving, Data Science, Analytics, Data analysis

Mes études et formations

Media, Sport - Department for Digital

- Ecole Polytechnique2019 - 2019

Bachelor of Science, Economics - University College London2013 - 2017

- North halifax Grammar School2009 - 2013