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ClearBank® - Full-timeJanuary 2020 - Présent

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Wealth Dynamix https://www.wealth-dynamix.com/August 2019 - December 2019

Wealth Dynamix is a Fintech specialized in the client lifecycle management for wealth and investment managers; its software offering ranges among client acquisition and onboarding, regulatory compliance, relationships management and much more.
Wealth Dynamix provides highly customizable on premise setups for private banks, as well as cloud native and hybrid solutions.
My focus @WDX has been towards re-architecting and enhancing the organization CI/CD pipelines whilst setting the foundations for a new devops culture.
The enhancements brought into the automation space had been specifically targeted to smoothen, strengthen and streamline the company’s software lifecycle, from development to production.
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Nintex https://www.nintex.com/July 2017 - June 2019

Started as a Sharepoint consultancy firm, Nintex now days leads the “no-code” process automation market, targeting mid-large size organizations (500+ employees) on a variety of onprem and cloud platforms.
Our services include process mapping (Nintex Promap™) and process automation and is distributed across the Nintex Workflow Cloud™, Office365®, Sharepoint® and Salesforce®.
As principal software engineer my role is to lead our onshore and offshore teams, facilitating the development of our cloud offering.
My primary goal is to ensure that our teams ship high quality software to our clients, assisting the developers in the day to day operations as well as taking part in the architecture and development of the most complex parts.
With delivery managers and director of engineering I help consolidating our tech roadmap, as well as advocating over the technology choices most suitable for our organization.

Some key achievements:
Convergence is the process of migrating a large, pre-existing Office365 customer base over a more modern and fully managed cloud platform. The primary goal being channelling in a more productive way the effort of 9 development teams across Australia, Asia and America into a single product.
My role during convergence has been working with stakeholders and director of engineering to create a long term delivery roadmap for the project as well as taking an active role in its implementation.

Efforts included introducing and upskilling the existing teams to the new technical stack as well as making key decisions on how to bridge the differences between the two platforms.

Key Tech:
Node, React, Ruby, .NET Standard, Kubernetes, Azure, AWS
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Commonwealth Bank of Australia https://www.commbank.com.au/October 2016 - July 2017

CBA is Australia's leading provider of integrated financial services.

At CBA my responsibility is to design and engineer real time banking solutions for the 10 million CBA’s customers throughout Australia and the rest of the world across different channels.

Some of the exciting projects I have worked on while at CBA are:

• Shift chunks of the business offer to the cloud for faster delivery while keep real time connection with legacy mainframe systems.
• Uplift functionalities to modern technologies including .net core, react and angular4.
• Working on continues delivery and feature releasing software and methodologies such as
•       Self-contained product delivery pipeline with the use of docker containers and deployment over AWS and Azure.
•       Feature releasing software with real time in-app updates
• Drive constant team performance improvement.
• Extend netbank and commbank mobile app functionalities.

Key Achievements:
Develop and migrate software from the core mainframe system (tight to a quarterly release cycle) to the cloud (enabling daily deployments), increasing throughput and agility.

Key Takeaways:

CBA is the biggest organization I’ve been working for. It was such a great experience to work for a company with such a huge ecosystems of products, tools and software and understand how they all can work together seamlessly. It was also very beneficial to learn all the dynamics and procedures of a large workplace.

Key Technologies:
Node, C#, Java, Oracle, .net core, React, Jest, React Native, Docker.
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Corporate Travel Management http://www.travelctm.com/September 2015 - October 2016

Corporate Travel Management is a world-wide travel management company.
Their software ranges among business and pleasure travel booking tools, risk management, trend analysis, fare forecasts and much more.

Born as an Australian start-up, it quickly turned into a world-wide success, requiring considerable effort in performance optimisation and data accessibility.

At CTM, as member of the Smart Technologies Team, I have worked with an elite team of engineers to enrich and consolidate the “SMART” software offering. Specifically:
1. Break down the core software functionalities into a set of zone clustered, geo-replicated micro-services, hosted on Microsoft Azure and available worldwide.
2. Increase software performance dealing with big data, optimizing full-text and geospatial searches on ElasticSearch.
3. Implement data mining and machine learning mechanics.
4. Re-organize the client side environment into a full unit/integration testable solution based on Angular, Karma and Protractor.
5. Scripting deployments for Atlassian Bamboo and Azure SDK.
6. Peer review team members while seeding best practices.
7. Work with international booking circuits (eg. Sabre)
8. Implement OpenID Authentication Server, with external identity providers support and Saml / Ws-Fed SSO.

Key Achievements:
500% improvement in itineraries search time. Real time (any route worldwide) fare calculation and car rental search.

Key Technologies:
ElasticSearch, Angular, MongoDb, IdentityServer, ADFS, Azure, AzureAD.
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Havas Worldwide Australia- http://havasww.com.auNovember 2014 - September 2015

Havas is an integrated agency located in Sydney CBD. With a total of 15 development resources, Havas provides its clients advanced b2b and b2c solutions.

Duties and Responsibilities:
At Havas I covered the position of Full Stack Developer and Team Lead. My duties included:
1. Work closely to the CTO, organizing the team (recruitment and budget) and deliverables.
2. Coordinate and supervise the backend and frontend team in the daily tasks and sprints.
3. Pivot among developers, producers (product managers), clients and traffic manager.
4. Clients communication / meetings.

5. Lead Engineer, cloud and solution architect.

In Havas I helped in developing and maintaining:

Australian Defence Force Recruitment (defencejobs.gov.au)

Primary recruitment channel for the Australian Defence Force. Core recruitment functionalities (applications management, dynamic worflows etc.) and micro campaigns.

Active App: Hybrid Mobile App developed for Apple Store and Google Play. Helps candidate preparing for the physical admission test in the Defence Force. Keeps tracks of exercises, scores and overall preparation level till the test day.

Telstra and Sony

Internal CRMs and CMS. In store Australia wide sales tools.

Key Achievements:
Introduction of a CI environment based on the Atlassian Stack.  Overall reduction of the time necessary to produce testable publishable code. Sensible Increase in software quality.
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303Lowe Sydney - http://303lowe.com.au, Boutique Agency - SydneyMay 2011 - November 2014

303Lowe is an integrated boutique agency located in The Rocks, Sydney. It offers to its clients multi- channel solutions, which cover Tv Ads, Media, Print, Digital Web and Installations.

Duties and Responsibilities:
At 303Lowe I worked as Lead Developer.
I was responsible for:
1.Software architecture and estimates.
2. In house / on client premise fullstack software development.
3. Clients facing duties like gathering requirements and explaining technical solutions for their business needs.
4. In house and offshore freelance resources coordination and mentoring.
5. Cloud infrastructure administration (AWS).

6. Support to the creative department and creative technologist to create software for installations.

About the projects:
For 303Lowe I produced a good variety of very different solutions, ranging from:
1. Classic backend automation jobs (database sync, data ingestion and feed, etc.)
2. Large CMS based (Telerik Sitefinity) corporate solutions (https://www.fujitsugeneral.com.au/)
3. Medium sized CMS based or bespoke websites.
4. Visually endearing micro-websites / campaigns.
5. Hybrid mobile applications.
6. Bespoke search engine for Aussie (https://www.aussie.com.au/)
7. HTML5 minigames.

8. Intranet applications, services and utilities.

Technologies and Tools:

Asp .NET 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 WebForm and MVC (3,4,5) Razor, Telerik Dev Craft, Telerik Sitefinity CMS,  HTML5, Js, CSS3, Responsive Dev, Mobile, MVVM,  Three.js and Kinect Js, T-SQL, WCF, Kendo, EntityFramework, OpenAccess ORM, MSSQL.

Key clients:
Qantas, Harley Davidson, Aussie, Disney, Fujitsu, IKEA, Cash Converters.

Mes compétences

WebForms, Web Services, WCF, VBScript, Telerik, Solution Architecture, Software Engineering, Security, Ruby, React.js, Python, OOP, Node.js, Microsoft SQL Server, Kubernetes, Kendo UI, jQueryUI, jQuery Mobile, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, Entity Framework, CSS3, CSS, C#, AWS, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET, API, AJAX, .NET