Shakeel S.

Full Stack Developer

830 dollar
26 ans

Mon expérience

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CDS UKOctober 2019 - December 2019

During the contract I was assigned to a greenfield project of public sector client. It was based on micro services architecture utilising Azure services. My work was based on server side and cloud technologies.

C#, ASP.Net Core MVC/Web API, SQL Server, Entity framework core, XUnit, git, Azure storage, queues, functions V2, Azure DevOps, Event Grid and API management
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FGHMarch 2019 - June 2019

Work done was on two major projects; Brexit regulatory reports regarding imports and the suppliers' portal for order tracking.

C#, ASP.Net MVC, SQL Server, jQuery, ES5, ASP.Net Identity
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Agrios UK LtdJanuary 2019 - February 2019

I have worked on refactoring, streamlining development and architecting their new website.

Azure DevOps, C#, ASP.Net MVC, SQL Server
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Next PLCOctober 2018 - December 2018

I worked on two projects; a) modify a legacy solution to cater later version of SQL Server regarding recent changes in the regulations and b) to create a simulator that mimics various warehouse functions using actual workflow assemblies.

TFS, C#, SQL Server
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Jet2November 2017 - July 2018

I worked on two main projects in agile and TDD environment; a proof of concept for the new case management system and then on the final product. My main responsibilities included coding and maintaining the architecture of the front-end. However, I was kept involved with the back-end coding, design and architecture as well as in requirement gathering workshops. Another considerable project was to rewrite the repository layer to be inject dependency and replaced the NoSql repository with SQL Server 2016. Demonstrated and guided the team to use Jasmin/Karma for Angular TDD/unit testing. I wrote hundreds of unit tests for both the front-end and the back-end.

TFS, Angular 5/6, C# .Net Core, IdentityServer4, Jasmine, Karma, Mong DB, SQL Server, TypeScript, Dapper
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Minster LawJanuary 2016 - September 2017

Full stack development of a claimants' portal enabling them to see and action their case in progress.

I have been providing consultancy services for the RAD. I have worked on various prototypes as part of their systems, including a self-service claims website.

One of my projects was write a job script to clean up a clogged-up SQL Server database.

ASP.Net MVC/Web API, ASP.Net Core, C#, Durandal JS, Angular JS (1.x/2/4), TypeScript, SQL Server 2008 R2, Raven DB, Microsoft Azure; Cosmos DB, Storage, Function Apps, Web Jobs and Application Insights
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Impulse Managed SoftwareJune 2015 - January 2016

I developed a portal for a cloud-based property management system.

ASP.Net WebAPI, MVC, Durandal JS, C#, Raven DB, Require JS, Node JS, Bower, Signature JS, Moment JS, Grunt, Azure Storage
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WageDayAdvanceJanuary 2015 - June 2015

My responsibilities included working on a wide variety of projects and technologies. My biggest project was to develop a decision engine for loans to the existing customers. I also had to work on different bug fixes & enhancement of the CRM for the new loan applications. During my job I developed some microsites, worked on existing website and created various console applications for scheduled jobs. I also worked on a winforms based document generation tool.

ASP.Net Webforms, Winforms, WCF, VB, C#, SQL Server 2008 R2
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SGE GroupApril 2012 - January 2015

My work at SGE is split into 80-20% of new projects and existing systems support. I have done quite a few projects as given below;
* API for a new payment gateway.
* Automated payment process that uses multiple gateways on a flexible configuration
* Various enhancements to the existing the loans and the energy CRM
* A system to resubmit loan applications
* Integrated loan API to use auto submission based on the eligibility criteria
* API for the guarantor loans
* SGE loans mobile website.
* SGE energy API for the mobile site
* SGE games mobile site
* SGE energy Android application
* Various management information reports and database optimisation activities
* The system for centralised SMS based on templates
* The system for centralised on-demand email messaging
* Asset Management System
ASP.Net, MVC3, MVC4, Webforms, VB, C#, SQL Server 2008 R2, Android SDK, Entity Framework, Dapper, SSRS
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Snowflake MediaJanuary 2011 - March 2012

I have been working as a web developer since January 2011. My work involves maintaining and developing changes in existing CMS and E-commerce websites. During my job I have also developed a few micro-sites as an aide to the Sales & Marketing and SEO of the main sites.

ASP.Net (C#/VB) Framework 3.5/4, Webforms, MVC2, jQuery, XHTML, CSS, SQL Server 2005/2008, Web Services, E-commerce
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Inventive ITDecember 2010 - January 2011

I have worked on a product for travel and leisure industry.

VB.Net Framework 4, SQL Server 2008, Agile
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Ventura ITMay 2010 - December 2010

I have worked on a project for a major retail group. The project is a website for credit management. It deals with credit account applications, account management and the payments.

ASP.Net (C#) Framework 4, MVC2, jQuery, TDD, XHTML, CSS, Castle Windsor, Moq
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DeeSea Web ApplicationsDecember 2009 - May 2010

DeeSea Web Applications, USA as Senior ASP.Net Developer

DeeSea Web Applications is a software house in the West Coast of the USA. I worked as Senior ASP.Net Developer in a virtual team on working from home basis.
ASP.Net (C#), MVC, nHibernate, jQuery, SQL Server, Linq, TDD, XHTML, CSS
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Law Firm Strategy Ltd.August 2009 - November 2009

Law Firm Strategy Ltd provides management consultancy to law firms. I have been working for them on work from home basis.

Solution suite for Law Firm Strategy Ltd - Case Management System, CRM (Sugar CRM and bespoke module for the case management system), Forum & Websites (Open Source and ASP.Net C#), SEO (Adding meta tags for robots, keywords, search engine submission, separating contents from the design, sitemaps and using link backs)

VB.Net (Win forms), C# (Components, Web forms), SQL Server, XPCC, .Net 3.5, Linq
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TimeLeeTechFebruary 2009 - August 2009

TimeLeeTech is an offshore service provider based in Pakistan. I was working from home for on the following projects.

* Issue Tracking System: ASP.Net (VB) conversion from 1.1 to 3.5; replaced complete DAL with Linq2SQL and modified BLL
* Website integration with Bullhorn Staffing
* Cron Job for populating data mart
* Upgraded ASP Classic application to use SQL Server instead of Access
ASP.Net (VB and C#), SQL Server, Access, ASP Classic, Linux (PHP)
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Funkwerk Information TechnologyNovember 2008 - February 2009

Funkwerk IT York is one the major solution provider for the rail infrastructure and the rail operator companies. I was working in a team of software developers and my main responsibility was to develop new features or fix bugs in one of their core product.
Technologies Oracle, VB6
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Minorplanet Systems Ltd.June 2007 - November 2008

Minorplanet Systems Ltd is one of the renowned vehicle tracking systems providers. Their business operation is spread in many countries. I was working in their IT department. My main duties were to develop and support full dev life projects.

Customer feedback application, RFC & ticket management (SalesLogix Support Client), Content management, Business intelligence and management information (SalesLogix Support/Sales, Sage, DB Forms), Sales force online diary (SalesLogix Sales/Support), Engineers' online diary (SalesLogix Sales/Support), Data and application migration for European and Asian Pacific offices (Sage, SalesLogix Sales/Support), Customised application for issue tracking / management.

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Scarborough Building SocietyOctober 2006 - May 2007

Scarborough Building Society (now Skipton Building Society) was one the oldest and renowned financial organisations. I worked as Systems Analyst in IT department on full development life cycle projects.

KFI, Offer and Completion document templates, MI Reports - SQL Server, VB.Net, Excel Interop object

Tools/Technologies: SQL Server 2005, XML, VB.Net and MS-Office.
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TimeLeeTechOctober 2005 - August 2006

My main responsibilities were to provide software analysis, design and architecture consultancy. However I was very much involved in hands-on coding.

Access Application Upgrade, Supply Chain Integration Phase I, II & III, Image Indexing, Railroad Cost Application Upgrade, Motion Pictures Rights Application, Enterprise Application Integration, Fusion Charts Integration, Content Management System

MS-Access, VBA, VB6, VB.Net, ASP.Net, PHP, MySQL, Java, SQL Server
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Masood Textile Mills Ltd.December 2002 - September 2005

It was a senior management position with general and technical management responsibilities. I was managing a department of more than two hundred staff members in order to serve a network of 500+ computers, a set of more than a dozen in-house built applications and 6 remote locations. I devised software analysis, design and development methodology. I conducted OOAD trainings for the department and project management trainings for all the managers. I analysed and designed complete ERP for the company using UML design patterns.

Achievements and Projects
Formulated and implemented company vide IT policies, Designed a framework for acquiring and implementing ERP system, A full suite of enterprise level applications were developed & implemented, Attended various national & international level trainings, Trained all the managers of 10,000+ employee company on project management and MS-Project, Implemented a custom built security policy in the lights of ISO 1779 and BS 7799, Designed a complete solution for streaming reports. The solution was based on a data warehouse using Oracle materialised views. The development was done by the developers and the enhancement and maintenance was done by the DBAs. The reporting part was in Oracle forms and ASP.Net 1.1 pages.
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TechlogixMay 2000 - November 2002

My responsibilities included working on full development life cycle projects; from initiation to closures. I analysed, designed and managed development; testing and deployment using strictly UML based methodology.

Bidder Client Auction Studio for Commerce One - DTC, XML, SOAP, ASP, VB/COM, SQL Server, Polisys: Time & Attendance, Purchase and Requisitions, and Vehicle Maintenance for EnforSys - XMLHTTP, ASP, VB/COM/COM+, SQL Server, JavaScript, InfoGlue (Project Activity and Cost Management System) for Techlogix's in-house use - JSP, Apache, Linux, DHTML, PostgreSQL, Payroll System for Nestlé Pakistan - XMLHTTP, ASP, VB/COM/COM+, SQL Server, JavaScript
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KNK SoftAugust 1998 - April 2000

It was a pure project management job but I was involved in analysis & design as a 100% resource in some of the projects where my roll was supporting project manager.

Achievements and Projects
National University of Science & Technology: Automation of Examination & Academics and Research & Development Directorates - Oracle DB, Developer 2000, Document Tracking System - Pakistan Audit Department - Visual FoxPro, ISP Billing - Gerry's Net - Radius, SQL Server, JSP, Mirage Rebuild Factory: Inventory Management, Shop Floor Management - Solaris, Oracle DB, Developer 2000, G/L for NGO - VB6, Crystal Reports, MS-Access, Office System for Askari Commercial Bank Ltd. - VB6, Crystal Reports, MS-Access
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Textile DivisionFebruary 1996 - August 1998

It was 80% technical and 20% general management job. With a very small team I was managing data processing and software development of 7 companies of Sitara Group of Industries.

Achievements and Projects
IBM RISC/6000 AIX System Administration, Oracle DBA, Network Administration, Software Developments in Oracle, Financial Accounting, Payroll & Personnel, Imports/Exports, Sales & Receivables, Fixed Assets, Spinning Production, Inventory Management & Store Accounting, Mail Dispatch, Accounts Analysis
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Saadi Cement Ltd.February 1995 - January 1996

Saadi Cement Ltd.,
It was 100% MIS job. Saadi Cement Ltd. was a project in progress at that time. So, all of my responsibilities revolved around facilitating project management. I trained engineers on MS-Access and MS-Project, setup networks and coordinated software development. My main analysis and design was for PMS (project management system) and its subset PCMS (project cost management system). Following list specifies area of analysis and design.
Applications Analysed & Designed
Inventory Management (PMS), Progress Reporting (MIS), Contractor/Supplier Billing (PCMS), Material Consumptions (PCMS), Time Sheet (PCMS), Purchase & Payables (Imports) (PCMS), Purchase & Payables (Cash & Local) (PCMS)
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The Technology GroupOctober 1994 - February 1995

I was leading a team of software engineer for textile sector projects.

Achievements and Projects
Sitara Spinning Mills Ltd. - Analysis & Design - Oracle, Cotton Purchase, Store Accounting, Inventory Management, Production Information
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Software TechnologiesSeptember 1991 - August 1994

Software Engineer to Development Manager
Software Technologies,
I started as software engineer. This was my first job and I had the opportunity to work with a team mostly comprised of engineers and software engineers; all educated from foreign universities like MIT. After 3 months of job I was given a handsome raise and made team lead. After 2 years of job I was promoted as development manager.

Mes compétences



Application servers

Apache Web Server


SQL, LINQ, JavaScript, Visual Basic, OOP, TypeScript, C#, Visual Basic 6, Jscript, XHTML, MVC, XML, Java, DHTML

Software testing

NUnit, Karma, Jasmine, Debugging, Unit testing

Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel


streamlining development, Senior ASP.Net Developer, Proof of Concept, Systems Analyst, Contractor, develop a decision engine, devised software analysis, Oracle FA, Senior Software Developer, .net developer, 3rd Line Support, made team lead, facilitating project management, Senior Manager Information Technology, Shop Floor Management, Data Transformation Services, Back End, Ticket management, dev, Front End, Full Stack, Content Management System, JYACC JAM, Public Sector, main analysis and design, Network Management > Network Administration, Microsoft Transact-SQL, Event Grid, XPCC, ASP Classic, Principal Software Engineer, Grunt, BS7799 Standard, Moment JS, a contractor, Minster Law, UML/OMT, Microsoft Project, Java Server Pages, C Programming Language, industry~it, Microsoft C-SHARP, Microsoft .NET Technology, Cascading Style Sheets, Developer, Active Server Pages, Software Analysis, eCommerce, Microsoft Access, Development Manager, Microsoft ASP.NET, Oracle DBA, C# Developer, Sage Accounting Software, full development, Microsoft Office, Oracle AR, Visual Basic for Applications, Consultant, Project Manager, AIX UNIX, SCO Unix, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Analyst/Programmer, Seagate Crystal Reports, IBM RS6000 Hardware, COM/DCOM, Visual Basic .NET, Search Engine Optimisation, Windows Communiciation Foundation, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Web Developer, Senior Developer, Managed Development, EDP Manager, Core, Requirements Gathering, Senior web developer, ES 5, develop new features, Enterprise Application Integration, MS-SQLServer 2008 R2, Data Warehousing, Durandal Js, Test-Driven Development, ISP, Systems Analyst in IT department, Assistant Manager MIS, JAM


Visual FoxPro, NoSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Oracle, MySQL, PostGreSQL


WinForms, WebForms, Web Services, Web API, Software Development, NHibernate, COM+, Oracle Applications, Web development

Analysis methods and tools

DevOps, Agile Methodology, Design Patterns



Environment of Development

Oracle Developer 2000

IT Infrastructure

Sun Solaris, Linux, Unix, Mainframe, Azure, Git


Entity Framework, AngularJS, jQuery, Oracle Forms

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Integration Services


Saleslogix, API, Content Management, Dapper, Project Management, Data processing, Design, Knockout

Mes études et formations

Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering - Eastern Mediterranean University