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Meltwater NewsDecember 2018 - Présent

* Responsible for full stack solutions including dev, testing, deployment, monitoring, on-call,
post-mortem/prevention, cdn configuration, and security

* Given autonomy to create a command line utility that automated GDPR compliance by deleting PII
with complex queries, reducing time required per ticket from 60 mins to 30 seconds

* Initiator and leader in migration of internally hosted services to SQS invoked lambda functions using
SAM, Implemented VPC w/ static IP's for lambdas allowing for termination of decade old data hosting contract; greatly reduced cost of business

* Efficiently removed several 40gig mongo collections using a smart page & walk strategy; Averted
database lockups that lead to customer downtime
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Meltwater NewsJanuary 2016 - December 2018

* Created a routing service in front of staging web app allowing for multiple feature branches to be
available simultaneously; Enabled PO to view all work in progress autonomously. Design and process were implemented across 4 engineering teams

* Learned and oversaw team implementation of es6 resulting in more efficient code; This improved
team members skill sets and increased team throughput, and inspired other engineering teams to follow suit

* Created an email stats sql database that ran queries to aggregate on various customer level stats,
Currently at 300 gig; Customers could see aggregations instantly

* Mentored 3 jr. team members, rapidly increasing their autonomy and level of contribution; All
mentees are promoted and still working at meltwater

* Provided significant guidance and value in groomings to ensure team is considering accurate
estimates and guided focus toward features with significant customer value and high return technical work
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Meltwater NewsJanuary 2014 - January 2016

* Migrated front end of business application to AWS Elastic Beanstalk; This reduced front end deploy
time from 1 hour to 20 minutes, and reduced process from manual to automated

* Given autonomy to lead company into AWS by implementing the company's first service in ECS. I
expensed the teams bill on my personal card for 6 months and successfully piloted company into acceptance of AWS as the preferred platform; Process was implemented broadly

* Built a robust command line tool, a developer toolkit for team's most repetitive tasks (aliasing ssh
tunnels, starting local sets of services, checking remote package versions); Still in use and enabling teammates today. Estimated to save meltwater engineering 200 hours of work annually

* Chosen among 6 engineers to re the team among the company's platform engineers for 30
days in Gothenburg, Sweden. Gave ations, commenced pair coding and enjoyed social events. Trip resulted in immense knowledge sharing and streamlined cross team communication that accelerated the following years of work

* Built highly scalable email pipeline that sends 0.5 million emails per day and transitioning to a
Kanban working style
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UNH InterOperability LabNovember 2010 - March 2014

- Develop and maintain a remotely accessed SIPv6 VoIP Testbed
- Develop build automation for in house test tools.
- Develop and maintain DHCPv6 conformance test scripts using TCL and IOL INTACT.
- Develop and maintain SIP conformance test scripts using Python and Sip Foundry Test Framework
- Modify and maintain test suites & framework according to RFC’s and other specs.
- Test and certify vendor products for conformance and interoperability.
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Meltwater NewsJanuary 2013 - January 2014

● Grew comfortable with Angularjs, Node, and Mongo stack along with their best practices; Created
single page web application with backed and platform integration that resulted in a foundation for
the following 3 years of work
● Learned how to operate efficiently in a scrum environment, including keeping standups short and
groomings focused; Perfected how and when to raise impediments to my team members resulting
in minimized blocking
● Learned test driven development, webStorm and efficient navigation of Jira

Mes compétences

WebStorm, UNIX, SQL, Presentation skills, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Linux, Kibana, Kanban, JavaScript, Java, iOS, IntelliJ Idea, Google Material Design, Git, Docker, DevOps, AWS, Artificial Intelligence, AngularJS, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS)