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State Street BankDecember 2018 - Présent

Led Front End team during creating RPA software
which saves tens of thousands of work hours yearly by replacing humans in doing simple tasks. To
meet the deadlines whilst keeping the code clean & scalable I have introduced following ideas to the
- TDD ( BDD, Unit Testing )
- Frequent pair programming sessions
- Introduced code review before pushing code to Github
- Several concepts of agile methodology
- Monitoring and reviewing existing codebase, which led to deleting over 3000 lines of redundant code
- Performance measuring
Technologies used: NodeJS, Winston, React, Redux, TypeScript, Redux-Form, Redux-Thunk,
Express, Docker, JavaScript(ES2015+), Styled-Components, CSS-Grid, i18Next, HTML5, REST API,
Webpack, ESlint, Jest, Mocha
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VoxSmartAugust 2018 - November 2018

The world's first unified Mobile Surveillance Platform. Carried out
migration to microservices based architecture using AWS’s stack – S3, SNS, SQS, EC2. Improved
platform's uptime from 97.5% to over 99.3% by analyzing weakest spots in the platform, and testing utilized
tools capabilities. That meant:
- Stress testing the application, cooperating with DevOps team on analyzing the logs and finding the
solutions that would allow to handle greater amount of traffic
- Preventing possible outages by settings up automated scripts to check statuses of services used.
- Improving currently existing logs by decorating each one with unique ids, timestamps and other useful
- Greatly improving amount of important data for analytics, by logging every call to the database and tagging
it appropriately.
- Finding and decoupling key application’s components.
Technologies used: NodeJS, Express, AWS( S3, SNS, SQS, EC2 ), PostgreSQL, Twilio, Jest, React,
Redux, ESlint, JavaScript (ES2015+)
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myTamarinMay 2018 - August 2018

UK’s Childcare Matchmaker. Have created custom algorithm that
matches nannies to families basing on results from psychological test, which sped up the whole
recruitment process by about 20%.
Technologies used: Typescript, React, Redux, Nodejs, Express, Docker, TypeORM, mongoDB,
PostgreSQL, TSlint, CSS, HTML5, Webpack
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SekwencjaJanuary 2015 - May 2018

Have created service which automatically
gathered crucial data for the company from multiple sources and improved existing CRM
application. As a result:
- Manual search for necessary data had been limited, slicing the operational costs.
- Managing customer relationships became unified and simpler than ever before
- Users could always see the newest information and profit from it.
Technologies used: JavaScript (ES2015+), React, Redux, GraphQL, Apollo, Nodejs, MongoDB,
Express, i18Next, Golang, Webpack

Mes compétences


Redux, Node.js, Express.js, REST, Bootstrap


TypeScript, Go, GraphQL, CSS3, ES6, HTML5, Python, CSS


Redis, PostGreSQL, MongoDB

Software testing

Mocha, Cypress, Test Driven Development (TDD), Jest


React.js, Webpack.js

Analysis methods and tools



React Native


SNS, React, Gatsby, S3, Apollo

IT Infrastructure


Mes études et formations

Computer Science - Lodz University of Technology