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WiseGroup AIJune 2020 - Présent

Taking chatbots as far as they can possibly go using web, machine learning and UI & UX tools.
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FULCRUM TECHNOLOGIES S.R.L.December 2016 - Présent

Created back-to-back speech-to-text and text-to-speech modules within 3 weeks for WiseVoice, a startup last valued €5 Mil. This entailed integrations with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure SDKs. It enabled its chatbots to expand into VR, social media sales and other use cases. This fuelled growth over the past year.
• Developing on demand functionalities for Wisevoice as the company continues to scale and explore new niches.

• Designed the UI & UX for a B2B platform with national reach aimed at attracting investors and provide an affordable digital presence for all SMEs. The project will entered development in March 2021.
• Developed, in a team of 3, a business management & contract acquisition software suite for ENEL Romania, a large energy player. To date, it processed and managed the onboarding of up to 100 000 contracts. I have used Javascript with React and Redux on client side, Node.js on server side with Postgresql as database.
• Converted the entire backend of the contracting suite to microservices using docker and kubernetes. The service now contains 12 microservices and is hosted using AWS.
• Developing, in a team of 5 an MVP which will allow people to build websites tuned for business considerably easier than with Wix. It employs the gpt-3 interface in order to make intuitive requests and translate that into a business-ready website.
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Fulcrum Technologies SRLJanuary 2018 - Présent

Solving business problems for startups and large scale organisations via custom web-based products.

Current projects entail building contracting and management platforms for a large European energy player.
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ROLLS-ROYCEJanuary 2015 - January 2017

Project Engineer - Trent 7000 Engine - Airbus A330neo

• Owned all engine items required for Airframe Certification. Designed the required work flow. Project managed 50 people across 5 teams for 18 months.
• Operated as liaison with Airbus, managing the relationship across cultures, the expectations and the integrated workflow between the companies.

2015-2017 Engineering Grad Scheme| Producibility, Design&Make UltraFan, Digital & Marketing placements

• Owned a Green Belt project and facilitated another for OGVs production. Aprox. £500 000 saving

• Led a team of 4 to design a new probe support able to avoid main vibration points in an aero engine rig

• Mapped the Rolls-Royce supply chain and assessed the degree of readiness for Industry 4.0. Received training on Matlab’s Machine Learning features in order to exploit the company’s data for the above purpose.
• Market analysis; Creating a dashboard for Regional SVPs; able to synthesise world fleet data predictions

June 2013 - June 2014
Placement 1 - Combustion & Casings Thermals Team

Project 1 - Programmed a new rig in order to add new functionality. Ran a complete back-to-back analysis in order to validate the rig's results against previous test campaigns and literature surveys.

Project 2 - Created a large number of instrumentation drawings of a full scale combustion engine - Trent XWB 97K.

Placement 2 - Combustion & Casings Methods Team

Project - Create a CFD simulation of the Trent XWB 84 K combustor and compare it with the rig results. Use these results to then adapt the parameters for the Trent XWB 97 K combustor.
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Guvernul RomânieiJuly 2014 - September 2014

I have been allocated to the Special Problems Division of the Ministry of Transports.

Recruited to the Division of European Funds following my interventions in the Board of Directors' Meetings.

I helped with evaluating a highway segment project.

I was responsible with listing projects which would require extended funding from 2007-2014 to 2014-2021 period due to delays in implementation.

I attended various meetings at the Victoria Palace - Government Headquarters which gave us exposure to ambassadors, CEOs and important public figures.

I was selected to re Romania in the NATO simulation held at the Victoria Palace.
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General Director Assistant|External Funds Management Department

• Meetings with Ministers, the European Council and transport authorities to monitor the EU funded infrastructure

projects; identify legislative and technical problems and their appropriate solutions

• Assisted in prolonging funding for 2007-2013 cycle projects by 2 years.
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The University of ManchesterJune 2012 - August 2012

Laboratory Demonstrator & Student Ambassador

Regularly gave speeches on the student experience including academics, societies, personal life and financial aspects. Addressing 40 persons belonging to different age segments, I proved business awareness, excellent communication and public speaking skills.

Successfully delivered technical ations during UCAS days on Fluid Mechanics using a Smoke Tunnel. Following student feedback on their visits, the activity of the laboratory was doubled.
I created a Graphic User Interface for the schools' Jet Engine in order to increase interactivity for both prospective students visiting during OPEN Days and for second year students studying Propulsion.

Smoke Tunnel Laboratory Intern
I designed a rotary model system able to demonstrate the Magnus effect which is well known from ball sports. The system is being used during OPEN Days in conjunction with the smoke tunnels.

Bank of America Merrill LynchMarch 2012 - March 2012

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European Space AgencyJanuary 2011 - June 2011

The traditional ESA Summer School draws 60 of the best Science & Engineering students from Undergraduate to Postgraduate level every year in order to undertake a challenge set up by top ESA professionals. I participated as one of the two youngest students.

Best Scientific Case Award for proposing a far infrared interferometer space observatory

President of the Jury Prize for proposing the cornerstone technology of formation flight satellites.

Liderii Mileniului TreiJanuary 2011 - January 2011

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Physics OlympiadJanuary 2005 - January 2010

The Romanian National Physics Olympiad is the contest where students from the 7th to the 12th grade (12 - 18 years old) compete against the Top 1 or 2 students from each of the country's 41 countys.

The problems proposed for solving are of a high difficulty and require mathematical creativity and a deep understanding of the phenomena involved. I participated in all 6 editions for which I was eligible.

Mes compétences

Socket.IO, Social Media, Sass, REST API, REST, Redux, React, Python, Project Management, Power BI, PostgreSQL, Node.js, MySQL, Matlab Simulink, Matlab, Kubernetes, JavaScript, HTML5, HTML, Docker, CSS, AWS