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Self-EmployedNovember 2013 - Présent

● Developed rich UI/UX applications using React, Redux, Redux-saga, Angular, Ext JS, D3.js, Ant-Design, Material UI, Semantic UI, Bootstrap, jQuery, and DHTMLX.
● Built many RESTful API endpoints using Node.js/Express.js, Rails, Laravel, Go, and Scala.
● Integrated many third-party APIs such as AWS S3, Twilio, Smooch, LOB, Stripe, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Google Map, Geocode, and so on.
● Worked with AWS Lambda and Serverless frameworks.
● Designed and implemented database models and drivers using MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL.
● Worked on hosting web applications using AWS ELB, EC2, and CloudFront.
● Integrated Socket.IO to applications to provide real-time communication.
● Used Git.
● Technologies: React, Redux, Redux-saga, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, Express.js, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, WordPress

My projects include:
- Team-communication Application
    ● Here, I developed a real-time team communication app.
    ● Worked on React, Redux, and Redux-saga with Ant Design components.
    ● Built a Node.js/Express.js back-end RESTful APIs along with a Passport.js authentication package.
    ● Designed MongoDB data models and utilized a Mongoose ORM.
    ● Integrated Socket.IO to provide real-time communication.
    ● Technologies: React, Electron, Node.js
- Language-learning App
    ● I built a language-learning app for Arabic learners.
    ● Built an authentication system and user management and learning class management modules using Angular.
    ● Integrated the AngularUI and Bootstrap libraries.
    ● Built a Ruby on Rails back-end providing RESTful APIs.
    ● Integrated third-party APIs such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.
    ● Implemented internationalization and localization.
    ● Technologies: Angular, Ruby on Rails
- Automation Platform for Asset Discovery and Service Mapping using React
    ● I developed the cloud-based digital enterprise management solution that automates asset discovery and service mapping.
    ● Initially built it with Angular and Material 2 UI.
    ● Refactored the UI to migrate it from Angular to React.
    ● Built a front-end with React, Redux, and Redux-saga along with an Ant Design library.
    ● Used D3.js to draw graphical charts.
    ● Technologies: React, Angular, Redux, Redux-saga, Ant Design, D3.js
- Airline Scheduling Application
    ● I developed an airline application for the management of flights, slots, and schedules.
    ● Customized an airport management module on the Express.js back-end based on the new requirements.
    ● Updated the flights' arrangement UI using Ext JS.
    ● Updated an authentication system to use JSON web tokens.
    ● Improved the slots and schedules data operation performance by updating database table indexes and definitions and by creating stored procedures.
    ● Technologies: Ext JS, Node.js
- Employee Schedule and Shift Management Application
    ● I developed an employee schedule and shift management application.
    ● Built a scheduling UI using the jQuery Full Calendar library and vanilla JavaScript.
    ● Refactored the UI to use Angular and Bootstrap UI.
    ● Improved UI performance by reducing unnecessary modules.
    ● Technologies: AngularJS, jQuery, Boostrap UI
- eCommerce Shop
    ● I also developed an eCommerce shop.
    ● Built Angular and Bootstrap components providing a rich UI/UX.
    ● Constructed RESTul APIs using Node.js/Express.js and MongoDB.
    ● Integrated Stripe APIs for payment processing.
    ● Integrated Twilio APIs for mobile SMS messaging.
    ● Technologies: Angular, Node.js, Stripe, Twilio
- Social App that Posts Texts, Images, and Videos
    ● I developed a social app that posts media content.
    ● Updated a media content management module using React, Redux, and Redux-saga on the front-end.
    ● Created a media conversion module for content uploaded on an Express.js-based back-end.
    ● Integrated AWS S3 bucket APIs and social APIs.
    ● Technologies: React, Node.js
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CatchpointMay 2009 - October 2013

● Developed an internal employee schedule, shift, and slot management application for the company.
● Heavily used DHTMLX library on the UI.
● Implemented page designs in standard-compliant dynamic XHTML and CSS.
● Developed a task management application like Trello.
● Built a rich UI/UX using jQuery and jQuery-UI libraries.
● Maintained reusable components and modules.
● Technologies: DHTMLX, jQuery, PHP

Mes compétences

XHTML, WordPress, Webpack, Vue.js, TypeScript, Twitter API, Twitter, Twilio, Stripe, SQL, Socket.IO, Serverless Computing, Scala, RxJS, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, RESTful, Redux Saga, Redux, React.js, React-Redux, React Native, React, PostgreSQL, PHP, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, MobX, Meteor, MaterialUI, Linkedin API, Laravel, JSON, jQuery, Jest, JavaScript, Ionic, Highcharts, Golang, Go, Firebase, Facebook API, Ext JS, Express.js, Express, D3.js, Content Management, Bootstrap, AWS Lambda, API, Ant, AngularJS, Angular Material, Angular, Akka