Israel C.


535 dollar
7 ans

Mon expérience

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsMarch 2019 - Présent

• Worked with an Agile (Scrum) software development team to design, implement, maintain, test and deploy a multi-language web application for users on over 150 countries.
• Managed application state by using NGRX to provide users with slow internet connection a better UX.
• Implemented customized UI components after UI designs.
• Developed and maintained servers on express and Java to consume different web services

Skills: Angular, NGRX, Redux, Typescript, Javascript, Node, Express, Firebase,  Marklogic, Java, Microservices, AWS (EC2, DynamoDB, DocumentDB, ElasticSearch, SNS), Jira, Bitbucket, Cloud Foundry, Scrum, VS Code, RESTful API’s. Remote work, Sketch, Invision.
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Employer Solutions Group - ContractFebruary 2019 - Présent

Assisted different projects with design, development, maintenance, testing and deployment of web applications.
Enabled teams to deliver business requirements by contributing to the development of features in both the Front and Back end layers of web applications.
Assisted in training colleagues to up to date with the latest technologies as required.
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FreelanceApril 2017 - Présent

•  Design, develop, deploy and showcase iOS applications

Skills: Swift 4, Cocoa Touch, Cocoa Pods, Xcode 9, Alamofire, Firebase, Parse, Firebase, REST-API, MongoDB, AWS
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Motorola Solutions Inc.December 2017 - March 2019

• Worked with an Agile (Scrum) software development team to design, implement, test and deploy new software products, modules, and features
• Created schema, data models, business logic, web services, and user interfaces to implement new products and features
• Demonstrated professional communication skills while working within a team environment
• Applied Java Design Patterns

Skills: Java, C++, C#, Jira, Bitbucket, Agile, Scrum, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Azure, TeamCity, TestNG, Tomcat, RESTful API’s. Remote work.
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LeGrandAugust 2016 - December 2016

• Developed feature to generate automated reports for LMCS, Windows commercial application
•  Developed, maintained and extended a testing suite of over 60 test modules and 400 test cases     for the SegMan platform
• Assisted in configuring the Jenkins server that allows scheduled test runs

Skills: Java, C++, DevExpress, Jira, Bitbucket, Agile, Scrum, Eclipse, Jenkins, TestNG, Maven
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BYU-I Computer Science DepartmentJanuary 2016 - December 2016

* Taught Functional Programming course overseeing a section of 30 students

* Graded 6 major projects and several exams.

Skills: Java, C++, Object Oriented, JSON, Git, Waterfall
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BYU-Idaho CS DepartmentAugust 2015 - August 2016

* Tutored students in C++ procedural and OO programming

* Mentored students in problem solving skills, including efficient use of internet searches as-well-as debugging techniques

Skills: Java, C++, Data Structures, Algorithms, Visual Studio, C, Assembly

Mes compétences

XML, Xcode, Web Services, Web Applications, Waterfall, Visual Studio, UIKit, TypeScript, Tomcat, TestNG, Test Cases, Test automation, TeamCity, Swift 4, Swift, Social Media, Sketch, SCSS, Scrum, RESTful API, RESTful, REST, Redux, Problem Solving, Node.js, Ngrx, MongoDB, Microservices, Maven, JSON, Jira, Jenkins, JavaScript, Java, iOS, InVision, HTML5, Git, Firebase, Express, Emacs, ElasticSearch, Eclipse IDE, Eclipse, DynamoDB, DevExpress, Design Patterns, Debugging, Data Structures, CocoaPods, Cocoa Touch, Cocoa, Cloud Foundry, Cloud Computing, C/C++, C++, C#, Bootstrap, Bitbucket, Azure, AWS, Assembly, Apache Maven, AngularJS, Angular, Android, Analysis, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Algorithms, AlamoFire, Agile Methodology, Agile