Isaac Z.

Full Stack Developer

690 dollar
14 ans
San Francisco, ÉTATS-UNIS

Mon expérience

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FreelanceSeptember 2012 - Présent

Freelance Moodle Developer
Sep 2012 – Present

I have been helping clients across the globe with Moodle LMS for 4 years,
 ✔ Help clients set up and maintain LMS in Australia, US, UK and HongKong remotely
 ✔ Develop reports for administrators and business owner
 ✔ Create and maintain plugins for clients
 ✔ Customize front-end look and feel, dashboard, blocks, login/logout page, optimize user experience
 ✔ Fine tune system performance with opcode, memcached, server caching, db and plugins
 ✔ Import and manage users, customize password rules, enable or disable email restriction
 ✔ Create, source, import and manage courses, activities, grades, completion and certificates
 ✔ Create, import and manage quizzes with specific message, shuffle, instant or final feedback

Freelance WordPress Developer
Sep 2013 – Present

I have been helping clients across the globe with WordPress for 3 years
✔ Help clients set up, customize and maintain websites with WordPress
✔ Source, develop and manage WordPress themes and plugins
✔ Collaborate with other developers with git version control
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Acesse CorporationMarch 2015 - Présent

✔ Develop and maintain innovative commercial software
✔ Work with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Linux, jQuery, AJAX, RESTful web services and shell scripts,
✔ System architect for integration with Moodle LMS.
✔ Developed proprietry commercial search engine
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DevisdJanuary 2015 - March 2015

Great team to work with, lots of fun at work, rewarding experience.

Built fun apps with PHP, PostgreSql, Javascript, AJAX, Bootstrap, AngularJS, jQuery, Nginx
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ELMO Talent Management SoftwareFebruary 2013 - January 2015

Develop high quality softwares with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX and YUI framework
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Catalyst IT LimitedFebruary 2013 - May 2013

✔ Supported and developed plugins for Moodle and Totara LMS
✔ Totara LMS is an improvede Moodle designed specifically for government
✔ Catalyst IT is a Moodle Partner
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Pukunui TechnologySeptember 2011 - February 2013

✔ Support clients using Moodle
✔ Develop plugins
✔ Pukunui is a Moodle partner
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ETCORPOctober 2007 - September 2011

Responsible for PHP, MySQL, AJAX, Javascript, CSS and web front end, communicate information between embedded devices and users.

Mes compétences




Moodle, Research

IT Infrastructure

Nginx, Linux, Windows

Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word


Drupal, YUI, Web Services, System Architect, Software Development


Front End, Outlook, USER EXPERIENCE, Powerpoint, E-learning, RESTful, Cascading Style Sheets, Microsoft Office, Version Control


Bootstrap, REST, jQuery, WordPress, AJAX, jQuery UI, AngularJS


PHP, JavaScript, CSS

Mes études et formations

Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A.) Field Of Study Computer Software Engineering - Edith Cowan University