Asya S.


293 dollar
6 ans

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multiple projectsSeptember 2018 - April 2019

* Implemented web scrapers for getting data from various web sites, including a scraper for downloading public companies and filings information from EDGAR database on

* Designed and developed the application modules, base and utility classes on core Java, used JUnit for unit testing of the system

* Developed website front-end using material-ui react library and site backend using nodejs, expressjs and sequilize

* Developed sport games with javascript and integrated it with nodejs backend and react-redux front-end to display live results of a game, including the latest best scores

* Developed backend logic on nodejs, expressjs and sequilize for retrieving site data and developed front-end logic for shopping cart functionality for an e-commerce website for selling perfumes
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KaratJanuary 2012 - March 2017

● Designed and developed multiple algorithms to detect, recognize and track objects in airspace in real-time through infrared and television channels using C and C++ programming languages

● Optimized image processing algorithms to work on custom-built hardware. These algorithms  were then used in company’s products for detecting objects in real-time and improving the  security systems for company’s clients

● Created regular reports and technical documentation for staff electrical engineers to provide instructions for software and hardware integration

Mes compétences

Unit testing, SQL, Redux, React.js, R Language, Python, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Node.js, Machine Learning, Kubernetes, JUnit, JavaScript, Java, Image Processing, HTML, Gradle, Git, Express.js, Express, CSS, C/C++, C++