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L'Atelier de Lois, FreelanceJanuary 2018 - Présent

Working with clients (ranging from scholars to a non-profit serving the deaf community) on
+ Designing, developing and upgrading their websites
+ Improving web presence through social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
+ Helping them use and better understand various technologies that fit their business needs

Other projects include:

A single-page note-taking application, inspired by sticky-notes
+ Developed a component-based front end using React and Redux that allows users to jot ideas down quickly, and find existing notes by title
+ Built a RESTful Rails API backend system to deliver JSON to the frontend
+ Created reusable, modular components such as notifications, search bar and note forms, so as to maintain DRY code and minimize complexity and refactoring time

A tool built to help people flourish through small, meaningful, personalized practices
+ Designed and built front-end user interface with comments and likes functionality
+ Employs AJAX to fetch and display different data based on user preference
+ Implemented Facebook connection using OAuth for a faster sign-in experience

A journal app based on the Ignatian Examen, built to log daily gratitude, reflections and intentions
+ Architected RESTful routes under an MVC design pattern for a clean interface between front and backend
+ Implemented user authentication using Bcrypt gem, enhancing account security
+ Includes embedded Ruby (erb) template rendering, cookies and Sessions object for easy log-in / sign-out

A CLI gem that returns the names and quick facts of the top 100 world religious traditions
+ Employs Open-URI and Nokogiri to retrieve, extract and parse data from external source, patheos.com
+ Provides both list and detail views as well as friendly greetings for an enjoyable, comprehensive experience

Mes compétences

Wireframes, UX Design, Usability testing, UI Design, Test Driven Development (TDD), Statistica, SQLite, SQL, Social Media, Sinatra, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, RSpec, REST API, Responsive Design, Research, Redux, React.js, PostgreSQL, ORM, OAuth, MVC, MS Office, MS Excel, Matlab, Lightroom, JSON, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, HTML, Google Analytics, GitHub, Git, Data analysis, CSS, Corporate Finance, Bootstrap, AJAX, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite, Active Records