Gabriel R.

Full Stack Developer

690 dollar
3 ans

Mon expérience

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LingumiMarch 2019 - November 2019

Worked on making the platform accessible in China by leveraging serverless and region-specific code to connect with China first services (AWS China, WeChat Pay, Umeng), resulting in a 200% increase in revenue and an Asia-first business strategy.
Helped migrate the Unity app with 600+ games into React Native for iOS and Android, thereby granting access to the entire
JavaScript and React Native ecosystem, increasing development speed 10-fold, and keeping a solid game-making workflow.

Discovered and implemented a way for non-engineers to make games using After Effects by repurposing it as a simple game engine that well-suited games for children.
Tracked and analysed in-app behavior patterns, providing deep insights for improving retention and the viral coefficient.
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New PrismicMarch 2018 - March 2019

Increased brand recognition and traffic by proposing and working on a GraphQL API that improves on the functionality of the current Predicate REST API. Stack: Scala (PlayFramework), Lucene, MongoDB, Redis, Sangria
Greatly improved user experience with a client-side script that enables live preview, A/B tests, and an edit button for CMS content on the webpage. Stack: Scala, React, PostCSS, Webpack
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IBMMay 2017 - August 2017

employee onboarding complexity by automating the largely pen-and-paper process of user ID creation. Stack:
Java (Spring), Vue.js, D3, IBM Cloud.
Created Mappr, an announcement system for floor-wide communication at IBM, as a hackathon project.
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UConn Office of TechnologySeptember 2016 - May 2017

Lead UI Designer & Front-end Developer for DMDventory, a platform enabling students to rent school technology for free.
Stack: JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Turbolinks, Redis, Gulp, Sass
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ImageWorksMay 2016 - August 2016

- Developed responsive websites (HTML, CSS, JS) for WordPress.
- Debugged ColdFusion CFM files and WordPress PHP files.
- Designed web graphics with Photoshop/Illustrator.
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DunedainJanuary 2015 - August 2015

Photographer and Visual Designer at Dunedain. Captured liquid cymatics images, created infographics of the atomic structure, created a magazine and brochure for advertisement, designed a 3D animation to put atomic concepts into motion.
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United TechnologiesFebruary 2015 - June 2015

- Created icons for mechanical engineering schematics.
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NovelITeesJune 2013 - November 2013

- Designed T-shirts, company logos, and customized sportswear. Printed designs on transparency film and vinyl cutter. Heat-bonded custom vinyl to T-shirts. Used CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, EPSON Commercial Printer, and USCutter Vinyl Cutter.

Mes compétences



Analysis methods and tools

DevOps, Agile Methodology, Design Patterns



Software testing





Java, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, C#, Python, Lisp, Glsl, SQL, Scala, TypeScript, C++, Sass, Kotlin, Ruby

IT Infrastructure

Git, Docker, iOS


Node.js, Laravel, Django, OpenGL


Lucene, Unity, Machine Learning, AWS, React.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Machine Learning

Neural networks




MongoDB, NoSQL, Redis


Back End, Front-End developer, a client, Load Balancing, industry~aerospace, Puppeteer, Python Programming, Game Engine Development, Lead UI Designer, Full Stack, 2D, Bash Shell, User Experience Design, develop a global learning platform, Turbolinks, Designer, Cascading Style Sheets, Microsoft C-SHARP, Web Frameworks, Prototyping, USER EXPERIENCE, 3D, Front End, Objective C, C Programming Language, Personal Home Page, Spring Framework, React, Go programming language, Analyst/Programmer, Adobe After Effects, Web Developer

Mes études et formations

Bachelor of Arts - University of Connecticut2014 - 2017