Chris R.

Full Stack Developer

690 dollar
20 ans

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SDI IndustriesOctober 2010 - April 2020

• Developed and deployed various solutions to improve sorter productivity using T-SQL and VB.NET 
• Developed and deployed custom FTP clients in VB.NET and SQL run as services featuring event logging to SQL Server table, renamed file verification, and email functionality. 
• Developed and deployed custom multi threaded windows service using VB.NET and SQL to transfer large strings over multiple TCP/IP socket connections defined in configuration file which can be run as a Windows service or a console application depending on configuration file setting. 
• Developed and deployed custom GUI utility in VB.NET and WPF for installing / un-installing Windows services allowing configuration of startup type. 
• Added new functionality to various desktop applications using VB.NET and SQL.
• Enhanced existing functionality for various desktop applications using VB.NET and SQL to increase productivity. 
• Added new web pages and functionality to MVC web application using C#, HTML, CSS, and Javascript including one screen featuring realtime communications between specialized hardware and special workstations using Websync framework.
• Developed and deployed console utility in VB.NET and SQL to produce on the fly extensive technical documentation for any SQL Server database and output as PDF document. 
• Created training documentation for development staff. 
• Created technical documentation for support staff. 
• Developed and deployed various data migration 2010-10 - 2020-04 ASP.NET MVC PHP Windows Forms WPF Software Microsoft Office VMware Visio Languages VB.NET SQL C# Javascript HTML CSS VBA ASP.NET solutions between various sources (text file, tableto-table, and TCP/IP socket) and output creation (text file, table-to-table, and TCP/IP socket) using VB.NET. 
• Developed and deployed custom SQL Server maintenance package in T-SQL for support staff providing more control compared to built in SQL Server functionality.
• Developed and deployed various custom RF client applications in VB.NET and SQL.
• Developed and deployed custom directory watcher using VB.NET to interface with client's ticketing system by event logging to Windows application event log.
• Developed and deployed custom desktop GUI application in VB.NET and SQL for clients to fetch and print shipping labels to Sato or Zebra label printers. 
• Developed and deployed new code in T-SQL to control client's twenty four zone pick tower. 
• Responsible for troubleshooting client issues and end-user training. 
• Authored code fixes and enhancements for inclusion in future code releases and patches. 
• Developed software for both desktop and web. 
• Developed and deployed custom sorter statistics package using T-SQL. 
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HITECHNovember 1999 - October 2010

• Built custom computers for clients.
• Setup both wired and wireless networks for clients.
• Provide support, troubleshooting and training for clients.
• Provide software and web development for clients.
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Philips Health systems IPCMarch 2006 - January 2009

• Provided remote assistance and troubleshooting of hardware, software, and networking issues for clients via vpn (Cisco, Nortel, Microsoft RAS, web based), RSN, Terminal Server,or modem using pcAnywhere, Crossloop, vnc, or remote desktop(RDP). 
• Provided support for Symantec Backup Exec tape archive software. 
• Provided support for proprietary hardware and software products including image archiving and hemodynamic monitoring equipment 
• Created virtual machines in Vmware and VirtualPC for local testing and simulation.
• Developed and deployed various utilities using C, C++, C#, SQL, and ADO. 
• Developed and deployed utilities to extract text data from proprietary movie files and export to Microsoft Access database with a populated searchable table using C++, C#, SQL, and ADO. 
• Provided support for DICOM image transfer and archiving. 
• Worked with software development team on reported errors and bugs on newly released software and assisted in deployment of release fixes.
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Nationwide EquipmentJanuary 2001 - June 2007

• Created new functionality for website prototype using ASP, VBScript, HTML, ADO, Javascript, and SQL. 
• Created Access database backend and connectivity for website using ASP, VBScript, HTML, ADO, Javascript, and SQL. 
• Converted site scripting to PHP including all connectivity and functionality. 
• Created mySQL database backend for PHP site and converted Access data. 
• Added email functionality including image attachments to site using PHP. 
• Setup, configured, and installed Network Attached Storage system using Redhat Linux. 
• Setup Apache web server on laptop for web script development. 
• Determined coding requirements for site creation. 
• Gathered and refined specifications and requirements based on technical needs.
• Converted mockups into HTML and JavaScript. 
• Used programming capabilities in PHP, SQL and JavaScript and other libraries as needed. 
• Created site layout and user interface using HTML and CSS practices.
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VAW of AmericaMay 2000 - January 2001

• Created Access database to monitor and report on production data.
• Interfaced Access database to AS400 using middleware to import data.
• Interfaced Access database to Exchange to access email address book using CDO.
• Created various reports and emailed to staff members using ADO, CDO, SQL and VBA.
• Added export functionality to Access database using ADO and VBA.

Mes compétences

Software testing

Unit testing


Microsoft SQL Server, xBase, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, SQL Server, MS Access

Computer Tools

MS Office


AJAX, .NET, Windows Forms, WCF, .NET Framework 4.5


PHP, JavaScript, C/C++, CSS, HTML, C#, Visual Basic, ASP.NET MVC, VBScript, T-SQL, SQL, MVC, VBA, C++, VB.NET, ASP



IT Infrastructure

AS/400, VPN, VMware


Database Design, Troubleshooting, Data Migration

Environment of Development

Visual Studio 2010-2012, Visual Studio, Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio 2003 - 2010


.NET Framework 1.0, .NET Framework 2.0, .NET Framework 4.0, ADO, MVC 3, .NET Framework 3.5, WinForms, Software Development, Web Applications, Web development

Mes études et formations

Bachelors Degree, Computer and Information Science - Everest University2004 - 2008

Programming Certificate, Computer Programming - Grumman Data Systems1986 - 1987

Associate of Science: Data Processing - Suny Farmingdale1983 - 1986