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CISCO SYSTEMSJune 2020 - Présent

Platforms: - Windows 10, BDB
- Development of automated solutions for IC bug digitization for various Cisco Products.
- Developed Python scripts to automate the process of IC bug detection and solutions using BDB.
- Mainly Used Regexes to find the patterns for the IC bug detection and also kept track of the symptoms and solutions.
- Integrated these Python scripts to the cloud platform and run these on various Cisco Products.
- Controlled the flow of detection, automation and solutions for these IC bugs.
- Developed several Python scripts for various IC bug platforms, such as NFGW Firewalls, Adaptive Security Appliances etc.
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HP INCFebruary 2020 - June 2020

Platforms: - Windows 10, Robotics, PyCharm, HPI Cloud Platform, Git, Artifactory
- Design and Development of automated testing solutions including software and hardware components.
- Work from written and verbal descriptions, layouts or defined plans to perform testing, evaluation and trouble-shooting functions.
- Developed Python and PowerShell Scripts to automate different Robotics test case scenarios on Windows Platform.
- Mainly used Pywinauto Library to automate UI operations on Windows Platform.
- Wrote Robotic Test Cases, to perform various Robotics test case automations and executed the acceptance test-driven development using a Host and Client procedure.
- Configured Test fixtures with various Bots such as Push-Button bots, Multi- Cable bots, Lid Switch bots etc.
-  Made use of Git version-control system for tracking changes in source code during software development and stored in GitHub repository.
- Made use of Robot Framework for acceptance testing and acceptance test-driven development of Software Only test cases.
- Test Cases were developed using keyword style in a tabular format, with the support of a Python Library.
- Developed Python Scripts for each test case, in the Python Library on Windows Platform.
- Used HPI cloud platform, to validate these Robotics and Software Only test cases on HP test laptops.
- Performed systems testing activities and design / maintenance of documentation of the developed test cases.
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DATAWEAVE SOFTWARE PVT. LTDFebruary 2019 - August 2019

Platforms: - Unix/Linux, Git, Bitbucket, PyCharm
- End to end ownership of deliveries to production – including analysis, planning, model, design, develop, code, test, debug, document and push to production.
- Developed Python plugin scripts in PyCharm to fetch the data from the websites where direct extraction is not possible and stored it in JSON format.
- Made use of Git version-control system for tracking changes in source code during software development and stored in Bitbucket repository.
- Perform unit, basic, function and systems testing activities and design / maintenance documentation.
- Developed Python scripts to generate reports for extracted data, to include ranking of available products.
- Used Regex, Xpath and Jpath to crawl a large amount of data from websites and mobile apps.
- Developed scripts to extract specific fields inside the JSON dump using grep commands and wrote it into csv files.
-  Developed Python scripts to automate the process of matching the same products across different pin codes of various competitors.
- Performed several bug fixes to extract banners and color/size variants of products from apps and websites.
- Scheduled crawling of websites, generated reports on extracted data and delivered weekly reports of various projects to clients.

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XPath, Windows, Vagrant, USB, UNIX, Unity 3D, Troubleshooting, Test Cases, TensorFlow, System testing, Sublime Text, SQLite, SQL, Solr, Software Development, Shell Scripting, Scikit-Learn, Robot Framework, RESTful API, REST API, REST, Python, PyCharm, PowerShell, PostgreSQL, Pandas, OpenCV, NumPy, NoSQL, Neural networks, NetBeans, MySQL, Maya, Machine Learning, Linux, Keras, JSON, JavaScript, Java, HTML, GNU, GitHub, Git, Eclipse IDE, Eclipse, Django, Digital Ocean, Debugging, C/C++, C++, Bootstrap, Bitbucket, Autodesk Maya, Artifactory, Apache Web Server, Apache, Android Studio, Android, Amazon Web Services EC2, Amazon Web Services (AWS), After Effects, Acceptance testing