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converssion.comMarch 2013 - Présent


We are offering Online Business Insights and technical SEO services.

From an Omni Marketing campaign to an Integrated Marketing one is a lot of work: how to collect the data, how to store correctly for future usage, how to convert from some metrics to others, how to put together in the same report different metrics so they will make sense both for the specialists in different marketing areas and for the management that is more interested in the bottom line.

Taking all that into consideration, we translate business objectives into granular marketing tasks and deploy each of these tasks with the very best people available. After that, we integrate the results, make measurements, give feedbacks and deploy the next generation of micro-tasks.

Using this strategy, we are aligning our work to the concept of "Think global, act local": we have the bigger picture drawn by our clients and translated by our consultants into marketing tasks, but at the same time we don't lose focus on the small things, by having each of them implemented by an expert in that field (ex: the best copywriter is used to write copy, not share on Social Media - the best link building expert is building links, not writing copy, etc.).
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OmnibitOctober 2018 - Présent

Plan and coordinate the global SEO strategy

1. Keyword Research

- identify client personas and what are their motivations to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
- keyword research brainstorming starting from each client personas
- automatic keyword discovering tools starting with the manual keyword research
- reverse engineer the keywords used by competitors
- keyword grouping to maximize the SEO return of investment and keep the content generation costs as low as possible

2. Site Structure

- starting from the SILO model, I created a site structure that optimizes the link equity by channeling the "SEO power" from random pages and low-value site pages to the most important pages (both for traffic and conversions)
- created an SOP for colleagues to follow so they will power up the existing site link equity without losing SEO value

3. Topic Research

- by reverse engineering the competitor's sites I was able to create a huge list with the most visited articles about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from all sites indexed by Google (I took the most visited articles from Google searches for each competitor site and sorted them by the amount of organic search - this way, we are able to see exactly what we should write about to get the most traffic from Google in the least time possible)

4. Link Research

- same with content, I reversed engineered the competitor's sites to discover their best link sources so I will be able to make an outreach campaign to get links from the very best sites that linked to my competitors and made them rank so high in Google results pages (Pareto principle - get 80% work done with 20% effort)

5. Social Media

- I integrated our blog with the main social media platforms so everytime a new blog post is published it is automatically shared on multiple social accounts on several social media platforms (to spread the news as quickly as possible to as many people as possible)

6. Influencers

- I researched top influencers in crypto
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DOCJuly 2016 - June 2017

- technical SEO (for example, I created a site structure with internal links similar to Wikipedia)
- Google AdWords (Search and Display)
- Google Analytics
- Google Search Console
- translate the special requests to our external development team
- track sales and leads in report with site's traffic for each marketing channel
- repair reputation management (ORM) and prevent future problems
- create an affiliate program used by bloggers to promote our clients
- negociate with bloggers the aquisition of backlinks
- automate social sharing for all articles posted on site
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SOFTWINAugust 2015 - July 2016

I worked to improve our SEO traffic and also increase the conversion rate.

Most of the work was analyzing the user's behavior on our site by using special tracking tools and also the classic Google Analytics, create test scenarios, observe results and then implement the new improvements.

Strictly for SEO, I modified the site structure so the most wanted pages by users to be more accessible to them. I had to make a compromise between
User Experience and SEO traffic increase, but the results were spectacular: more traffic and a visible increase of the time stayed on our pages (Time on Page and Time on Site).

Some experiments:

1. I split the 728x90 banners into smaller banners and use them with different
CTAs (Call to Action) because we had a BIG problem: average visit was 1.2 (each user visited less than 2 pages) and we had 3 products to sell. How could I sell 3 products when the users visit only one page and I have only one banner: just make smaller banners and test the best configuration. Bottom line, I increased traffic to our conversion pages 710% ( 7.1X )

2. I analyzed a site content versus SEO traffic, page by page, and created a report that showed that articles using keywords received in average 520%
more traffic from Google ( 5.2X ) than the pages with no related keywords to the product that we sold. This way I was able to suggest to my manager that the copywriter should focus more on keyword-related content, and instead of one article per day but a less useful topic, write only one article per week but more SEO-oriented.

3. I created an article so laser-focused on SEO keywords that it received more organic traffic than the other 300 articles previously written by our senior copywriter, even after having my SEO procedure.

4. used other sites in our portfolio to rank for same keywords multiple times on the same page (my best result was ranking for the same money keyword with
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Professional freelancerMay 2010 - August 2015

– I worked as a freelancer for smaller projects in SEO and PPC that did not need a big team to be managed

– my biggest lesson as a freelancer is that I had to learn new and different technologies to provide my clients with better results and less money - in fact I think this is the only reason now I am a well rounded online marketing professional
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Sanatatea TVJanuary 2009 - April 2010

- I worked as a PHP web developer on company's sites and also on some of our clients

- I handled all marketing strategies for the company clients (SEO, PPC, Email, Facebook, etc.)

- I came up with the idea to create a site with press releases only from medical field but it was implemented by other colegues as I left the company
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MachteamsoftMay 2008 - December 2008

– I worked as an PHP programmer to several sites, like:

Also participated in SEO trainings as a trainer.
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Infinit Solutions AgencyNovember 2007 - April 2008

– I was an SEO consultant on several projects: – after seeing the results for the .ro domain they implemented the same strategy on the global site
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HolosfindAugust 2006 - September 2007

I was working as a PHP web programmer

– I developed in PHP a hibrid between an CMS and a CRM that satisfied multiple company needs for several types of employees (4 companies in France and one company in Romania, with 34 different types of people functions, each with their custom needs)

– as self-trained SEO expert, especially in technical SEO, I acted as an internal trainer, with a bump on my salary
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GameloftJune 2004 - December 2004

I was developing games for mobile phones

- in my second year on faculty I participated in a practice program and worked for Gameloft to create games for mobile phones

- my responsabilities were to create new functions for those games and to create multiple variations for several types of phones that were on the market those days, each of them with different technical limitations

- the biggest problem was the lack of memory - for example, I found a nice solution to save memory for a game of football by saving only half of the tshirt and the other half was rendered by simetry - I got a small bonus that month for my "out of the box" idea

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Copywriting, SMO, PPC, Marketing, Management, Marketing Strategy, Google AdWords, Project Management, UX, Social Media, Business Strategy, SEO, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Strategic Planning

Web Analysis and Statistic

Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console, Google Analytics


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Mes études et formations

Master’s Degree Field Of Study Business Administration and Management - Business Management & Engineerin2009 - 2010

Engineer’s Degree Field Of Study Computer Engineerin, Software Engineer - Automatics and Computer Science Faculty - Bucharest Polytechnique University2003 - 2008

High School Diploma, Mathematics and Computer Science - National High School Tudor Vladimirescu1999 - 2002