Amin G.

Lead Developer

415 dollar
6 ans

Mon expérience

Europcar Mobility GroupOctober 2018 - Présent

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ERCOMMarch 2018 - September 2018

Cryptopass offers a simple and effective solution to secure your voice, conference, video, instant messaging and file transfer communications, both within your organization and with your partners. La sécurité globale de la solution est testée et est en cours de certification CSPN par l’Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (ANSSI). Aucune interception des communications n’est possible au niveau du serveur « Privacy by design » : à l’inverse des applications grand public, aucune donnée du terminal n’est remontée au serveur (carnet d’adresse, contenu des communications, localisation …)
- My roles : + Working with essential development Libraries (Retrofit, Once, Alamofire ...)
+ Secure the app by exploring the android keystore system and iOS keychain.
+ Integrate Realm database for iOS and Android.
+ Make JNI Callbacks for Android between JAVA and C++ + Make callbacks for iOS between Objective C & Swift et C++
+ Code Reviews 
+ Implementing various analytic tools (Crashlitics,Fastlane, Fabric)
+ Implementing Firebase Cloud Messaging SDK (FCM) for push Notifications Android + UI development (xib for iOS and XML layout for Android)
+ Resolution of bugs
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Pixels Trade S.A.February 2016 - March 2017


- Restructuring & Contribution to the development of the iPad application


- Development of a platform to connect individuals / professionals to offer and

seek services in many sectors. #jobfindy

- Development of an application that serves as a personal brushing assistant

to help achieve good oral health. (Soon available on Play Store & App Store)


- Design and development of an IPTV application designed especially for

SMART TV and smartphones, the application offers the possibility to watch

over 1200 encrypted and HD channels and 6000 HD movies, Radio, News to

follow ... #ES IPTV

- Maintenance of the mobile application of Bank of Tunisia (In Collaboration)


- Maintenance of the mobile application of Tunisian bank company (In

Collaboration) #STB

- My roles :

+ Working with essential development Libraries (AFNETWORKING, SWIFTY


+ Adding Cocoa pods & Carthage iOS for some projects

+ Code Reviews

+ Full application lifecycle development (iOS & Android) (Swift & Objective C)

+ iTunes & play store deployment

+ Implementing various social APIs (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn)

+ Implementing various analytic tools (Google Analytics, Crashlitics, Fabric)

+ Implementing Firebase Cloud Messaging SDK (FCM) for push Notifications


+ Implementing Apple Push Notifivation Services (APNs) for remote

Notifications iOS

+ UI development (storyboards for iOS and XML layout for Android)

+ Identification and resolution of bugs
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MichelinJanuary 2017 - February 2017

Dans le cadre de développement de leur propre application mobile , j'ai

organisé des sessions de formation pour l'équipe informatique de Michelin SA

afin qu'ils puissent développer l'application répondant à leur besoin .
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MDevTunisiaFebruary 2016 - May 2016

Développement d'une application Météo permettant de consulter les

conditions météorologique dans le cadre du formation

- M-Dev Tunisia `` : Formation de 8 000 jeunes tunisiens et le développement

de 1 000 applications mobiles.

Dans le cadre du Plan National Stratégique, le ministère des Technologies

de la Communication et de l'Économie Numérique lance l'action ``M-DEV

Tunisia'' en partenariat avec la Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale

Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, le CIFODECOM et TUNISE TELECOM.

``M-DEV Tunisia'' ciblera 8 000 jeunes tunisiens à travers des sessions de


présentes dans les 24 gouvernorats, pour développer plus de 1 000

applications mobiles qui seront déposées sur les `` stores `` internationaux.
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Mobile AliensAugust 2015 - January 2016

Mobile Aliens

Mobile Aliens is a mobile app development community driven by tech-geeks

and pixel-perfectionists.
Established in 2015 we earned trust of serial entrepreneurs and startups from

Tunisia, Canada, and France. We provide full-cycle app development services,

including support and maintenance of the launched product.

There is nothing corporate about our culture. We are all team players with a

common vision to deliver world-class mobile products for both, our clients and

our own selves.
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BulldozerDecember 2014 - June 2015

During 7 months, I joined this startup in order to develop two mobile

applications, I worked with a young and well harmonized team and this allowed

me to have more experience.

- My roles :

+ Full application lifecycle development

+ Working with In-App Billing API for Android

+ UI optimization (Material Design & Animations)

+ Implementing social APIs (Facebook, Google+)
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OrangeJune 2014 - November 2014

Orange Summer challenge was a very good experience for me, I was an

Android and IOS developer in a very motivated team with the aim to develop a

mobile application for Android and IOS. Selfie Maker is now available on App

Store until the Android version.

- My roles :

+ Integration of Parse Backend Service for iOS & Android Applications

+ Implementing social APIs (Facebook, Google+)

+ Working with essential libraries for iOS & Android (AFNETWORKING,


+ UI Design with storyboards and Code

+ Working with Material design UI Componements for Android

+ Identification and resolution of bugs
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Nabeul SoftFebruary 2013 - June 2013

I was in charge in this company to develop a mobile augmented reality

application to reference the nearby service points for users but in augmented

reality mode, it was a good experience for me and an opportunity to work with

an advanced technology.

Mes compétences



IT Infrastructure

Git, iOS


Cocoa, Android NDK, Android


play store deployment, very good experience, Google+, LinkedIn, Good Experience, FACEBOOK, Material Design, Objective C, cycle app development

Software testing


Web Analysis and Statistic

Google Analytics




XML, Kotlin, HTML, Swift, C/C++, Java, Objective-C

Analysis methods and tools

JIRA, Junit

Environment of Development

Xcode, Android Studio

Mes études et formations

Diplôme d'ingénieur, Génie logiciel - Master en développement d'applications mobiles (iOS & Android)2013 - 2015