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Confidential, FreelanceJune 2020 - Présent

■ Refinement and requirement challenge
■ Development (Front and Back)
■ Developers mentoring and coaching
■ Craftsmanship (Clean code, TDD, BDD, DDD, Hexagonal Architecture, Code review, Mob programming, ...)
■ Knowledge sharing (BBLs, technical posts, ...)
■ Continuous Integration
■ Deployment
► Technical Environment : Java 11, Spring Boot, Angular 9, Typescript, RxJS, IntelliJ, Maven, Jenkins, Nexus, Git, GitLab, Tomcat, MyIbatis, Liquibase, REST, Swagger, Mapstruct, JUnit 5, Mockito, AssertJ, Linux, Docker, Openshift, ...
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WeHighTech, FreelanceJanuary 2017 - Présent

■ Architecture design contribution and continuous review
■ Development (Front, Back, Batch, API, ...)
■ Developers mentoring and coaching
■ Clean code practices
■ Agile and TDD practices
■ Continuous Integration
■ Deployment automation
■ Bugs and issues troubleshooting (technical, functional, performance, security, ...)
► Technical Environment : Java 8, Spring Boot, IntelliJ, Javascript, JQuery, Angular, Typescript, Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, Nexus, Sonar, Git, Tomcat 7/8, Hibernate 5, JPA, REST, JUnit, Mockito, AssertJ, Cucumber, ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, Linux, Docker, Ansible, ...
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Galeries Lafayette, FreelanceJanuary 2020 - June 2020

■ User story analysis
■ Development  (Back,  API, ...)
■ Developers mentoring and coaching
■ Craftmanship (Clean code, TDD, BDD, DDD, Hexagonal Architecture, Code review, Mob programming, ...)
■ Knowledge sharing (BBL, Tech sessions, ...)
■ Continuous Integration
■ Deployment automation
► Technical Environment : Java 13+, Kotlin, Spring Boot, IntelliJ, Lombok, Vavr, Maven, Jenkins, Nexus, Sonar, Git, Tomcat, Hibernate, JPA, Liquibase, REST, Swagger, JUnit 5, Mockito, AssertJ, Mockk, Kluent, Karate, Unleash, Kafka, Linux, Docker, Elasticsearch, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, ...
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Enedis (ex ERDF), FreelanceJanuary 2017 - January 2020

■ Architecture design contribution and continuous review
■ Backend development with Java and Kotlin
■ Frontend development with Angular and Typescript
■ Clean code practices
■ TDD, ATDD, BDD, DDD practices
■ Continuous Integration

■ Deployment automation with Ansible

► Technical Environment : Java 8, Kotlin, Spring Boot, IntelliJ, Angular, Typescript, Javascript, Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, Nexus, Sonar, Git, Tomcat 7/8, JPA, REST, JUnit, Mockito, AssertJ, Cucumber, ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Linux Redhat 7, Vagrant, Ansible, Docker, ...
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BforBankDecember 2012 - December 2016

■ Designing and review of the Architecture
■ Defining solutions, frameworks, tools, ...
■ Design and development of POCs, APIs and technical components
■ Clean code best practices and quality control
■ Continually improving product architecture and design to meet ever increasing demand on performance and scalability
■ Working with Product Management, QA and developers to deliver software releases of highest quality
■ Writing technical documentation
■ Mentoring software developers and lead  development teams
■ Developers trainings
■ Bugs and issues analysis and resolution (functional, performance, security, ...)
■ Development and deployment of automation tools

■ Technological watch (Devoxx, Paris JUG, BBLs, Meetups,...)

► Technical Environment : Java 8, Spring 4, Maven 3, Jenkins, Nexus, Sonar, Git, Tomcat 7/8, Hibernate 4/5, JPA, REST, EhCache, HazelCast, JUnit, Mockito, IntelliJ, Javascript, JQuery, Angular, ReactJS, Linux, Docker, AppDynamics, Android, IOS, ...
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ManpowerMarch 2011 - November 2012

■ Architecture definition and review
■ Involved in the design and the development of various applications
■ Development industrialization
■ Design and development of technical modules, APIs, ...
■ Design and development of POCs
■ Technical support for project teams
■ Technical documentation
■ Trainings of the project teams

■ Technological watch (Paris JUG, Technical events,...)

► Technical Environment : Java 7, Spring 3, Maven, Jenkins, Artifactory, Sonar, Git, Tomcat, Hibernate 3, JPA, REST, EhCache, JUnit, Mockito, Javascript, JQuery, Linux, ...
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Société GénéraleNovember 2009 - February 2011

Development of new features, bug fixing and support level 3 for the BACARDI application used by traders  and financial analysts for pricing, risk analysis and VaR (Value At Risk) on shares and derivatives scope (GED Global Equities Derivatives)

► Technical Environment :  Java 5, Swing, EJB 3, Junit, Eclipse, Maven, XML, ClearCase, Oracle, Linux, Grid Computing, distributed cache "giga space", ...
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Nouvelles FrontièresMay 2009 - October 2009

Design and Development of new features for the e-business company website

► Technical Environment : Java 5, Javascript, Ajax, JSP, JSTL, HTML, CSS, XML, Struts 1.3, Tiles, Spring 3, JSF, Hibernate 3, REST, SOAP, Endeca, Lucene, JUnit, EasyMock, Log4j, Quartz, Velocity, Maven, Tomcat 5, Eclipse, Unix, Oracle, ...
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Europe AssistanceOctober 2008 - April 2009

■ Design and development of a travel insurance new web application
■ Design and development of sales integration engine for different partners of the company
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BNP Paribas AssuranceOctober 2007 - September 2008

■ Development of Stock Exchange order management web application
■ Development of new features and bug fixing of digital documents management web application
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FnacMay 2007 - September 2007

Design and development of a web application useful for managing variable salary part for FNAC employees
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Caisse d'Epargne Ile-de-FranceDecember 2006 - April 2007

■ Development of new features for an application managing insurance contracts
■ Refactoring and design improvement of existing software components
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Union Bank of SwitzerlandAugust 2005 - November 2006

Design and development of Java JEE platform serving for performance monitoring, diagnosis and analysis of a the new online banking web application
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Credit SuisseJanuary 2005 - July 2005

Design and development of a log files parser and key performance indicators analysis Java JEE application
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Business & DecisionSeptember 2004 - December 2004

Web development of an application managing channel subscribers for Canal +

Mes compétences

XML, WebSphere, WebLogic, Web development, Velocity, Vagrant, UNIX, UML, TypeScript, Troubleshooting, Tomcat 8, Tomcat 7, Tomcat 5, Tiles, Test Driven Development (TDD), Technical Support, Swing, SVN, Struts, SQL Server, SQL, Spring Boot, Spring 4, Spring 3, Spring, Sonar, Software Development, SOAP, SOA, Scrum, REST, React.js, Rational ClearCase, RabbitMQ, Quartz, Quality control, Oracle, Nexus, MySQL, MVC, Multithreading, Mockito, Microservices, Maven 3, Maven, Lucene, Log4j, Linux Red Hat, Linux, Kotlin, JUnit, JSTL, JSP, JSF, jQuery, JPA, Jenkins, JavaServer Faces, JavaScript, Java EE, JAVA 8, JAVA 7, JAVA 5, Java, iOS, IoC, IntelliJ Idea, IntelliJ, HTML, Hibernate 5, Hibernate 4, Hibernate 3, Hibernate, Hazelcast, Grid Computing, Gradle, Git, Endeca, EJB 3, EhCache, Eclipse IDE, Eclipse, EasyMock, Docker, Design Patterns, DDD, Cucumber, CSS, Continuous Integration, ClearCase, BDD, AssertJ, Artifactory, AppDynamics, Apache Maven, Apache Kafka, AOP, Ant, Ansible, AngularJS, Angular, Android, AJAX, Agile Methodology, ActiveMQ