Anastasios T.


732 dollar
32 ans
Thessaloniki, GREECE

Mon expérience

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Wings Systems LtdJanuary 2001 - Présent

Analyze, develop, review, test, debug, and (with cooperation with our UX team) design parts (or in many cases the full) of our products are my main responsibilities. While I am on that company I have develop:

Some web services (in C#, PHP, node,js), three of them are still running.

Consumer Windows applications (MFC)

Consumer Mac applications (objectice-c)

And finally Multiplatform applications (Qt / QML)

Android applications (NDK).

iOS applications (objective-c).

Internal desktop applications utilities (accounting-reports etc).

MySQL database.
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North Investments S.AJanuary 1999 - January 2001

My main responsibility there, was to develop an application. that parses flight related data, in c++.
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ChthonJanuary 1992 - January 1999

Back then, we formed the ``Chthon'', a group of four young developers that manage to create the first greek electronic encyclopedia. Also a ``World atlas'' a
``Google earth'' like application, ``Greek mythology'', and ``Greek dictionary''.

These application made with Borland Turbo Pascal and Microsoft Visual C++.
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Interlife Insurance Company LtdJanuary 1991 - January 1992

That was my first job. I was working with a language named Clipper that was
running under Novell NetWare. 
There, I was developing some internal applications, Clients, Contracts and
renewals of those contracts.

Mes compétences

XML, Turbo Pascal, STL, SQL, Redmine, Qt, QML, PHP, OpenGL, Objective C/C++, Novell Netware, Node.js, MySQL, Microsoft Visual C/C++, JavaScript, iOS, HTML, GitHub, Git, Express.js, Debugging, C++, Bitbucket, Android