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ScreenMeetMay 2019 - Présent

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WickrApril 2016 - October 2018

- Led Voice & Video team to build end-to-end encrypted secure multi-way video conferencing service.
- Owned requirements, technical design specs, sprint tickets and product roadmap for audio video conferencing team.

- Architected Signaling, AV streaming, Screen Sharing and Security integration of the video conferencing service.

- Architected the scaling of video conferencing service to support 100+ participants in a call and 1M+ simultaneous connections to the backend.

- Implemented (C++) DTLS network encryption, network performance, automated testing and other advanced VoIP features.

- Implemented new iOS UI prototype (Swift).
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Net Power & LightJanuary 2010 - April 2016

- Founded the company, drove development of new products raising $30M+.

- Architected real-time cloud streaming technology that Google wanted to acquire after the first demonstration.

- Implemented parts of iOS application. Apple noticed the app and send the UI team to collaborate on the improvement and promotion.

- Implemented custom WebRTC backend (C++, node.js, RabbitMQ, Licode, WebRTC) and ported desktop app to the web browser.

- Oversaw development of highly-scalable backend (AWS, Python, Node.js, Cassandra, Kubernetes, ZooKeeper etc) and low-latency UDP based network protocol.

- Hired 20+ engineers who now work at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple wmware and other startups (references available upon request).

- Co-authored 30+ patents.

- Sold the company to Wickr.
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Musigy, Inc.May 2005 - January 2010

- Founded the company, secured angel investment.

- Implemented cross device app mobility for iOS (Objective-C) and desktop (Qt, C++)

- Architected low-latency music network stack, jitter buffer and ultra low-latency audio codec.

- The company raised a few rounds of angel investments and changed the strategy and business model from music into low-latency cloud streaming.
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VDELApril 2004 - May 2005

- Implemented web store back-end using Visual C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server and Microsoft IIS web server.
- Front-end programming using JavaScript, CSS, HTML.

- Implemented backend using Microsoft Commerce Server.
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MicrosoftMay 2003 - April 2005

- Launched Visual Studio 2005 and other Microsoft products at MIPT.

- Developed and promoted Academic Audience Marketing Programs run by Microsoft's Developer and Platform Evangelism Group in Russia.

- Founded a .NET user group on campus at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). Grew it to become the largest academic .NET user group in Russia and CIS.

- Pioneered the roll-out of ELMS, the intranet on-campus distribution system for Microsoft products & licenses, in Russia and CIS.
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Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University) - MIPT, PhystechDecember 2003 - May 2004

- Self-organized Maps based on artificial neural networks. Kohonen 2D algorithm optimization for the 3D case.
- Semantic processing of scientific articles using Oracle built-in ontology engine

and multi dimensionality reduction with visualization in VRML.

- .NET Distributed Agent Platform port from Java to .NET using Visual C#.

- Distributed debugger for .NET Agent Platform.

- IRC based symmetric crypto service (AEC) using Diffie-Hellman key exchange over open IRC channel written from scratch (Perl).

- Graphics Mesh Delone triangulation (C++, OpenGL).
- Lectures and Seminars on Visual C# programming language.

- Seminars on C++ programming language.

- Lectures and Seminars on ASP.NET and other Microsoft technologies.

- Lectures on “Design and Implementation of Internet Software Applications”.

Mes compétences

Zookeeper, WebRTC, VRML, VoIP, Visual C, UDP, Test Driven Development (TDD), TCP/IP, Swift, Software Engineering, Software Development, SIP, Scrum, Sass, SaaS, RabbitMQ, Python, Product Management, Oracle, OpenGL, OOP, Node.js, Neural networks, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Commerce Server, Machine Learning, Linux, Kubernetes, JavaScript, Java, iOS, HTML, Docker, Distributed Systems, C++, AWS, AutoCAD, Agile Methodology, .NET